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Pull Up A Lounge Chair And Have A Cocktail At Sunset Beach It Comes With A Twist Drue Campbell S Life Is Adrift Out Of A Job And Down On Her Luck, Life Doesn T Seem To Be Getting Any Better When Her Estranged Father, Brice Campbell, A Flamboyant Personal Injury Attorney, Shows Up At Her Mother S Funeral After A Twenty Year Absence Worse, He S Remarried To Drue S Eighth Grade Frenemy, Wendy, Now His Office Manager And They Re Offering Her A Job.It Seems Like The Job From Hell, But The Offer Is Sweetened By The News Of Her Inheritance Her Grandparents Beach Bungalow In The Sleepy Town Of Sunset Beach, A Charming But Storm Damaged Eyesore Now Surrounded By Waterfront McMansions.With No Other Prospects, Drue Begrudgingly Joins The Firm, Spending Her Days Screening Out The Grifters Whose Phone Calls Flood The Law Office Working With Wendy Is No Picnic Either But When A Suspicious Death At An Exclusive Beach Resort Nearby Exposes Possible Corruption At Her Father S Firm, She Goes From Unwilling Cubicle Rat To Unwitting Investigator, And Is Drawn Into A Case That May Or May Not Involve Her Father With An Office Romance Building, A Decades Old Missing Persons Case Re Opened, And A Cottage In Rehab, One Thing Is For Sure At Sunset Beach There S A Storm On The Horizon Sunset Beach Is A Compelling Ride, Full Of Mary Kay Andrews Signature Wit, Heart, And Charm.Sunset Beach

Kathy Hogan Trocheck, based in Atlanta, who has authored a number of best selling books under the Andrews pen name since 2002.Trochek graduated from the University of Georgia with a journalism degree in 1976 She worked as a reporter at a number of papers, and spent 11 years as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution before leaving to write fiction full time in 1991 She published ten mystery novels under her own name between 1992 and 2000, and switched to the Andrews pen name in 2002 to author Savannah Blues, which marked a change in her style to Southern flavored themes.

[PDF / Epub] ❤ Sunset Beach  ✅ Mary Kay Andrews –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Sunset Beach
  • Mary Kay Andrews
  • 07 December 2017
  • 9781250126108

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    My reviews can also be seen at m surprised that it has taken me this long to read a book by Mary Kay Andrews However, I m excited to have found a new to me author with such an extensive backlist Thirty six year old Drue Campbell has fifteen minutes to get to work but knows she ll never make it on time If she was back in Fort Lauderdale, she could call a friend or take an Uber Unfortunately, Drue just moved back to the west coast so she doesn t have any money or friends she can call She heads for the bus stop, getting there just in time to see the bus pull away She collapses on the bus stop bench and ends up with a large splinter in her butt cheek The ad on the bus bench is a picture of Brice W Campbell from the law firm Campbell, Coxe, and Kramer Her new boss Her long lost father, and as always, a major pain in the ass A few months earlier Drue s mother passed away Her father, Brice attended the funeral It was the first time Drue had seen him in than twenty years After the funeral, he gave Drue a set of keys for her Nonni and Papi s cottage in Sunset Beach He told her the cottage was hers, but it needed a lot of work He asked Drue what her plans were With a flaky boyfriend, a crappy waitressing job, and a recent injury, Drue had to admit she didn t really have any plans He offered her a job working at his law firm, but Drue turned him down I have no interest in moving back to St Pete and zero interest in the law Unfortunately, her circumstances worsened so here she was Today is Drue s first day of work at Campbell, Coxe, and Kramer She finally makes it to the office and heads inside And just when she thinks things can t get any worse She meets her father s office manager.Drue tries to settle in at work When she s not at the office she s working on getting the cottage into shape In the attic, she finds some old papers and newspaper clippings about a missing person She wonders why the papers are in the cottage Drue also wonders about the recent suspicious death of a young woman who worked at a local beach resort The woman s mother is unhappy with how the firm handled her daughter s case Drue finds the case heartbreaking and begins investigating on her own.Is it possible that someone at the firm is involved in these cases Could Drue be putting herself in danger as she tries to find the truth I really enjoyed this novel Most of the story takes place in the present, but there are chapters from 1975 1976 interspersed throughout the novel that give the backstory of one of the cases Drue is researching.I thought this was a very well written, well paced story with many great characters Drue s story was interesting and so were the cases she was investigating It was emotional at times but was also often refreshingly funny Sunset Beach was an engrossing and satisfying novel with layers and twists that kept me gripped and quickly flipping the pages.Now I just need to decide which Mary Kay Andrews novel I m going to read next I d like to thank St Martin s Press for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel All opinions are my own.

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    Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews is a 2019 St Martin s Press publication A perfect beach read mystery Drue, now in her mid thirties, finds herself at loose ends, heading in no clear direction Her mother recently passed away, and an injury ended her competitive days as a kite boarder Adding insult to injury, she gets fired from her job As a last resort, she reluctantly accepts a job offer from her estranged father, who is a personal injury lawyer So, she moves to Sunset Beach and into the cottage she just inherited from her mother Upon arrival, she is stunned to learn her father has remarried for a third time Not only that, wife number three used to be Drue s BF Awkward But at least she has a job and a place to stay, right Unfortunately, her new stepmother and former friend is also her office manager, and for some reason she has it in for Drue She s also struggling with her new position, and the cottage is in horrible disrepair However, when a disgruntled client barges into the law office, furious with the firm for dropping the ball on a wrongful death suit, Drue senses something is off about the situation and begins investigating in her spare time If that weren t enough to keep her occupied, she discovers a cache of old newspaper clippings detailing the disappearance of a local woman back in the mid seventies Why did her mother keep those newspaper clippings Could her father have been involved in the case somehow The questions Drue asks, the murkier the two cases become But, once she peels back enough layers, she may wish she had left the dead buried I realized with a shock that it is already August and I have yet to indulge in an official summer beach read I chose this book specifically because it had a beachy cover and title, and while we may all have our own definition of beach reads , I think this book would be perfect to take along on your vacation, or for a day at the beach Granted, this is of a mystery or in this case, two mysteries, instead of a drama, or romance, although both of those elements are included, as well My only small gripe is that I never understood why Drue s old friend was so heavy handed and mean, but I suppose all s well that ends well The family makes progress, though, and Drue deserved a little overdue attention from her father The story is quite absorbing, but not too heavy and the ending is a real stunner This is my second book by MKA and once again, I see why this author is so popular I love the amateur sleuth element, and the cold case story Drue is funny, sarcastic, determined, and a very believable character I instantly took a liking to her I enjoyed seeing her carve out a niche for herself and discover a hidden talent she can build a career on I d like to touch base with Drue again and see how her detective skills are developing and touch base with her family and friends, as well Overall, a very satisfying read I am definitely reading books by Mary Kay Andrews

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    This was an entertaining beach read packed with Mystery and an added splash of romance and family drama Mary Kay Andrews has written one heck of a perfect beach Mystery When I pick this up I was expecting a bit of a contemporary beach romance, but I was pleasantly surprised buy this charming Mystery I loved being dumped into the middle of Druze messy life and watching her pick up the pieces and solve a couple mysteries So pick up your detective hat, grab your bikini, and settle into your favorite beach chair for this fun ride Drew is recovering from a knee injury, working as a cocktail waitress in a beach bar, and missing being able to participate in her favorite activity, kite boarding Drew s beloved mother has just passed away when out of the blue Bryce her estranged father shows up She is less than thrilled, but when she gets fired from her job she begrudgingly takes her father up on his job offer Drew soon finds herself working for her father, a personal injury attorney and guess what Her boss is her old eighth grade BFF turned enemy Even better Wendy is now also Drew s new step mommy The silver lining to all of this is that Drew has inherited her grandparents beach bungalow and even though it is in need of much TLC it is a sanctuary from this crazy storm Drew is not wild about her new job so she is easily distracted when Mystery comes a knocking What follows is Drew s involvement in two murder cases One involves one of her father s cases and the other is over 40 years old Loved Drew she was sassy, smart, strong, and a little salty I loved solving these mysteries right along side her Both these mysteries were compelling with outcomes that took me by surprise The family drama was engaging and I liked how Drew and Bryce s relationship evolved The romance was subtle, sweet, and satisfying This was an entertaining book that will be enjoyed on the couch just as much as at the beach Kathleen McInerney does a brilliant job bringing Drew to life in this book She gave each character their own distinct voice and that really added an additional layer to an already wonderful story Another book I feel that was enhanced by the listening experience thank you so much to Macmillan Audio and St Martin s Press for my gifted copy of this book

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    The beach chairs on the cover had me when I saw this book being read by many Goodreads friends What a surprisingly fun summer read Drue Campbell, a thirty something cocktail waitress, gets fired and decides to go work for her estranged, attorney father after her mom passes away and moves back to St Petersburg She inherits her grandmother s run down beach cottage at Sunset Beach and decides to get the place back in shape Secrets are to be found in the old cottage and a mystery unfolds.Mary Kay Andrew s SUNSET BEACH is not just a typical beach read, but has going on some romance, lots of family drama, a witch for a boss, and an old unsolved murder mystery Our down and out heroine, Drue, turns out to have a knack for detective work and getting in trouble.I enjoyed listening to the audiobook It s always a good one when I take the CDs out of the car to finish listening to at home because I want to know what is going to happen next and don t want to wait till jumping in the car again Lots of fun to read to fill your summer days.4 out of 5 stars

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    This was my first Mary Kay Andrews book and I ll certainly be reading of her work I love the cover of the book which is really misleading because things are much darker in the book than the cover conveys At the same time, we get to enjoy the beach and a worn out beach house that gets to come alive again as you read the book In some ways I think the beach house coming alive and the life of Drue, the main character, mirror each other Drue took some getting used to for me but mostly that was because I needed to understand her background and what had happened in her past, to make her seem so down on just about everything in her life After learning that she d been in an accident that ended her involvement of her passion, kite boarding, we also find out that her mother had recently died and Drue s relationship with her live in boyfriend was over, and in the beginning of the book she gets fired from her job as a waitress With no reason to stay where she was, Drue heads to St Petersburg to work for her estranged father s ambulance chasing law office., screening calls from potential clients I really enjoyed the characters in the book because even minor characters seemed to be individuals and Drue s relationship with the various people in the book has the potential to change as she gets to know the people and they get to know her Drue went from seeming like a grumpy, depressing, too down on her luck character, to someone I could see did care about others and wanted to make a difference in her life and the lives of others Drue throws herself into researching and investigating an almost forty year old missing person case and also a two year old murder Most of what she does has to be done on the sly since her dad might have been involved in the missing person case and her dad s firm represented the family of the murder victim, represented badly, as far as Drue is concerned Drue wants to find out what happened to the missing person and she wants to right the many wrongs in the case of the murder victim and her family The story has two timelines, as we go back in forth from the present to almost 40 years ago, when Drue s then police officer dad and his partner, interact with the missing woman, before her disappearance I enjoyed the multi faceted characters and the mysteries the story presents Thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for this ARC.

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    Four sea breezing, kites flying, sun shining, I didn t expect to like so much mysterious stars This is my second round with MKA I did read Beach town before It was okay but not on my list of all time favorites Lately my bad luck with chic lit books made me doubt and a little biased before starting this book But as soon as I turn the pages, story attracted my full attention, I wanted to know about our heroine, Drue, her life, motives, dysfunctional family and personal relationships She is waiting for tables, dumbed by her boyfriend, has a kiteboarding accident, suffering from injured knee, loses her mother recently and finally loses her job she detests When bad things start to happen, they never stop So she reluctantly moves to Sunset Beach, inheriting her grandmother s house and gets job offer from estranged father Brice Campbell he leaves her mother, they have limited connections for 20 years So Drue starts to work for her father s injury law office and her manager is her old time frenemy also her new stepmother Wendy yeap, her father likes to make big surprises who is determined to turn her life into hell But Drue is really busy to fix her dilapidated house she s inherited, deal with her suffering knee, two cases 40 year old missing person and 2 year old murder of maid mysteries Two of the mysteries are solved with surprising and unexpected revelations because two of them connected with the ones who are close to Drue The author did great job because it is not a regular chic lit or an easy and light summer reading There are unsolved cases which are perfectly developed and keeping your curiosity alert There is a family drama, resentment, unsaid words, misunderstandings and there is also a woman s story who works hard to put her life in order, deserves her second chance happiness Going back in forth between two timelines and juggling different genres and different but really interesting characters story require a brilliant brain and good writing skills Thankfully Mary Kay Andrews has all these gifts and gives the readers a good ending they deserve Definitely engrossing, captivating book with layers, twists that keep you satisfied I enjoyed this one

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    4 bold stars to Sunset Beach Drue Campbell is having a hard time She s lost her job and nothing sunny is on the horizon Her mother has passed away, and her father, Brice Campbell, whom she hasn t seen in over twenty years, shows up to the funeral The icing on the cake is that Brice is married to Wendy, a frenemy of Drue s from middle school Brice and Wendy offer Drue a job at Brice s personal injury law office The job doesn t sound desirable, but Drue also has an inheritance a bungalow in Sunset Beach The house isn t all that alluring either because it s been through some storms and is outdated however, it is charming Drue has to work side by side with Wendy in the office, which is no fun Then, a mysterious death happens, which might be tied to corruption at Brice s firm Now Drue dons her detective hat and starts her own investigation There s also a romance looming at the law firm Ahh, Mary Kay Andrews What a charming read There s her trademark wit, a few giggles, some well done intrigue with the mysteries, a quaint, beachy setting, and so much fun In the last two books from MKA, I ve noticed the added mystery elements, and she executes them well Drue reminded me a bit of Kinsey Milhone from Susan Grafton s books, and I loved that Overall, this is everything we want and from a MKA book I think all her fans, myself included, will be happy readers I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog and instagram tarheelreader

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    Thanks to Netgalley and St Martin s Press for an e ARC in exchange for an honest review Honestly, I didn t read the entire synopsis of this book before heading over to Netgalley to snap it up So far, Sunset Beach is my favorite deceptive cover of 2019 I feel I need to create this new category because those beach chairs swayed me into thinking this would be straight up contemporary romance I have never been so delighted to be proven wrong Yes romance and family drama is present, but when protagonist, Drue, gets wrapped in two unsolved cases of missing women from 1976 and a recent crime, I was unable to do anything but give myself over to this story Fair warning though, if you have any knowledge of the criminal justice system, accept that things work out so much better in the fictional world This was my first Mary Kay Andrews read, but it definitely will not be my last Goodreads review published 23 02 19 Expected publication 07 05 19

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    4.5 Starsrounded up Is it truly summer unless you ve read a Mary Kay Andrews s book I look forward to her book coming out every May and the covers always give me serious summer vibes However, don t let this beach cover fool you, this book has some serious depth Drue was doing what she loved kiteboarding and working on the side to bring in some cash Her life is then turned around when her mother passes and now she s suddenly out of a job When Drue goes to her mother s funeral her estranged Dad shows up and he tells her they need to talk because he has some news for her Nothing could be farther from what Drue wants Her Dad is now married to her high school nemesis and he ran off her her as a child She reluctantly meets with her Dad and finds out that she has inherited her grandparent s house on the beach Sunset Beach.Drue s Dad also offers her a job at his law firm to take calls her boss is her new step mom and it s the worst job imaginable One day Drue is manning the front desk and an old client comes in demanding justice This gets Drue s gears grinding and Drue wants justice for this family who is struggling Something just seems off with how this case was settled and Drue won t stop until she figures out where this went wrong We watch Drue try to find love, repair her relationship with her Dad and try to get through life She just has to go through some twists and turns to get there.This book was so much than what I expected it was going to be The cover really does make it look like it s going to be a summer chick lit read but this is way than that This is a full blown mystery that the main character comes in to once it s been solved and reopens the case to find out the truth She wants justice for a family that definitely got played by the system Although Drue could be over the top about how enthusiastic she was about this case i m talking no sleep, not eating, etc I appreciated her dedication.There s something about MKA books that suck me in every single time The way that she writes is so engrossing and the short chapters keep me wanting They re definitely not thrillers but the mystery is usually something that I haven t really read before I suppose I love how fresh her writing is each year Plus who can not like books with a beach theme I feel like as I was reading and imaging a beach town it almost made me calmer in the intense parts Overall this is a great book to start off my summer reading and I will continue to look forward to her books each and every year This book is out now so go pick it up Thank you to St Martin s Press for my copy of this book.

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    Mary Kay Andrews has done it yet again with this new novel, Sunset Beach Looking at the covers of her novels you would almost expect to be picking up a contemporary romance but instead there has been so much involved in her stories making them a bit hard to label and classify as any one thing.In Sunset Beach readers meet Drue Campbell who is one of those characters that has really yet to find herself even though she s in her thirties Drue s passion had been kite boarding but she s had to give it up due to a major injury To fund her passion she s bounced from mediocre job to mediocre job.After Drue s mother passes her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a hotshot attorney who she hasn t seen in years steps back into her life to let Drue know she inherited her grandparents cottage He also offers Drue a job which she desperately needs and reluctantly accepts only to find her new stepmother, a former childhood friend, is her new boss However, Drue quickly finds an old case that catches her attention that she s determined to solve.Sunset Beach really had something going on with the characters and story with each turn of the page Anything from family drama and personal relationships to a murder mystery from an old client case at the law office along with another mystery close to home for Drue as she cleans and renovates the beach house I also wondered starting off if I would even like Drue but really did so this one was one that I flew through finding it hard to put down.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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