Read Lies Author Aleatha Romig The Twisted And Intriguing Storytelling That You Loved In Consequences And Infidelity Continues With An All New Alpha Anti Hero In The Dark Romance Series Web Of Sin, By New York Times Bestselling Author Aleatha Romig.I AmThat S No Longer An Easy Statement.Who Am I Since Sterling Sparrow, A Man So Handsome He Takes My Breath Away And So Infuriating He Pushes Me In Ways I Ve Never Known, Came Barreling Into My Life Like A Category Five Hurricane, I Can T Even Finish That Simple Statement.In Twenty Six Years I Ve Lived Three Lives Been Three Different People.Renee Kennedy And Now, Araneae.They Say That I Was Named After The Spider To Make Me Resilient.Sparrow Would Then Be A Bird.Birds Eat Spiders.I Prefer To Consider Myself A Cat It Ups My Chance Of Surviving The World I M Now Living.Maybe That S Only Wishful Thinking Because According To Sterling, My Number Of Lives Is Running Out.There Are People Who Want To Harm Me, To Learn The Secrets They Claim That I Possess.The Only Person To Offer Me Protection Is Sterling Sparrow.Can I Trust A Man Who Willingly Put Me In The Sight Of Danger What Is Real What Are Lies Have You Been Aleatha D Lies Is Book Two Of The Web Of Sin Trilogy To Be Read After Secrets.Lies

Aleatha Romig is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Indiana She grew up in Mishawaka, graduated from Indiana University, and is currently living south of Indianapolis Aleatha has raised three children with her high school sweetheart and husband of over thirty years Before she became a full time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and s

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Lies ⚣ Aleatha Romig –
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  • Lies
  • Aleatha Romig
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  • 14 July 2019

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    This series just keeps getting better I loved getting pieces of the past and trying to put together what happened Araneae is testing her limits with Sterling and he is just as alpha as ever Of course the ending leaves you wanting . I am so ready for Promises.

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    LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO iBOOKS Book 2 in trilogyLIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO iBOOKS Books in Web of Sin Trilogy should be read in order Book 1 SecretsBook 2 LiesBook 3 Promises ARC provided to me by author Aleatha Romig in exchange for an honest review.

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    You re gorgeous on your knees Another sexy, seductive, and thrilling installment to Aleatha Romig s Web of Sin series Just when you think this dark and angsty game of cat and mouse is coming to a head, you turn the corner and find yourself in another web of lies, deception, and secrets Lies, the second book in this delicious dark rom...

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    An absolutely riveting read Lies is so freaking engrossing and captivating I loved every single minute I was living in the pages of this gripping book.It s filled with suspense,intrigue and a whole lot of sexiness.Ara...

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    Title Lies Series Web of Sin Series 2 Author Aleatha Romig Publication , December 4th 2018 Enjoy A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, twisted intriguing storytelling , mystery, naked truth a Sexy Alpha hero gorgeous heroine, romance, suspense All a girl needs I could leave you with just that, but I am not that mean The story started where it last one finished thank god With Araneae living in Sterling tower This book going to question what is Lies what is the truth Kennedy Hawkins Araneae McCrie Out of tragedy she found triumph or has she What s a women do when you find out that you aren t who you thought you were I can only imagine that Kennedy Hawkins Araneae McCrie head is spinning by now To say that this book is complicated is putting it mildly For one women to live two identities not lose her insanity is pure miracleShe runs Sinful Threads by day as Kennedy Hawkins by night she is Araneae McCrie , Sterling Sparrow is telling her that she is the queen of the underworld of Chicago.I was n...

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    5 You re Mine Stars ARC provided by author Araneae McCrie is a 26 yr old woman who is slowly unraveling the veil the lies she s been told her entire life She never knew her birth parents and has lived three different lives as three different identities She s finally learning about her past, but still isn t completely sure who to trust She knows there are people out there that want to harm her, and she s surrounded by money, power, and secrets Through the chaos her one constant has been the man she s come to care deeply for, Sterling Sparrow He s intense, possessive, controlling, overwhelming, and infuriating, but he s the one person she knew would always protect her He was overprotective and domineering, but made her feel cherished and adored He was devoted to her and her safety When he was near, he stole her breath and made her heart race She burned with the all consuming desire she felt for this beautiful complicated man I knew one thing I wanted to trust Sterling Sparrow Everything with Sterling Sparrow was unique His grin did things to me I couldn t describe Every nerve in my body, every synapse in my brain, was focused on the one man who did things to me I d only read about From the depths of my soul, I knew this powerful man needed what only I could give Sterling Sparrow was promised Araneae McCrie at 13, and he s wanted her ever since Now she was finally his, and had become a part of his dangerous world He felt she was where she belonge...

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    5 The Web Continues to Grow StarsThe second book in the Web of Sin trilogy did not disappoint It started where Secrets left off and while we got some much needed answers, it it was still packed full of secrets and lies I loved every minute of this delicious, suspenseful, intriguing, sexy ride.As this tangled web gets convoluted, trust becomes key to survival Araneae gets immersed into Sterling s life Patrick, Reid and Lorna are all a package deal with Sterling and she must trust them She has her own family with Silk Thread but secrets have come between them The past and the present are all beginning to collide in Araneae s life and she must figure out who to trust, who is telling lies and who is telling truths Will all the Secret and Lies eventually lead to a Promise of Love for Araneae and Sterling I throughly enjoyed getting the story to Araneae s past It intrigued me as well as left me wanting to know The intersection of Araneae and Sterling s past opens up to a clearer picture but there are still many questions and answers I need to know I love the twist and turns this author puts her readers through Nothing is straight forward When you think you know the direction the story, BAM, she throws a huge wrench into the story and takes you on a detour Your mind is constantly working and trying to figure out rights and wrongs I m suspicious of everyone and everything This book also en...

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    COMING DECEMBER 4THBook 2 of the WEB OF SIN trilogy image error

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    As secrets are being uncovered and lies are being revealed, Araneae and Sterling are being drawn closer and their chemistry is burning hotter I can t get enough of Sterling and his commands, demands and orders I m not sure if I d tolerate his behavior in real life, but dang does the author make it work in this story Can Not Get Enough Of Him Here s the thing as much as I m enjoying the heck out of this trilogy, this particular book had Araneae rubbing me the wrong way I ll tell you why Hypothetically speaking, if you knew that your life was in danger and the one person who you believed meant you harm actually protected you against said danger, would you learn to trust them And if your life was again put in jeopardy and this same person ONCE AGAIN moved mountains to ensure your health and safety, would you learn to trust them I think if this person, over and over again, was shown to put my interests and life before their own, I would give them the benefit of the doubt I really think I would Because the other players in this game I know nothing about have shown me nothing to make me feel safe and the threat seems mad real.But that s just me The stakes are high and the coast is no war near clear Sterling and Araneae have to naviga...

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