Persons and Places: The Background of My Life

Free Persons And Places The Background Of My Life By George Santayana Nature Philosopher, Poet, Critic Of Culture And Literature, And Best Selling Novelist, George Santayana 1863 1952 Stands As A Major Figure In American Philosophy And Literature This New Edition Of His Autobiography Restores Passages That Were Deleted In The Original Book Because Of The Publisher S Sensitivities About Lawsuits, Printing And Production Convenience, A General Desire By Editors To Soften Some Of His Remarks, And His Own Request That Portions Be Published Only After His Death.Santayana S Marginal Notes, Idiosyncratic Punctuation, And Use Of British Spelling, Reveal A Stubbornly Aloof And Scrupulously Remote Observer The Eloquence Of This Detachment Is Fully Brought Forth In The Rich Language And Smoothly Ironic Recollections Of Persons And Places William G Holzberger Is Professor Of English At Bucknell University Herman J Saatkamp, Jr Is Professor And Head, Department Of Philosophy And Humanities, Texas AM University.Persons and Places: The Background of My Life

Philosopher, poet, literary and cultural critic, George Santayana is a principal figure in Classical American Philosophy His naturalism and emphasis on creative imagination were harbingers of important intellectual turns on both sides of the Atlantic He was a naturalist before naturalism grew popular he appreciated multiple perfections before multiculturalism became an issue he thought of phil

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    Santayana is wonderful an elitist, Latin, idiosyncratically Catholic crypto homosexual whose prose style makes me think of Gibbon cut with Yourcenar He belongs in Cyril Connolly s select pantheon, among the aphorists and philosophic poets who combine a sense of perfection and a faith in human dignity with a tragic apprehending of the human condition, and its nearness to the Abyss I love his writing because in it materialism and idealism, human limitation and human transcendence, appear in proportions I find congenial, sane, and frequently wise He seems to recall older meanings of philosopher that of the ancient polis Bertrand Russell attributed William James constitutional antipathy for his Harvard colleague Santayana to a democratic feeling that made James unable to acquiesce in the notion of one truth for the philosophers and another for the vulgar and that of the eighteenth century, as he exposes the material basis and conditions of our ideals and religions while always aware that ideals and religions, in various for...

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    More than once in my life I have crossed a desert in all that regards myself, my thoughts, or my happiness so that when I look back over those years, I see objects, I see public events, I see persons and places , but I don t see myself.Santayana was an intensely private man He is aloofness personified, an exemplar of the wandering sage So when you read his works of philosophy, you get the feeling that there is something being hidden, like a card tucked up his sleeve Who was this man, so totally unattached, and yet so connected to the intellectual life of his times How was someone like Santayana who sounds alternately like a prophet and an anachronism born into the same time as Bertrand Russell and William James Who was he These questions in mind, I quite naturally turned to his memoirs Perhaps here I would find the answer Alas, no for the privacy that characterizes his philosophical writing also makes itself apparent here, in his recollections This book is not a confession, nor is it even a narrative of his life It is, rather, as the title suggests, a series of portraits and vignettes from his memory It is an attempt to set down in writing some of the places and people who meant the most to h...

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    Como mucha gente en Espa a, descubri a Santayana a traves de Fernando Sabater

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    THE Santayana s autobiography And it s GEORGE, by the way Because he was named after his mother s first husband, Bostonian George Sturgis The most interesting part of this book is at the beginning, where he maps out his family s origins An extremely interesting first 50 pages for me Who knew about Santayana s Philippine under Spain connection Granted, he never set foot here but considering his curiosity for history, he should have , but his parents met here So I don t forget Owing to his maternal grandfather s offer of a governorship in Batang Island nobody seems to know where this is, but it must be Batanes, since hemp figures in the story , his mother, an only child, and her father are stationed there The father soon dies, leaving his mother an orphan She stays on the island, and trades hemp to Manila Not soon after, a new governor takes her father s place as governor For propriety s sake, and because both his mother and the governor are the only white people in an island of Indians, his mother has to leave for Manila, to stay with friends In Manila she meets American George Sturgis and marries him and proceed to have five kids, of which only three survive to maturity Then Mr Sturgis meets an untimely death Wh...

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