Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West

Read Stray Bullets Volume 2 Somewhere Out West Author David Lapham Somewhere Out West Is A Town No One Knows About A Desert Town Whose Inhabitants Wait For The Day A Great Earthquake Will Bring Them Beachfront Property Here, Two Young Lovers On The Run From The Mob Will Learn That Love Is Than Just Another Four Letter Word A Once Beautiful, Now Broken Woman Will Let The Demons Of Her Past Pull Her Down Into A Thick Soup Of Depravity And Death A Betrayed Little Girl Running From Everything Will Decide To Help Someone And Be Scarred Forever And A Big Lug With Big Dreams Will Achieve Fame And Glory And Then Throw It All Away These Are Just Some Of The People Whose Tales Will Stick In Your Gut For The Rest Of Your Days.Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West book, this is one of the most wanted David Lapham author readers around the world.

[PDF] ↠ Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West Author David Lapham –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West
  • David Lapham
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9780972714570

10 thoughts on “Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West

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    The first Stray Bullets book is a masterpiece is there anything higher than that The second volume is a double masterpiece I LOVED this book I might run out of superlatives, this comic is that good, so get your umbrellas out because I m gonna start gushing It s 1982 and Orson, the kid we met in the first book who d just graduated high school, has fallen into a life of crime With his girlfriend Beth and their friend Nina, they ve ripped off Harry, stealing a suitcase of blow and heading somewhere out west They hole up in the strange small desert town of Seaside, which, though landlocked for hundreds of miles in any direction, has residents who believe that when the earthquake happens and swallows California, they will be the new coastline We meet a number of new characters in this book, from Nick, the loutish and dim but generally decent chap who s destined to become the new sheriff, to Leslie and Lemmy, a pair of scummy residents who prey on young girls But the life they left behind is eating away at Orson, Beth and Nina, and Nina s mind begins to unra...

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    Couldn t even finish it Tedious, disjointed to the point of needing a map at which point it feels like work than enjoyment.

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    Good god I love this series.

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    Im getting kinda obsessed with this series it is so ridiculously fun that he s releasing them out of time order Im having a great time piecing everything together This issue has an especially fun Amy Racecar story, and I absolutely loved the bits of Virginia s diary so well done, did a real thirteen year old do the lettering Lapham is one of those writers you can make you love terrible people or is it just that all of his characters are...

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    More of this near surreal, yet at times darkly comical, and I mean darkly comical grifter crime mystery thriller with a heart..Nina, Beth and Orson are hiding out in a town in the middle of nowhere after an unspecified run of events against Harry s mob that sees them with a lot of his Cocaine.In monochrome and at times sparse se...

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    Stray Bullets Volume 1 Somewhere Out West collects issues 8 14 of the comic book series by David Lapham It s another over the top tale of violence and low lifes and I liked it.The town of Seaside has a boardwalk, but no waterfront They live in the hopes of a big California earthquake that will bring them the beach and make their property valuable It s a town in the middle of nowhere populated by nobodys This makes it the perfect town for Orson, Beth and Nina to hide from the mob in They ve got a suitcase full of drugs, or they did until Nina started helping herself They have a nosy neighbor kid who is spying through the holes in their floor They try to hide out and not go stir crazy Can they stay below the radar, especially with Nina freaking out Seaside also has a big talking loser named Nick He talks a good game, but he s not as lucky with the ladies as he lets on He might get a chance at something if Beth and Nina have anything to say He might be the distraction they need, but what goes up does come down, or does it It s all black and white art, and I like Lapham s style The book is a series of stories that intertwine and weave around each other Amy Racecar, the psychopath from the first volume, makes an appearance The situations and violence are quirky and filled with dark humor The characters are strange and the stuff of garishly bad dreams I enjoyed the heck out of the first volume and this one too I rec...

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    You first notice the hole in the bedroom floor when the protagonist steps in it on page two it s covered by a rug, so he doesn t fall through But you know that David Lapham isn t gonna let a floor hole be a mere trivial inconvenience Later you see the rug above the hole waggling in the air some voyeur s head is poking up At some point the rug clears away so that a runaway girl can prop herself up just enough downstairs, so that her head appears as an angelic apparition for her drug addled playmate Later still the hole is the site of one of the most degrading, despicable murders in comix history Of course there s to this strange story than that floor hole The setting is a beachside resort in the middle of the desert the town is waiting for California to split off from the mainland and grow its own east coast And the gangsters innocents you ve seen in the first Stray ...

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    So here s what s great about Stray Bullets we last saw Nina back in 1980, about to get her one night stand killed, and we last saw Orson back in 1981, witnessing the street violence of Harry s crew Beth threaded the stories but wasn t a major actor Now we re suddenly in 1982, and the three have fled to California after some type of heist against Harry Lapham doesn t feel the need to tell us the story in between though he circles back to it decades later in Sunshine Roses , instead he just moves us effortlessly on, en media res.However, Somewhere Out West isn t as strong as the first volume, primarily because it focuses on a much linear story Though Lapham would later do well with focused stories of this sort, in his first effort it treads water for many of the early issues, giving us great characterization, and some interesting points of view, but not the wonderful one and done plots...

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    Stray Bullets Vol 2 was enjoyable on some levels and not so enjoyable on other levels I enjoyed some of the story lines better than others I didn t read the first one so I am not sure if that is part of the problem or not I think it was a decent comic book and wo...

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    The first volume had its moments, but this collection is just plain bad Hard to believe this artwork won Lapham an Eisner as best artist The interconnected stories are just bleak and depressing and, really, rather pointless I had to force myself to keep reading and not sure why I bothered.

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