The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1)

EPUB The Right Swipe Modern Love, 1 Author Alisha Rai Alisha Rai Returns With The First Book In Her Sizzling New Modern Love Series, In Which Two Rival Dating App Creators Find Themselves At Odds In The Boardroom But In Sync In The Bedroom.Rhiannon Hunter May Have Revolutionized Romance In The Digital World, But In Real Life She Only Swipes Right On Her Career And The Occasional Hookup The Cynical Dating App Creator Controls Her Love Life With A Few Key Rules Nude Pics Are By Invitation Only If Someone Stands You Up, Block Them With Extreme Prejudice Protect Your Heart Only There Aren T Any Rules To Govern Her Attraction To Her Newest Match, Former Pro Football Player Samson Lima The Sexy And Seemingly Sweet Hunk Woos Her One Magical Night And Disappears Rhi Thought She D Buried Her Hurt Over Samson Ghosting Her, Until He Suddenly Surfaces Months Later, Still Big, Still Beautiful And In League With A Business Rival He Says He Won T Fumble Their Second Chance, But She S Wary A Temporary Physical Partnership Is One Thing, But A Merger Of Hearts Surely That S Too High A RiskThe Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1)

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[EPUB] ✶ The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1)  By Alisha Rai –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Right Swipe (Modern Love, #1)
  • Alisha Rai
  • 02 December 2017
  • 9780062878090

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.This is going to be everything

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    I knew before I was even halfway into this book that it would be receiving five stars, and holy hell was I right This book did not hold back any punches and it offered such a profound story about powerful women of color that also was so touching that I was weeping throughout the last 20% of this book My list of things I enjoyed about this book is vast compared to a nonexistent section of things I didn t enjoy I ll try and write a brief read long list of things I adored about this book The representation This book is primarily about people and women of color, so the main character is a dark skinned black woman, her best friend and assistant is an Indian lesbian, her other best friend and roommate is a thai american plus sized woman with agoraphobic anxiety i need a book about her , the love interest is Samoan, the love interest s two best friends are black, one of whom is a stay at home father That s not even mentioning other side characters So yeah, this book rocked The way women of color uplifted and supported each other in this book was also so touching and empowering This book dealt with such a diverse and unique array of subplots and handled them all spectacularly Even the trope of the love interest being a sports player had valuable discussion about mental health and retirement This book also tackles women of color being in positions of power and...

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    Rhiannon Hunter worshipped at the altar of no man Sometimes, ratings and reviews are hard, and this is one of those times, because this is probably one of the most meh 4 star reviews I ve ever given a book I can t find any good reason to lower it to 3 stars because it objectively has so much good stuff going for it, but when I think back on it having finished reading it several weeks ago now it feels like the sort of book I ll forget about pretty quickly.Rhiannon s a likeable heroine and Samson s enjoyable enough as a hero if a bit bland There s a lot of conversation around some really necessary and tough topics, like the treatment of pro athletes regarding sports related injuries, and the way assault abuse survivors are often cornered into keeping quiet about their abusers, especially when the abusive person is someone in a position of power.All of that said I don t know, something about it just never fully clicked for me, but I m leaving this at 4 stars because it does have a lot going for it I really loved the diverse range of characters Rhiannon is black, Samson is Samoan, Rhiannon s bestie housemate business partner is Thai American and fat, her assistant is Indian and queer everyone important in this bo...

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    I ve been dying to read this book based on that cover and the blurb, which sounded so enticing, even to a contemporary romance hater like me However, though I really enjoyed some aspects of the book, other parts didn t quite work for me I love how Alisha Rai gives us diverse MCs and feminist, sex positive main characters That s really important to me, and Alisha Rai totally delivered on that front I liked the plot and the trajectory of the story, even if I had some issues with the personalities of the characters themselves I found a bit hard to relate to Rhiannon, who was tough as nails and felt really closed off, even to me as a reader She was a bit of an overreactor, and though I really grew to understand her the I knew of her backstory, I found her to be exceedingly abrasive at times In contrast, I felt like Samson was forced to be this overly perfect, forgiving character I found him to be too perfect, without any flaws, and I didn t like that I wanted some temper or some grit, and I felt like he had to be the way that he was to balance Rhiannon I also think this book wasn t very well, romantic I like my romance to give me that squishy feeling inside, and I certainly didn t feel that between the two MCs here I did love the plot, which was interesting because the characters weren t my favorite, but I liked the spotlight on chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE and how the football community tried to cover it up for...

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    First, my excitement for this story knows no bounds Buuuut, kind of disappointed they went with drawing cover, I LOVED the Forbidden Hearts series live model cover photos really some of the best covers I ve ever seen.I see others really lik...

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    free review copy I had such high hopes for this one and they were MET Steamy and modern and including many relevant current topics, Rai pivoted from her latest series, Forbidden Hearts, and created a whole new fabulous world I don t want to say too much because this is such an early review, but here are a few things to know 1 Tech CTE in pro football2 STEAMY but not at all erotica3 so much divers...

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    I was only going to briefly touch on why this didn t work for me but then I blinked and I had a nice big rant, so I ll save it for the blog.Review to come And rating subject to change But not in a good way I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    In theory, the blurb for The Right Swipe was a treasure of romance book.It had all the things I m usually craving in my romance Online dating One night stand Enemies to lovers Texting emailingFurther it s delivered by an author I ve had such a pleasure discovering through her previous series.This book should have been a winner Except it wasn t AT ALL.I was craving human emotions, angst, and all I got was a thesaurus for online dating terms.I felt nothing for the characters.Ok let me amend that, I felt nothing for the characters as a couple but oh man did I feel for Rhiannon Hunter.I hated her guts Pure and simple I just couldn t stand her Am I going to get heat for feeling this book may be a tad too feminist Don t me Or rather the feminist revendications arc was detrimental to the romance, which is regrettable when advertising a book as romance It s just how I felt Or rather it s how Rhiannon Hunter made me feel.I love a strong heroine, I m all for empowered women in romance novels but if it becomes detrimental to qualities I find essential characters in romance have, then I guess I d rather have a doormat heroine growing empowered and showing some kindness and emotions and I don t know personality I couldn t tell for the life of me why Samson, the hero, would decide to pursue this determined cyborg I mean Rhiannon.Watching him go after her was like watching a dog trying to catch the attention of a negligent own...

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    This isn t out until August so I kind of jumped the gun but I needed a quick romance read in my life And a new series from Alisha Rai, no less Like all Rai s works this has diverse characters that show how romance can deal with consent and trauma and still be steamy It asks if there is space for a second chance in a swipe left culture, and also tackles metoo plus CTE in profe...

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    3.5 starsA great start to a new series I thoroughly enjoyed the world and writing in this book This was my first book by Alisha Rai but it will definitely not be my last I love how this book tackled quite a few important topics like sexual harassment, consent, domestic verbal abuse and so much It also had a very diverse cast which I greatly appreciate The romance was also very swoony We have a soft hero with a hard heroine he is patient and sweet and thoughtful and she is confident and sure of herself except when it comes to her feelings of course Both are perfect for each other though their love doesn t come easy It was interesting to see the author turn the whole hard and soft thing on it s head and have the heroine be the alpha and him the beta Well accept when it came to sex, because then things were on a even playing field If there s one thing I didn t like about the romance, it was that I didn t like how it felt that Samson had to pay for the drama and past mistakes of other men in Rhiannon s life Which leads me to my next part My biggest problem with this book, unfortunately was the heroine She has trust issues a mile long, she s stubborn as hell and lets pride get the best of her in almost every capacity of her life The one thing I really liked about her, even as I found myself becoming insanely irritated with her is that she is 100% herself, always. I feel like the author wanted her to be this extreme sort of alpha female who makes no apologies for wh...

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