Witch Ball

PDF Witch Ball Kathleen Coddington Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Their Love Was Eternal Until Forbidden Magic Threatened To Tear Them Apart Forever When Nathaniel Swann And His Daughter Move To The Small Town Of Lady S Cove, Maine, The Last Thing He Expects Is The Beautiful Woman Who Appears In His Kitchen After He Accidentally Breaks A Witch Ball, A Housewarming Gift From His Neighbor A Hardheaded Scientist, He Refuses To Believe The Woman S Fantastic Tale Of Magical Spells, Eternal Love And Reincarnation Released After Being Imprisoned For Three Hundred Years In The Witch Ball, Miranda Hawthorne Is Reunited With The Man She Is Destined To Be With Throughout Time Her Joy Is Short Lived When She Discovers That Nathaniel No Longer Remembers Her Or Their Love How Can She Convince Him To Help Her To Break The Witch Ball S Lingering Spell Before The Bond Between Them Is Severed For All Eternity And In The House Next Door The Priestess Responsible For The Witch Ball S Spell Plots To Prevent Them From Discovering The Secret That Will Set Miranda Completely Free.Witch Ball

Kathleen Coddington wrote her first romance in sixth grade While vastly entertaining to her classmates, her teacher was less than amused It was over thirty years before she began writing again When she did pick up her pen, she looked to the things she loved most for inspiration Her stories reflect her passion for history, magic, fascinating future worlds and a firm belief that love conquers al

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  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Witch Ball
  • Kathleen Coddington
  • 19 November 2019
  • 9781419957529

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    Witch Ball by Kathleen Coddington is a really delicious witchy story that starts out in the 1700 s and then slides into the current century quickly I really have to say I liked this and it was most certainly a nice break from what I usually read.Miranda Hawthorne born in the 17th is a breath taking dark haired beauty A Pagan High Priestess she is very in tune with nature and her love and loyalty to the Goddess are her first priority.Nathaniel Swann is a 20th century guy all around Good looks, great job as a professor he is the sole support for his eight year old daughter since his wife s accidental death nine months prior He is a total scientist all the way In other words, straight forward with the blinders on and pig headed to a T.The story is set in Lady s Cove, Maine which is an original settlement dating back to the time of the pilgrims if not earlier People came here from England and Scotland to escape the religious persecution that was going on at that time.Our lovely Miranda is on her way to a pagan ritual when she is stopped on the path by one of the other worshippers Unknown to Miranda at the time, Elizabeth Raven is extremely jealous of Miranda s place as High Priestess and her engagement to a Nathaniel Swann Elizabeth entraps Miranda in the Witch Ball and the story slides quickly to the current century and a reincarnat...

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