Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN B01MTEK3NMThey Are The Fatemarked Misunderstood Worshipped Hated Murdered At Birth Their Time To Step Into The Light Has Come.An Ancient Prophecy Foretold Their Coming, The Chosen Few Who Will Bring Peace To A Land Embroiled In A Century Of Mistrust And War When Kings Start Dying, That Hope And Belief Swiftly Turns To Fear Roan Loren Is One Of The Fatemarked, But Has Hidden His Mark Of Power His Entire Life, Fearing The Damage It Might Cause To Those Around Him.A Great Evil Is Coming He Can T Hide Any.In The Spirit Of Fantasy Epics Like Throne Of Glass And The Lord Of The Rings, Enter A World Of Magic And Dragons, Kings And Queens, And Victory And Defeat, During A Time When Honor And Valor Still Meant Something Fatemarked Is Now A 1 Bestseller In Three Categories Start Your 4,000 Page Epic Adventure Today.Fatemarked

Estes has written than 30 science fiction and fantasy books He loves chatting with his readers, all of whom he considers to be his friends David lives in Hawaii with his beautiful Aussie wife, Adele, his asthmatic cat, Bailey, and his rambunctious sons, Beau and Brody Join 3,000 David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite in David Estes official fan group at

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 494 pages
  • Fatemarked
  • David Estes
  • English
  • 03 August 2017

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    Reread on Audio What is it that comes rolling across the plains to killOkay, there are so many characters in the book It s not really confusing because we go back in forth through each little groups journey which eventually connects them all in one shape or form We have 1 Bane2 Roan3 Gwen4 Grease5 Annise6 Arch7 The Ard Knight Arme Tarin8 Sir Dietrich9 Zelda 10 Sir Drunk Craig11 Rhea12 Bear BlackbootsOkay, so there are a lot but these are the ones I like the most Actually, I absolutely loved, Annise and The Ard Knight Tarin Annise is bad to the bone and I loved that the author added a plus sized hero to the book I mean she s always talking down about herself looking like a pear, etc But she can kick major butt And The Ard Knight gets on to her about this, he is sent to protect her The Ard Knight is bad to the bone himself and um, I have a little crush on him There is a mystery about him but I won t even let that slip, it s something you need to read for yourself Annise and Arch are brother and sister and when something happens, they need to take over as King and Queen another bunch of stuff you will have to read There are people in this world that are marked with different abilities and they are called Fatemarked Most of these people are put to death or used in other ways The book goes back and for talking about war with the other people since something out there is killing off all of the important people So the other important people are trying to get a foot in the door until they are killed off lol I m great at explaining things D This is how I go about not giving out spoilers, I make it so confusing you have to read the book to see what I m talking about Anyway, there is a revelation later on about the thing that is killing people and I knew it I knew where that was going, but it took me a little bit It is sooooooooo good, but nobody better not kill off Tarin or Annise or I will crack some heads I really do enjoy the other groups of people too but the group with Annise in it is so much better Her and Tarin make the whole book for me Oh, and the fatemarked people and all they can do is really cool, well maybe not so much all of the gifts I look forward to what else we have in store and I hope Annise and Tarin kick major butt MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List REVIEW

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    UPDATE November 9, 2017 Whew, what a journey this year has been Releasing 5 books in The Fatemarked Epic than 4,000 pages in less than a year was no easy feat, but with the upcoming release of Lifemarked Nov 21st , I made it Fatemarked is now a 1 bestseller in three categories Military Fantasy, Medieval Fiction, Arthurian Fantasy , and I couldn t be happier with how this series has been received by readers THANK YOU for all your support For those who love epic fantasy in the vein of series like The Lord of the Rings or A Throne of Glass, here are all the linksies to The Fatemarked Epic Fatemarked 1st, 2017 A note to my readers This book has been a long time coming I ve had it in my brain for a few years, but was too scared to write it Why Because I m a huge fan of epic fantasy sagas like The Lord of the Rings, The Way of Kings, and A Game of Thrones, and I didn t want to screw it up Well, finally, in early 2016 I gained the confidence I needed, rolled up my sleeves, and got started This series is going to be long, because it needs to be It s going to be epic, because it needs to be But I will NOT make you wait for the sequels, because I hate waiting as much as you do The first five books three full length novels and two volumes of short origin stories will be released in March of 2017, with the remainder of the series released in less than a year.

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    When I heard that David Estes was writing a new high fantasy series, I was thrilled because I knew he was a huge Lord of the Rings fan, as am I I loved his sci fi series, Slip, and his dystopian series, the Dwellers and Country saga so I knew a fantasy from him would be nothing short of amazing And wow Yes Fatemarked is his best work to date In Fatemarked, we are introduced to the land of the Four Kingdoms and the Kings and Queens and princesses and princes We also meet several of the Fatemarked, those with marks on their skin who have special powers, for good or bad, light or dark And yes, there be dragons There is ancient prophecy, and knights, and sword fights, and jousting And so much action We meet Roan, one of the Fatemarked, along with one of my favorite heroines, Annise These two are my favorites, but the cast of Fatemarked is huge and I had so many other characters that I was rooting for, like the snarky Prince Gareth, Gwendolyn, Rhea, Arch, the Ard Knight, Grease, and so many others Even Bane David has a way of making his characters flawed but very human, and very relatable No one is perfect in the Four Kingdoms.The world building is incredible and definitely epic I loved going back and forth to the map to track each character s journey And the writing The writing is astounding and David has completely surpassed himself with this series I can t wait to continue this journey of the Fatemarked

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    Four Kingdoms A Prophecy Knights Jousting Dragons A Metal Forest Royalty A Killer Plague Curses And so much Fatemarked should be the definition of epic high fantasy The Hundred Years War has been raging across The Four Kingdoms, creating nothing but violence and vengeance for all of its peoples But, there is a prophecy saying there will be peace brought to the land from a chosen few, the Fatemarked It is also destined that one will be the King s Bane, who will create death and fear, and another will be the Peacemaker, who will have the ability to heal And so starts this epic journeyThis book follows five different perspectives Roan, Annise, Bane, Rhea, and Grease Coming from all different backgrounds and areas of the land, their stories are all intertwined with War and the Prophecy And each has an important role to play.I LOVED this story The pacing was perfect, I was never bored, and really wanted to read this straight through the first time I read it The author has created an immense and detailed world that was easy to escape to This is a book I could read over and over again I have read it 3 times to date.Things I loved about Fatemarked The Characters They were awesome, so very distinct, and the author nailed all their voices Even the ones I didn t really like were interesting and contributed to the story Annise and Roan were easily my favorite characters Prince Gareth Ironclad s horse, a black stallion that never seemed to tire, pulled up beside them, keeping stride Ho, plague child Gareth called Roan pretended not to hear him Drowned rat Gareth said Roan could see the prince smiling on the edge of his vision He pretended to only just hear him Did you say something he asked The World Building The world building is really rich and detailed, and was my favorite thing about this book One thing I really love is how each Kingdom has its own ruthlessness None of them are really good per se It seemed the Eastern Kingdom was a little better at first, but then you here about this strange tradition where the first born must die for his younger brother to become king Really interesting stuff The Writing The writing in this was absolutely beautiful and also horrific depending what was happening on the page The writer managed to capture every emotion and made me feel whatever the characters were feeling, immersing me into the story Roan tried to think, but it was difficult when his head was pounding He reached up to feel the side of his scalp, which was bulging and crusted with blood His ear was badly damaged too, and he wondered if his hearing would be affected Not that it mattered He touched his face to find his once smooth skin covered in bumps on top of bumps, each filled with heat He scrubbed at them with the heel of his hand, which was also bumpy and burning He had the sudden urge to run To where, he did not know As Roan fought weakness and fear to push to his knees, the wind howled over him, and he shivered The Pacing The pacing was perfect There was plenty of action, but also time to give the reader the information that was needed for the story There was no Infodumping, though, which I really appreciated The battle scene at the end was especially good, with a great build up and set up, and then great action during, with mind blowing moments The Plot and the Twists Loved it Everything made sense, and I didn t find any plot holes I don t feel like there was anything superfluous in the story, either Everything pertained to the plot and characters And the twists were mind blowing The Feels This book was constantly bringing out some kind of reaction in me Amazingly, a lot of the time, it was laughter Even though this novel is very dark, it is lightened up at moments with some great one liners They cheered louder than ever before And blew you kisses and displayed their bosoms and offered themselves up for your spawn Good Now, we have a battle to plan Battle Roan exclaimed What battle The king sighed Do we have something to seal his lips with he asked no one in particular What I didn t like about Fatemarked Absolutely nothing This was an amazing read for me There s so much about these characters and the world to explore I want MORE MORE MORE Luckily, Estes is bringing out a few of the sequels SOON A great high fantasy story needs an incredible world built with lots of adventure, action, death, and dire circumstances with unique, amazing characters, and I feel this was all done very well in this book And now, another favorite quote to leave you with Annise was on a roll and not about to stop now The princess of the north once devoured an entire royal feast in one sitting And then she ate the plates and silverware,not to mention the table and chairs A healthy appetite, by my reckoning, Tarin said. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a HONEST review

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    Fatemarked is the first book in a brand new epic fantasy series by David Estes and it is an excellent addition to the genre It has something for everyone from great world building, plenty of action, well developed characters, superpowers, and a dash of romance This is a must read I need book two, Truthmarked

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    Fantasy lovers at late have been almost spoiled with a plethora of well written fantasy with excellent world building and interesting characters Based on this I jumped into Fatemarked with quite some enthusiasms Unfortunately while some elements within were interesting, execution was sorely lacking in the book The story revolves around four or five characters, initially separate but brought closer together toward the end The plot itself feels like a weird mixture of Song of Ice and Fire, just done to be suitable for younger less sophisticated audiences Each character is unique and has their own plotline, but unfortunately none of them are interesting Especially the early parts of the book are very weak, so much so that I was tempted to give up on it About half way through, I began to suspect that the author had been waiting to write a book for a long time and crammed in every idea he has ever had into the first 100 or so pages The result is the book reads like a morning cartoon with its rapid fire pacing While sometimes this can be exciting, here you jump from one large event to another at a pace that makes you not care about any of them There are way too many weird and annoying contradictions the elf side character is a good example of first being outright hostile to suddenly opening up about her personal life that contradicts everything that has been said about her earlier Or one of our main characters being brought to the king as a suspected spy, and next paragraph is invited to take part in the war council planning and is questioning the King in a manner that makes no sense other than to provide a segue for exposition.The end of the book is stronger than the beginning, but it does not save the book nor does it really make me want to keep up with the series Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    I was blessed with the chance to get an early copy of this fantasy because I won a blog contest I entered thinking there was no way I would win but I decided to take the chance I won and I was thrilled I had to dive in to the Four Kingdoms and see what it was about I ve heard a little bit about it over the past few months and I knew it would be added to my TBR I have to say that I was absolutely blown away It is my new all time favorite high fantasy series It is actually now in my top five favorite series The writing is phenomenal and flawless The story was intense and easy to follow The characters and world were developed so well that at times I forgot where I was I just fell in love with everything I can t wait to read the rest of the series because I have to know what happens It is hard to put in to words how much I loved this book My favorite character is hard to choose but I m going with Roan He was easy to relate to and you are hoping that he figures things out He is developed, complex and is a reluctant hero I loved his snarky banter with Gareth and I loved how he was always conflicted with being the clown and the hero My second favorite character is Rhea I cringe with what she goes through but it was intriguing to watch her evolution She is going to be the character that I following closely because she is going to be a force It is not to say that I didn t like the rest of the characters but these two were my favorite There wasn t a character that I didn t like.My favorite moment was the ride back to the castle with Roan and Prince Gareth It was hilarious and a special moment between two characters You really got a chance to know both of them in that short time I believe it was the first time that we got to see a glimpse of the true Roan It was still really funny Overall I am going to recommend this book to all of my fantasy loving friends I probably going to tell every single person that will listen about this book I just can t get over it I look forward to reading the rest of the series I actually pre ordered the whole set because well I can t get enough.

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    In a world where corrupt rulers dominate the Four Kingdoms, the Hundred Years Wars has ravaged than three generations of kings, queens, and citizens The cycle of vengeance and violence continues An ancient prophecy by a legendary oracle promises the return of peace to the Four Kingdoms by a chosen few, the fatemarked Those marked at birth and blessed with specific magical powers One shall be the King s Bane, bringing death to the warmongering rulers, he is dark and death The other shall be the Peacemaker, blessed with the ability to heal, he is light and life Opposite sides of the same coin, Bane and the Peacemaker are tasked with the fate of the entire world As they fight to achieve their destinies, adversity will hinder them in every realm To truly achieve the oracle s prophecy of peace, both the King s Bane and the Peacemaker, as well as all the other fatemarked, will need to overcome those who seek to destroy everything in their pursuit for power In Fatemarked , book one of the Fatemarked Epic, David Estes has wrote a thrilling journey comparable to George R.R Martin s Game of Thrones and Brandon Sanderson s The Way of Kings A fantastical world is brought forth, with interesting and relatable characters A thrilling plot that is filled with suspense, political intrigue and magic, with a suspenseful and exciting climax that will have you furiously ripping through the pages Fatemarked is a fantasy lover s dream

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    This book was totally awesome The worldbuilding was amazing, the characters are all quite interesting and believable, the plot contains the perfect balance of action and quieter scenes where you can catch your breath while learning about the characters and their world, and the descriptions are fantastic in fact, those with weak stomaches may find them a little too good, since there are wonderfully described scenes of violence and blood in this story, as well as the pleasant images the author paints for us during the tale On top of that, while the ending is clearly left open for the continuation of the series, things are also wrapped up well enough to avoid an actual cliffhanger ending, which meant that though I was a little disappointed to find the book was over I felt satisfied with the way the story ended I highly recommend this book, and can t wait for the next book in the series to be available NOTE I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This fact has in no way influenced either my opinion of the book, or the contents of my review.

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    I am a huge David Estes fan so of course I joined his mailing list to hear about all of his new books In one mailing he was giving away some ARC copies of his newest book Most of his books, and my favorites are dystopian for YA Fatemarked is the first in a series of epic fantasy I entered the drawing and won a copy I was a little nervous due to the different genre of this one I so loved it I do enjoy a good fantasy and this one does not disappoint One of the things I like about Mr Estes writing is he has a tongue in cheek type of humor He understands people and relationships So my rating is a strong five star I can recommend for teens and up Now I have to try and be patient for the next one.

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