Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia

KINDLE Koshka S Tales Stories From Russia Author James Mayhew Capitalsoftworks.co.uk The Wise Old Storytelling Cat, Koshka, Recounts The Magical Legends Of Russia As She Sits In An Oak Tree On The Remote Island Of Bouyan Telling Stories To The Tsarita And Her Son These Enchanting Stories Are Beautifully Illustrated In Full Color In The Rich Tradition Of Russian Folk Art.Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia

James Mayhew s first book for children was Katie s Pictures Show, Orchard Books 1989 establishing the long running series about a child s adventures in an art gallery Many of his books have a cultural agenda and James is passionate about introducing children to art, music, opera, ballet and traditional tales.He has published over 60 books, and illustrated and written for many other colleagues i

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  • Hardcover
  • 80 pages
  • Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia
  • James Mayhew
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781856979436

10 thoughts on “Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia

  1. says:

    Don t question whether this book is for children or not,just read it And marvel at the amazing illustrations too These are old Russian tales taught in an almost story within a story format and all the stories are very captivating as well as intriguing as they enable you to learn about new cultures...

  2. says:

    Gorgeous book However, for some reason I felt intellectually betrayed when I recently learned that Koshka means cat I had been calling these stories the stories of Koshka the Cat for years.

  3. says:

    An absolute must read for fans of fairy tales and folklore.

  4. says:

    These stories are excellent renditions of, perhaps, the known Russian folk tales Corresponds well with a new novel by Gregory Maguire, Egg Spoon.

  5. says:

    One of my favorite books when I was little really pretty illustrations and really well written Still love it today

  6. says:

    Delightful flowing tales Gorgeous illustrations.

  7. says:

    My oldest just LOVED this book Gorgeous illustrations and retelling of Russian folktales.

  8. says:

    Ah, the magic in storytelling.

  9. says:

    This was my favorite storybook as a child, to the point that I ve considered going to my elementary school expressly to steal it.

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