The master and the maiden

Read The Master And The Maiden Author Alice Chetwynd Ley The World Was Changing Industry Had Revolutionized The England Of 1812, Bringing With It Enormous Wealth For Some, But Unrest And Turbulence Among The Workers Who Were Little Than Slaves, Living In Squalor And Misery.Into This Class Mary Lister Was Born, A Defiant Child Of The Changing Time She Believed Passionately In A Cause Fair Wages And Decent Conditions For The Poor Mill Workers Then Fate Confronted Her With An Impossible Choice Between Her Family And Her Beliefs, And Her Consuming Love For The Master Of The Mill The Powerful Man Who Held Her Future, And The Future Of Her People In His Arrogant Hand.Originally Published In 1966 As The Master Of Liversedge.The master and the maiden

Born Alice Mary Chetwynd Humphrey on 12 October 1913 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, UK, she studied at King Edward VI Grammar School in Birmingham On 3 February 1945, she married Kenneth James Ley They had two sons Richard James Humphrey Ley and Graham Kenneth Hugh Ley.She was a teacher at Harrow College of Higher Education In 1962, she obtained a diploma in Sociology at London University, an

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  • The master and the maiden
  • Alice Chetwynd Ley
  • 03 September 2019
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    3.5 stars This was a bit of a thrill for oldie me I love reading books written when I was a teenager and even earlier And I love historical fiction with a touch of romance in it Unlike many traditional Regency romances, this one is serious, with less emphasis on the romance and on some historical issues of the time.Mostly it s about the struggle of lower class workers, especially textile workers, to survive at a time when textile manufacturers were trying to implement new technologies, such as shearing and stocking frames, spinning frames and power looms These technologies would reduce the number of workers needed, with one machine taking the place of several workers, and that sets in motion the Luddite revolution 1811 1816 , with worker rebellion and destruction of the new frames that threaten their jobs It was quite a problem that eventually was suppressed by the military That s not to say that this particular man v machine problem has been completely addressed Chetwynd Ley wrote this story based on contemporary accounts of Luddite uprisings in West Riding of Yorkshire in 1812 She notes that many of the incidents and some of the characters are authentic One of the main Luddite instigators of this story, for example, George Mellor, was an actual member of the Luddite movement and was executed in 1813, a bit after the time of this book.The hero here is William Arkwright, ex soldier now trying to make...

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    Mary travels north to become governess to the young stepsister of the master of Liversedge Mill But she is very early introduced to the depredations of the Luddites, and is put in the unenviable position of having a bit of a foot in both camps, with her employer on one side and her cousin and his friends on the other As the violence escalates, she must choose who to support but to turn from either seems impossible.I really enjoyed this book, as having a mix of romance, history and thought provoking issues, with good writing and a well managed storyline to bring it all together This is an author I ll be looking for by Highly recommended to fans of clean historical romance.Characters Well drawn, though William in particular is not your standard character, being far too temperamental But the gradual development of the romance works well with the characters.Storyline Good, pace is good and various issues are brought out well as part of the dialogu...

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    Based on contemporary accounts of the Luddite uprisings in Yorkshire in 1812, we follow Mary Lister, who is a new governess in a family defending their mill William Arkwright has little patience with Miss Lister, and her cousin who has Luddite sympathies Can these two overcome their differences in a time of turmoil What I loved about this was the level of historical detail and accuracy I felt the desperation of the mill workers who were losing their livelihood I understood the mill owner trying to keep his business relevant and productive Mary s viewpoint as the outsider observing it all was perfect to show all sides.The one point I did not enjoy was the romance Mary and Mr Arkwright may have spent time together, but they did nothing but argue I in no way saw what attracted Mary, though see why Mr Arkwright would b...

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    I can imagine this book as an old black and white movie with Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh as the leads The writing style is unique The story is set during the Luddite rebellion and centers on Mary, who is caught between the two w...

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    Regency CapitalismVery different romance without the usual noble lords The hero is a former military man who is now in charge of the family s weaving mill He has hired a governess for his younger sister and she arrives in the middle of the L...

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    An old fashioned but quirky read with social realism than you often get Our hero and heroine are a governess and Yorkshire mill owner and the plot centres on trouble at t Mill as machines replace men and Luddites respond with violence It s melodramatic and there s a lot to like but for me s...

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    This was much better than the other book I read by this author, The Clandestine Betrothal The characters were interesting and unique, especially in the usual realm of regency stories This story is very reminiscent of Elizabeth Gaskell s North and South, and like that story I enjoyed it immensely.

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    This book is published by Endeavour Press

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    I really didn t like the hero He was violent and demanding and he didn t care about other people s feelings The Luddite story was interesting though.

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