Ray Sanders Returns Home From Florida To Bury His Mother Soon, The Supernatural Evidence Behind His Mother S Demise Begins To Surface In The Form Of Dreams And Mysterious Happenings During All Of The Madness, Sanders Must Face His Destiny And Vanquish The Generations Old Evil That Has Plagued His Family Since The 1800 S In 1854, Louis Sanders, With The Help Of Elias Atkins, Dug A Well To Provide Water To The Family Farm What They Did Not Anticipate Was The Water To Be Infested With Odomulites Ancient Sins These Malevolent Beings Were Trapped In Our World On Their Way To The Spirit World Formed A Pact Of Protection With Both Sanders And Atkins The Families Would Serve As Guardians Of The Odomulite Nests And In Return, A Blind Eye Would Be Cast When The Odomulites Took Host Bodies To Inhabit And Feed Upon It Was This Pact, Which In 2016 Would Propel Sanders And Julie Fontaine A Young Woman With A Special Connection To The Spirit World Into The Heart Of The Last Active Nest To Rid The Town Of Its Insidious Odomulite Population.THEM

James Watts was born in Birmingham, Alabama in March of 1976 Growing up in the small town of West Jefferson, Alabama, Watts spent his days lost in his vivid imagination.At age 10, he discovered the Hardy Boys mystery series and fell in love with reading By Age 12 the discovery of Stephen King s The Stand gave life to his need to write, to tell stories that he hoped the world would love.It would

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  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • THEM
  • James Watts
  • English
  • 16 February 2019

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    James Watts is a very complex author, difficult to sort or describe Although, all readers seem to agree he s brilliant The book starts with a shuddering scene that doesn t let you go any It makes you ask yourself several times what are you witnessing The novel is full suspense, keeping you in the dark watching over your shoulder You can observe uncountable references to traditional and neo horror, which shows hard work on research and composition of the different storylines sewing this thread.Watts takes you back in a disturbing family history s secret, that will break the fine balance between life and doom A war to conquer and devour all souls they find in their path.I add myself to the long list of amazed readers who have labelled th...

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    The suspense is real.Fantastic book All the main characters were well developed, and even the secondary characters are memorable I had a lot of fun with this book, and it will get on top of you if you let it So, keep the lights on when you give it a go The writer trends some good old horror ground while always keeping it ...

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    THEM is a horror novel, and the debut from this author It tells the story of Ray Sanders, who returns home to bury his mother But not all is as it seems in the small town, as something evil lurks in the shadows, threatening all who live there The story was incredibly well written, with scenes which are easy to envisage, and believable characters The plot was tense, and well thought out, which kept m...

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    Enjoyed the read but it ended quickly.

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    A great debut horror novel that would sit comfortably among the works of Stephen King James Herbert With ancient malevolent forces occupying human bodies, innocent looking creatures morphing into hungry life draining parasites, and a history of evil dating back millennia, these ingredients alone are a recipe for an intriguing horror tale Added to the mix though are family secrets and rivalries, murder, and an emerging horror triggered by the main character s return to his childhood home and town to attend his mother s funeral.I liked the dramatic start to this book i.e the events and horror that prelude the opening scenes of Ray Sanders return and his mother s funeral as already mentioned Having said that, once past the dramatic opening, the book adopts a slower pace while it lays the groundwork for the wider story that follows James Watts does an excellent job of setting the scene, creating the characters and relationships of a small town, and of relating old rivalries, friendships, and family secrets Even before events start to take a sinister turn, the author s impressive descriptive skills have already conjured up the perfect setting and surroundings in which they unfold one can almost hear the sound of banjos playing on a southern porch while picturing the image of cabins in the woods, and a character out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre lurking behind every corner, though there are horrors here far worse than any human monsterApart from a well constructed story an...

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    As a horror novel, Them certainly delivers It s an intense, fast paced nightmare following a small community of relatable and unique characters as they uncover a horrible secret that plagues their small town It s a story that spans generations, and the secrets they keep from each other And those secrets come crawling, and clawing, and snarling out of the darkness to destroy them There are some passages in this book that will challenge you to turn the next page Luckily, James Watts expert pacing will force your hand, and, like the characters, you ll tiptoe into places you never should have gone It s a classic tale showcasing one of horror s most enduring themes death interrupting life.In all the vivid horror depicted within its pages, for some reason, the one t...

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    keeping it clean and to the cut, this book is definitely a must read for anyone into supernatural situations the characters seemed good to me on a scale of zero to interesting along with the comedic and horror levels too I only had an issue with keeping up with who was who Ray and Roy at certain times, because sometimes I would go a couple weeks without reading and kept having to look at the back of the book quickly to find out who the m...

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    I have to say my favorite trope in horror is of the small town fights evil variety I often complain about throwaway characters that are introduced and killed off without a hint of backstory Small town horror introduces you to these characters...

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    An interesting book and worth the time.

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    If you re looking for a good horror book from an up and coming author, THEM certainly fits the bill I was hooked in from the beginning and enjoyed the whole story There were some truly terrifying passages in this book which is exactly what I was hoping for.

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