Download Raid Author K.S Merbeth Afull Throttle, Sand In Your Eyes, No Holds Barred Ride Through A Mad Max Style Wasteland Delilah S Dawson On Bite Clementine Is A Bounty Hunter In A World Gone Mad Bound And Gagged In Her Passenger Seat Is The Most Revered And Reviled Raider King In The Eastern Wastes She Can T Cash Him In And She Can T Let Him Go, So Together They Cross The Wasteworld, Following A Dying Road And Dodging Bloodthirsty Raiders Who Either Want To Free Jedediah Or Claim Him As Their Own And In A World Where Lawlessness Reigns, A Tyrant Worse Than They Could Have Ever Imagined Emerges To Take The Throne.Raid

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Raid book, this is one of the most wanted K.S. Merbeth author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Raid
  • K.S. Merbeth
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9780356507736

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum you took a buddy movie and combined it with the desolation of the Fallout series and the rip roaring explosive action of Mad Max, then you just might end up with something that looks a lot like Raid Set in the same world as the author s debut novel Bite, this was another entertaining romp through a post apocalyptic wasteland filled with raiders and cannibals.Told through the eyes of a scarred and vengeful bounty hunter named Clementine, the story begins with our protagonist cashing in on her latest kill at one of the many towns struggling under the control of a merciless dictator named Jedediah Johnson Of course, for Clementine the greatest prize would be Jedediah himself, the man who is responsible for killing her family, but everyone knows that the raider leader would be too well protected, surrounded by his many guards inside his impenetrable mansion So when an informant tells her about a secret passageway that would lead her straight to the heart of his stronghold, Clementine immediately dismisses it as a trick But to her surprise, the tip turned out to be good, and very soon she has her quarry tied up and gagged in the passenger seat of her getaway car.The only problem Clementine had not anticipated that no one would actually want to pay out for Jedediah Captured he may be, but there are still many of his followers roving ar...

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    Review from Speculative Herald Raid, Merbeth takes us back to the wastes where we can see all the violence and messiness that comes with it If you haven t read Bite, I can sum it up as a post apocalyptic type, mad max type of world With cannibals or sharks as they are called in the books It can be an isolating world, and the perspective of Clementine really highlights this She hunts raiders, who destroy and endanger towns, but it also actually feeds her isolation People may be happy for her work killing raiders, but her ability to do so is alarming Clementine is not exactly a person anyone would like to be the girl next door.She came in to violence at a very young age, and discovered she had quite a knack for it While it earned respect and admiration of her fellow townsfolk, once on her own, she never could find quite where she fit in She takes to violence and killing almost too easily, her ability to take another s life can be quite disarming to normal folk, but it is also how she survives and how she knows to make her world at least a little bit better by taking out the raiders that endanger normal townsfolk She adheres to a self imposed moral code that dictates when it is or is not OK to kill someone Without this, I think she would have a hard time coming to terms with what she does.Clementine finds her golden opportunity to take out one of the most feared and powerful raiders If she pulls it off, it would be the thing of...

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    4.0 Stars Video Review super entertaining page turner that reads like an action adventure movie in the vein of Mad Max.Raid is the follow up or companion to the author s debut novel, Bite, which I also read and loved This is set in the same world, but has an entirely separate story with a different set of characters If you previously read Bite, you will catch up fun Easter eggs in Raid However, readers can pick up the books in either order without being spoiled or confused in any way.The main character in this novel is exactly the kind of female lead I wanted to read in post apocalyptic world of anarchy Clementine is strong, kick butt and wonderfully unapologetic Living by her own personal code, she is a morally grey character While she is tough as nails, she is still capable of feeling emotions, from loneliness to betrayal, although she does her best to outwardly suppress these feelings.Finally, I want to clarify the genre so readers pick up this novel with the right expectations This certainly not a piece literary dystopian, but rather an addicting action story that takes place within the dangerous of wastelands of some ominous future There are enough elements of world buil...

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    4.5 stars You can also find this review on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I think that the blurb does a good job of outlining the principal story being told in Raid Clementine is a revered bounty hunter in the Eastern wastes, spending her time hunting down raiders and miscreants and she s damn good at the job Jedediah Johnson is the dictator in the East Whereas the Western wastes we frequented in Bite are entirely lawless and anything goes In the East, Jedediah took control, charging protection from the settlements and towns, running the show, maintaining trade routes and trying to keep a level of humanity But he s a tyrant with a name to be feared.Clementine gets a tip from an informant about an easy way to gain access to Jedediah and claim the bounty on him After capturing him she soon finds that things are not going to be that simple, no one will give her the bounty for fear of reprisals and repercussions from Jedediah s men Hearing whispers of a broadcast from the Western wastes, of a man who holds trials for raiders Clementine with Jedediah as her prisoner sets off to find the source of the mysterious broadcast and hopefully claim the bounty on her prisoner.Suffice to say that this is when things really start g...

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    Man oh man did I love this book Holy shit I am not a fan of first person books at all I know, I know, don t judge me and this one literally grabbed me by the shirt and shoved me down on the ground Then beat the shit out of me.And I Loved It.Jesus, the characters, the setting, the plot The ...

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    I LOVED this book A gritty post apocalypse world mad max style, with a badass heroine There is no love story, so I m pretending that Clementine is queer, because dayum.

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    Fast paced, badass female lead, post apocalyptic universe This checks a lot of boxes for me Occasionally I wanted Clementine to loosen up but that was overshadowed by my overall delight with this book.

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    Listened to the audiobook narrated by Rachel Frawley

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    I loved it The only way I would change it would be to make it longer.

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    I loved this book Another fun, fast adventure story from K.S Merbeth This is set in the same world as Bite but with different characters Some of the same characters from Bite briefly appear, but it s easily a stand alone story that doesn t require reading the first book to understand it though I highly re...

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