Zenith Dream (Broken Moon #3)

PDF Epub Zenith Dream Broken Moon 3 Author F.T Lukens Bystricepodhostynem.eu When Ren Wakes From His Life Threatening Injury On The Star Stream, He Learns That Asher Has Left With The Phoenix Corps And That The Corps Believes Ren To Be Dead Despite The Opportunity To Disappear, Ren Is Determined To Fix His Mistakes He Convinces The Crew To Join Him For One Last Mission Find Asher, Free Liam, And Escape From The Corps Reach But A War Is Brewing Between Two Formidable Armies, And, Despite His Wish To Flee, Ren Is Drawn Into The Conflict With His Friends By His Side, Ren Must Make A Choice, And It Will Affect The Future Of His Found Family And The Cluster Forever.Zenith Dream (Broken Moon #3)

F.T Lukens is an author of Young Adult fiction who got her start by placing second out of ten thousand entries in a fan community writing contest A sci fi enthusiast, F.T loves Star Wars and Star Trek and is a longtime member of her college s science fiction club She holds degrees in Psychology and English Literature and has a love of cheesy television shows, superhero movies, and writing F.T

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  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Zenith Dream (Broken Moon #3)
  • F.T. Lukens
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9781945053764

10 thoughts on “Zenith Dream (Broken Moon #3)

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    I thought this book was going to be out in March as the other books, so I went happily to read the second one And what happened I was left on a cliff hanger But I thought Oh, it s okay, you only have to wait a few weeks It w...

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    Ren s journey from when he was captured by soldiers and taken from his home planet, Erden, through discovering that he was a Star Host, learning and struggling to live with his new powers and abilities to be both, human and Star while being enslaved and then on the run from the Phoenix Corps who wanted him dead and eventually killing him all the while making friends, living aboard the Star Stream and falling in love will always stay with me I adored Ren and Asher from the moment we met them in book 1 The Star Host I LOVED continuing their outer space adventure with Ghosts Ashes which came to an exciting, electric really, ending with Zenith Dream I m a bit teary eyed still, having to say goodbye to Ren, Asher and their old and new friends This was such a wonderful series, one I ll never forgetZenith Dream was FANTASTIC The book opens with Ren opening his eyes weeks after being reanimated by his friends from the Corps lethal attack in the previous installment Watching Ren return into his corporeal body after staying in the Star Stream for weeks was rough, I worried for a while he wouldn t manage to get back to his old self BUT Not only did he get better, I feel like he grew into an even stronger and wonderful person throughout...

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    I couldn t _not_ read this book as soon as the email came in announcing my preorder was fulfilled It had just been a few months ago that I d read the first two books in the series and I needed to know where Ren and Asher s stories were going.Fans of the series need not worry it s a solid ending to the trilogy and filled with wonderful, touching moment...

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    I can t believe I didn t know this was out when it was and I m glad I rectified that grave error What a way to end a story I ve been emotionally invested in since the beginning As happy as I was with the book, I m c...

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    Ooooh my stars What a finale to a brilliant series Not only does the story pick up the pace, on every level, but it gives me an appetite for Even as it wraps up in the most satisfactory way Broken Moon is one hell of a scifi powerhouse which should totally be translated into a s...

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    After all the problems from Ghosts and Ashes this book really fixes everything.It made me feel so many things at the same time.There were times where I found myself hugging the book because I wanted Ren to stop suffering, or because he was happy and then so was I.I am so glad I read this trilogy.

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    The best sci fi trilogy I ve ever had the experience of holding very close to my heart And that s exactly what I did before shelving this last book Thank you to F.T Lukens for giving life to such a story, I am so happy to have lived in it.

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    The writing style deteriorated to almost fanfiction level, there was so much Star Wars wannabe it was distracting and annoying, and that cloying ending was just one strike too many For a series that started so promising, it sure went downhill fast.

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    What a great ending to an awesome series Fab characters and pace.

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    After the angst filled, cliffhanger ending Ghosts Ashes, I was almost afraid to read the final book in F.T Lukens The Star Host trilogy Fortunately, Zenith Dream is a strong conclusion to a memorable series The action is almost nonstop as techno pathic Ren has to find and rescue his boyfriend Asher and his brother Liam, defeat several sets of bad guys and restore some semblance of peace in his universe without letting the star that lives within him spiral out of control.The plot is strengthened by secondary characters who are Ren s family now tough as nails ship captain Rowan, stalwart Ollie, caring Penelope and her husband Lucas as well as a new crew member who adds a welcome touch of humor and shadiness I wish the parents and other adults hadn t almost uniformly been portrayed in a negative light, but I guess this is a YA fantasy after all where teens young adult are happily in charge.Throughout the series I ve been impressed by the world building and the contrast that Lukens has created between planetary dusters and space station drifters The diverse lifestyles and customs were a...

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