The Slithery Shakedown

PDF The Slithery Shakedown Tracey Hecht Discover The Friendship And Humor Of The Nocturnals Brigade In The Slithery Shakedown, Three Unlikely Friends Tobin, A Sweet Pangolin, Bismark A Loud Mouthed Sugar Glider And Dawn, A Serious Fox Stand Up To A Big Bully Snake In The Process, They Find Themselves Some Spec Tac U Lar Snakeskin Capes Includes Bonus Animal GlossaryThe Slithery Shakedown

Tracey Hecht has written, directed, and produced for film The American Booksellers Association chose the first book in her critically acclaimed middle grade series, The Nocturnals The Mysterious Abductions, as a Kids Indie Next List pick.In 2017, she expanded the series to include early reader books, so that families could share the reading experience together In partnership with the New York

[Reading] ➲ The Slithery Shakedown  ➺ Tracey Hecht –
  • Hardcover
  • 64 pages
  • The Slithery Shakedown
  • Tracey Hecht
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9781944020170

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    ARC received courtesy of First Reads GiveawayI LOVED this Developing Reader book Bismark, a sugar glider, meets his other nocturnal friends for an adventure Kids will be introduced to the sugar glider, the red fox, the pangolin and the blue bellied snake They will learn about animals they are unfamiliar with while being familiar with the term nocturnal The facts at the back of the book are interesting and written at an appropriate level The illustrations are both cute an...

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    I don t tend to gravitate to early readers because they can be awfully boring This book breaks the mold It s fun and engaging, and my son loves reading it I frequently catch him looking through the pages and staring at the pictures He didn t know what nocturnal animals were before he read this book, and now, any time we see an animal, he asks if it is nocturnal The conflict in this book is wonderfully portrayed, and it teaches about the power of friendship and bravery I re...

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    I love the Nocturnals On the bigger kid side there are some multimedia interaction that can be done with the books put out for them, you can see some of those books reviewed here with at least one to come But today I have one for the younger children, The Slithery Shakedown, where our trio of friends, Bismark the sugar glider, Dawn the red fox, and Tobin the pangolin are meeting up for a evening adventure when the blue bellied snake bully shows up to make trouble I love these book because no matter what happens they all work together to come up with a viable solution, one that children will understand, and in these younger children books it also explains feelings that might have been experienced during these times and how it is really ok to experience these feelings, for instance you can be brave and scared at the same time Author Tracey Hecht really is in tune with her audience whether it be middle graders, or the younger children just learning to read, and her illustrators are...

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    The Nocturnals The Slithery Shakedown by Tracey Hecht, Illustrated by Josie Yee is cute and adorable The cover features Bismark, a sugar glider, waiting for his friends to arrive at night in a glade He, along with his buddies, as we find out, are nocturnal creatures a good vocabulary word for first and second grades We re introduced to Bismark s friends, a fox and a pangolin an enda...

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    I received this book as an advanced reader copy and since then have ordered the book for our library regular collection The Nocturnals early reader series is great on many levels It has fun characters and illustrations that attract a young reader It also introduces new vocabulary in ...

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    Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralIn this sequel to The Midnight Meeting, we rejoin Bismark the sugar glider, Tobin the pangolin and Dawn the fox Bismark is waiting for his friends, who are late to arrive, and plans to lead them on an exciting nocturnal adventure The plan runs into trouble when the group runs into a snake and Bismark, who has spent a lot of time claiming to be brave, is very afraid He thinks the snake is going to eat him, and he is probably right If the friends band together, will they be able to make the snake bully turn tail This beginning reader does a good job of addressing the idea of being afraid and being brave, which are not necessarily the same thing Bismark always talks a good game, but needs his friends know what he is like, and like him no matter what The message that bullies may be easily defeated is an interesting one, but ...

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    I won a copy of this book.This book was super cute Perfect for your beginner readers 4 6 years old with fun pictures sure to delight The back of the book also offers bonus content so the reader can learn about nocturnal animals Good fun all around

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    I received my copy via Goodreads giveaway This book exceeded my expectations it features attractive characters, and a fun story the combo of the strengths of the 3 friends, all very different, is a key theme.

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    Another winner from Tracey Hecht I love this series for young readers The vocabulary words aren t to challenging for the age 4 6 , they are easily understood by context, the illustrations are bold and colorful with lots of detail, but not so much as to overwhelm I like that in addition to the story, there is an additional section at the end of the book to further encourage reading about nocturnal animals I also like that the books...

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    The characters from The Nocturnals continue to migrate into readers for younger children Dawn, Tobin, and the vastly amusing Bismark first appeared in The Moonlight Meeting and now their adventures continue in The Slithery Shakedown Bismark impatiently waits for his friends to join him, but when they do an unwanted creature also appears A shimmery blue snake decides that a silly sugar glider would make a lovely breakfast Luckily for Bismark, his friends stand up to the hungry reptile.The illustrations make the characters come to life Some show Bismark tapping his foot or with steam coming out of his ears in impatience Tobin and Dawn look at his antics with knowing smiles And when the snake appears, Tobin hides behind Dawn with his arms wrapped around her leg and his body shivering in fear.Back matter includes a picture and short description of the nocturnal animal species from the story There are also some facts about pomelos and nocturnal animals...

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