Void Wyrm (The Magitech Chronicles #2)

EPUB Void Wyrm The Magitech Chronicles 2 Author Chris Fox Xxlhuge.eu A Suicidal Quest Into The Umbral Depths Major Voria Stands Ready To Accept The Cost For Her Actions At Marid Stripped Of Command And Resources, Voria Must Find A Ship And Rally A Crew Somewhere Within The Umbral Depths Lays A Hidden World, A World That The Dead God Marid Intended Her To Find Aran Faces A Choice Halt His War Mage Training, And In The Process Give Up Clues To His Past, Or Abandon Voria Aran Sacrifices Everything To Follow Voria On A Suicidal Quest Into The One Place Where Even Gods Fear To Tread On A Bleak World In The Deepest Darkness Lays An Object Of Enormous Power, One That Could Turn The Tide Of The War Against Krox But Voria Isn T The Only One Seeking The Weapon The Great Void Wyrm Khalahk Has Vowed To Hunt Voria, And Will See Her Dead Even If It Means Following Her Into The Umbral Depths Themselves All While The Dreadlord Nebiat Makes Herself At Home On Shaya, Binding The Souls Of Its Leaders.Void Wyrm (The Magitech Chronicles #2)

By day I am an iPhone developer architecting the app used to scope Stephen Colbert s ear By night I am Batman Ok maybe not One can dream though, right I ve been writing since I was six years old and started inflicting my work on others at age 18 By age 24 people stopped running away when I approached them with a new story and shortly thereafter I published my first one in the Rifter.Wait you r

[Epub] ↠ Void Wyrm (The Magitech Chronicles #2)  Author Chris  Fox – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Void Wyrm (The Magitech Chronicles #2)
  • Chris Fox
  • 05 August 2018
  • 9781981186549

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    I have the quadrilogy on audible so I will keep listening.

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    Can I just have a little rant about one of my biggest pet peeves Imagine, you re reading a really good book ie this one It s fascinating It s exciting It s thought provoking.Getting on toward the end of the book, there s a powerful, emotional scene where a semi major character is mortally wounded.You can think of a couple ways the death could be averted, but recognize that s probably not going to happen.The dying character offers their final, poignant words of wisdom and utters a final requestAt this point, you re literally on the end of your seat, you feel tears forming in your eyes.Then the next paragraph is some variation of she breathed in one last breath, and died or he closed his eyes, and died Um, excuse me, what I m currently seeing through the eyes of another character, she died is NOT what that character sees That is not what she feels That is not what she hears Show me how it affects her, dammit That one line just competely killed every bit of emotional power that scene had Okay, that gigantic problem a...

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    Book one, Tech Mage, leaves us with Maror Voria about to go to trial for killing her first officer, a Captain Thalas that referred to his men as fodder and rage against the book s protagonist Aran Since this is Aran s book we know how that turned out Major Voria had seen an augury from the Tender Aurelia that included Aran but not Thalas When Major Voria had been relieved of her command is when she shot Thalas, to finish what she had seen in the augury and win the battle against Nebiat Aran had been promoted to Lieutenant and basically won the battle, with the help of Voria, Nara, and Sergeant Crewes.Now in book two, the court martial ends with Voria being stripped from Major to Captain and her crew and ship disbanded Now comes another augury and Voria must travel to the Umbral Depths, a dangerous unknown place.So even though these are some spoilers, these all come in the first part of the book and are pretty much expected and easy to predict from the reader Void Wyrm is pretty much like the 1st book good writing, decent story and Fox does a good job keeping you into the story I had to laugh at one part because it was like they were visiting the Wizard of Oz, to get and learn their powers and strengths.Even tho I rounde...

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    While still suffering a lot of the issues of the first book in the series, this one was an improvement over the first.The world which was forced upon us with little explanation in the first book is fleshed out and accepted by now Characters who were previously able to do amazing things must now train and improve once we realize they are no longer the metaphorical big fish in the little pond Characters are all further fleshed out and improved and you really begin to feel a connection to most of them.My main problem with the series was the ending where seem to magically fix everything A bit too Deus Ex Machina for my tastes Also the epilogue and it s big reveal left me ...

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    This sequel was surprisingly compelling, surprising because I am often surprised when a sequel is interesting than the original There is a butt ton of lore in this one and honestly some genuinely fleshed out characters, monsters and struggles But I felt...

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    It really gets better Imagine every ring, watch, armor and etc., with the mechanics of this particular universe they have the ability to evolve same as you, even your transportation And the story gets better and better, we see a lot of character gro...

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    This is a fantastic book I enjoyed a whole lot It has all the ingrediences I like dragon like creatures of pure evil and a group of people who are for the right trying to save the occupants of worlds Magic everywhere Chris Fox is a very talented author who brings things to life you ...

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    Great seriesThe adventure continues with its intriguing blend of magic and technology.The followers of Krox strike at the heart of Voria s home, and while the team is able to mitigate the damage, Nebiat manages...

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    As exciting as the first novel This continuation of the series is as good of not better than the first The world building is exemplary and you can almost see and feel the action You become so engrossed in the story, time just slips away until the book is d...

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    Good fun read Enjoyable book, good pace, has a good mix of comedy and action will definitely get the third one once it s out

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