Tales from the Void

Epub Tales From The Void Chris Fox Wgf2011.eu Starships Dragons Magic Heroes Tales From The Void Includes Ten Stories From The Furthest Reaches Of Space, Each Combining Fantasy And Science Fiction To Create Something Entirely New Heroes Pillaging Magic From Dead Gods, Dragons Battling Starships, And Much, Much The Heart Of Nefarius By Chris Fox Eradicated By Izzy Shows Streamsurfers By Alec Hutson Magic In The Stars By Justin Sloan Freedom By Sam Witt Mystically Engineered By Craig Martelle The Navigator By Trevor Gregg Void Defenders By Saul Roberts Tech, Lies, And Wizardry By J.S Morin Star Mage Exile By J.J GreenTales from the Void

By day I am an iPhone developer architecting the app used to scope Stephen Colbert s ear By night I am Batman Ok maybe not One can dream though, right I ve been writing since I was six years old and started inflicting my work on others at age 18 By age 24 people stopped running away when I approached them with a new story and shortly thereafter I published my first one in the Rifter.Wait you r

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  • Paperback
  • 494 pages
  • Tales from the Void
  • Chris Fox
  • 12 October 2019
  • 9781978320604

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    This review is for Eradicated by Izzy Shows the second story in the anthology I love the Space Mage series by this author After having read the first two books, I was excited to get the entire backstory of what happened between Xiva and her brother It was interesting to see the differences between Xiva s personality before and after, and how what happened shaped who she would become This makes me so eager for book three to be released so I can co...

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    Review left for eradicated by Izzy ShowsThis is a short book of the events that happened prior to to the first book in the Space Mage series I have read the first two of the Space mage series, and although they do explain what happened to Xiva and her planet prior to the start of the book, I found that I enjoyed reading about it in detail Giving the background and history of Xiva s planet and her people Seeing how they interact with each other, and a better understanding of her relationship with her twin brother Also it explains how she got the power from her God, and why it was needed There is also a brief look at Kaiden s life on earth before his m...

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    Review of Eradicated by Izzy Shows This book starts with a bang and ends with a bang.The book title tells you what s going to happen For a set up to a book series, I d have to say I really enjoyed this one What I liked was the steady flow of dialogue and interaction Xiva is the main focus She is the High Priestess, and takes that title very seriously Like any character conflicted about what she must do to appease, and what she feels needs to change for her people Her brother is her complete opposite and a constant worry You get a glimpse of what this world was like The way Izzy Shows describes the people and planet is a delight It s just enough to give me a mental picture Some authors use way to many adjectives, this author in my opinion gives the right amount Now I thought long and hard about how many stars to give this book Ther...

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    Starships Dragons Magic Heroes Catchy blurb, but based on the first two of the ten stories I ve read, really this anthology is so much and that s not even taking into account that I ve some or all of the other books written by the seven of the contributors and uniformly loved them.Anyway, here s my reviews of the two I ve read so far First, Eradicated This is a prequel story to Izzy Shows spectacular The Space Mage series, which I ve been reading as each book comes out That series and this story are wonderful written and plots that draw you right I In the case of Eradicated we learn about the back story of Xiva, one of the main characters in Provoked and Enslaved Space Mage 1 and 2 If you ve not read the series you can still thoroughly enjoy this story For those of us who have grown addicted to the series this story is pure gold Next up is Chris Fox s The Heart of Nefarius This is also effectively a prequel, exploring the background Aran, of the ...

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    I ve only read Eradicated mind you This review is in response to Izzy Shows story Eradicated which is a prequel novella story relating to the character Xiva from the space mage series This was a nice addition to the space mage for it gave us insight to Xiva s past in relation to her people, her culture, and definitely the intriguing insight to her relationship with her brother We get into how she acquires her powers a...

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    Review of Eradicated by Izzy ShowsI love The Space Mage series by Izzy Shows and Eradicated is a prequel story to that series Xiva is one of the main characters in Provoked and Enslaved Space Mage 1 and 2 and we learn about her back story in this well written novella The story may feel a bit measured rather than action packed but this is totally in keeping with Xiva and her nature and fits exactly with ...

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    This anthology was a great introduction to a lot of authors that now feature in my list of regular reads I initially found this collection through Chris Fox and have discovered writers like Izzy Shows, Craig Martelle and the others, who I ended up reading...

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    This book was amazing Even though I knew some of Xiva s background that I read about in Space Mage book 1, and what she endured because of Zvarr , I was still vastly unprepared for the amazingness that is Eradicated There are so many layers to High Priestess Xiva and I can t help but feel for her I loved learning about the Aedelohari and Xiva s job as High Priestess I feel for her and the sacrifices she had to make I can t even comprehend losing all of my people because of my twin and was sadde...

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