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Hans Christian Andersen often referred to in Scandinavia as H C Andersen April 2, 1805 August 4, 1875 was a Danish author and poet Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales Andersen s popularity is not limited to children his stories called eventyr, or fairy tales express themes that transcend age and nationalit

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    The Little Mermaid, or Den lille havfrue is one of the most famous fairy tales by the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen It is a tale which has captured the imagination, sparking off numerous adaptations, and a ballet version of it inspired a statue which sits on a rock in the Copenhagan harbour in Langelinie Even though the statue is quite small, it has itself become a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction.The tale was first published in 1837, along with The Emperor s New Clothes Hans Christian Andersen generally published his fairy tales, or retellings of fairy tales, in small books containing only a small number This particular pairing was a good one This sad tale about yearning love and sacrifice, proves a perfect counterweight to the humour of The Emperor s New Clothes .At the start, the story focuses on a very young mermaid, who lives in an underwater kingdom with her family Her father is the mer King, and she has five older sisters, each of whom had been born one year apart Their grandmother helps to raise them all.When each mermaid becomes fifteen, she is allowed to swim to the surface of the sea for the first time, to glimpse the world above, and observe all that happens with the strange land people Each of the sisters in turn looks forward to reaching the memorable date Then when she is old enough, each of them is keen to visit ...

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    By now, I should be saying that I am used to reading Anderson s bitter sweet tales After all, I have read many of them BUT HELL NO I can t say it The only reason I still read his tales is because his writing style is so vivid and beautiful I am kind of addicted to his writing in such a way that I must have a dose of it once in a while.This tale is my favourite as far as description of scenes are concerned...

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    Hmm I think it s wrong to compare it with the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, although I didn t expected Andersen s version was so what shall I call it f cked up The point of view of the Little Mermaid herself was wonderful, she was sweet and good hearted But the prince, omg Why would you love such a person I mean The prince said she should remain with him always, and she received permission to s...

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I grew up with Disney movies and my favourite one was the one with the mermaid that has long red hair, and I loved her love story, and also enjoyed watching the rest of the movie series that followed years later.And while loving Ariel for so long, I have never actually read the original story So a few weeks ago, I decided to cherish it properly, as a true childhood love deserves to be cherished And I was left with my jaw dropped and my mouth open, unable to sleep I can t say this book crushed my childhood love, but it definitely shook me quite hard. If you are expecting to read about the little mermaid, and her adventures in the water, and how she would give anything to see how people live on Earth, and fall in love with a prince you will get all that In fact the book description is far better compared to the movie Incomparable, actually The book glows with bright colourful descriptions of the world under the sea, and it is so vividly enchantingly explained.But if you are expecting to read about the adorable love story of Ariel and the prince, and their happily ever after that i...

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    Disney nos tiene enga ados completamente.

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    A hauntingly beautiful story paired with achingly gorgeous illustrations I m sorry to say that this is the first time I ve read the actual story of the Little Mermaid, previously acquainted only with very general retellings and the Disney movie version which is delightful in its way This version purports to be closest to Andersen s original as it makes only slight adaptations from the mid 19th century translation by Mary Howitt, a correspondent and friend of Andersen who introduced his work to the English reading public It is deeper, sadder, and stirring than the happy ever after versions indeed, this little mermaid not only seeks the love of the prince but the immortality that will be hers if she obtains it otherwise, mermaids turn to seafoam after their three hundred year life Wow Santore s illustrations are so beautiful I snapped up this edition based on the cover art and am not disappointed by the rest of the illustrations Some of the full page spreads are so enchanting I m not sure I d recommend this version to most children The complex plot point of immortality aside which some parents may or may not wish to delve into , the story is extremely wordy and long I even put off reading it since I could read about seven regular picture books in time it took me to read this and some pages have only basic margin illustrations and the rest is all tex...

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    In Andersen s version of the tale, at the bottom of the sea, five mermaid princesses lived with their father While they all pined to go to the surface to explore, none of this was permitted until their fifteenth birthdays One by one, the mermaids ascended on their fifteenth birthdays to explore the outside world, returning with wonderful tales The youngest is the most excited of all, making her way to the surface, only to help a prince who falls into the sea during a storm From that day forward, she vows to find him again and love him like no other However, to do so would require her to turn in her fish tail for human legs and cause her eternal agony She is prepared to do this and takes on a few horrors in order to be a woman After making the transformation, the former mermaid is unable to convince the prince to marry her, thereby ruining her chances to live happily ever after There are othe...

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    Desamor y tragedia, de eso est repleto este relato, lo opuesto a esa encantadora versi n con la que crec.

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    Hah This is going to be like the ragequit of book reviews calm deep breaths inhale exhale googling pictures of fluffy kittens WHAT THE FUCK HANS WHAT THE FUCK No no no no no. NO.I need to bleach this version from my SOUL Hans, I M TAWKING TO YOU Rise up out of your 140 year old grave right now AND FIX THIS SHIT I m hunting down the original, and setting it on fire Or at the very least writing Sebastian into your story YOU CAN T HAVE THE LITTLE MERMAID WITHOUT THE SASSY JAMAICAN CRAB OK I can t even fathom how this is classed as a fairy tale This wasn t meant for children, right I mean, this is downright DEPRESSING I mean, I need some chocolately snacks and counselling to get through this crap I need a large milkshake and some cheesy fries, STAT Rage partially subsided, I can now safely inform readers of this messy messy tragic tragic review that the next sentences will contain spoilers So many spoilers they ll sting your eyes In this lovely and original, yuck story of The Little Mermaid, she does trade her voice to the sea witch in exchange for legs, yes However, our good pal Hans also sees to it that ...

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