Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

Lies Women Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Free Epub Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nature How To Counter The Lies That Keep You From Abundant Living Satan Is The Master Deceiver, And His Lies Are Endless The Lies Christian Women Believe Are At The Root Of Most Of Their Struggles Man Women Live Under A Cloud Of Personal Guilt And Condemnation, Says Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Many Are In Bondage To Their Past Others Are Gripped By Fear Of Rejection And A Longing For Approval Still Others Are Emotional Prisoners In The Best Selling Lies Women Believe, Nancy Exposes These Areas Of Deception Most Commonly Believed By Christian Women Lies About God, Sin, Priorities, Marriage And Family, Emotions, And She Then Sheds Light On How We Can Be Delivered From Bondage And Set Free To Walk In God S Grace, Forgiveness, And Abundant Life Nancy Offers The Most Effective Weapon To Counter And Overcome Satan S Lies God S TruthLies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

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  • Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free
  • Nancy Leigh DeMoss
  • 13 January 2019
  • 9781631083556

10 thoughts on “Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

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    There are too many dangerous suggestions in this book for me to recommend it to any woman Nancy Leigh DeMoss takes a very conservative view on gender roles and all domestic issues I don t consider myself to be a raging feminist, but some of the things she asserts floor me.First of all, DeMoss isn t married nor does she have children It takes a very secure person to make the statements she does about marriage and childbearing rearing Most of her suggestions are based on her own childhood which was apparently perfect She goes so far as to compare her mother to Mary the mother of Jesus While she doesn t come out and say exactly what she means, the underlying meanings are there Points I take issue with 1 Women who work outside the home are the reason for all the troubles in the world today troubled teens, affairs I do think it takes two for an affair, childhood obesity, etc 2 women who work are emasculating men and not depending on God to provide You think you have to get a job because your husband won t work If he gets hungry he will probably work You think you have to take over the finances or he will go into financial ruin Maybe a bancruptcy is what he needs for God to change his character Unbel...

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    I couldn t sleep after reading chapter seven about children , her interpretation of the scripture she used for this chapter was reckless She proclaims to be a Christian woman trying to help other women get free from bondage yet she heaps additional guilt and shame on them No where in the bible does it state you cannot use methods of family planning, for her to equate birth control or sterilization with abortion is archaic and ridiculous Jesus was compassionate and loving when he taught and corrected sinners, DeMoss is neither in this book She puts her personal opinions on subjects she has no understanding of God allows pain and difficulties to come into our lives so that we in turn can help others who go through similar situations, the purpose for this is so you can truly empathize not just throw legalistic judgmental garbage at someone who is already hurting Maybe the author should take her own advice and be the passive mouse she is trying to guilt her r...

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    After reading several reviews I figured I would hate this book That I would disdain the chapters about how women s primary purpose is to take care of their husbands and children That they shouldn t work outside of the home, or be on birth control, etc Well, I have to say that Ms DeMoss wrote in such a way that didn t offend me Not to say that I don t push back against some of what is written After all I am a working mom who will not be having any children unless God decides to change my body But she does make you think, and I do agree that the my family is a higher priority than my job So my suggestion is just don t surface read, but delve deeper If you re familiar with the Bible, you ll see where she s getting her co...

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    I attend a conservative ladies Bible study and we are currently on chapter 5 of this book While I do agree on a number of her views, there are other very disturbing beliefs that she has that I disagree with I have the newest version of the textbook and workbook and have found it belligerent, demeaning towards women, and dangerous towards vulnerable groups In chapter 3 she rants about women have no rights and we are not to expect any rights In chapter 3,section 10 I HAVE MY RIGHTS p 73 p.76 she talks about a number of rights we women have no right to including the Declaration of Independence p.73 , certain unalienable rights p 73 , the right to vote p 74 , the right to equal employment opportunities p.74 , the right to say what we want to say, to do what we want to do, to be what we want to be p 74 , However, I am convinced that the claiming of rights has produced much, if not most, of the unhappiness women experience today p.74 On p.74 she states Nonetheless, the idea of claiming rights is in the air we breat...

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    I read this book for a Bible study once and absolutely hated it This woman is not married and doesn t have kids, but she has plenty of opinions about both While they are supposedly Biblically based, I have to question her interpretation of the Bible in these regards She sets some pretty unreal...

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    I really liked this book I read it with a friend of mine While we were both shocked and awed by some of the author s very conservative Truths and views, it opened our minds and really made us think about what God wants for us vs what society says we should want A good example of that is how wives should submit their husbands That s a hard one to swallow The only conclusion after much thinking, for me, was that it s written in the Bible many times And since I believe what God says is true, it just is So, God wants wives to submit okay That s just the way it is I ve been married only 8 months, but I ve tried this little by little, and it actually works My husband feels honored, wise and trusted ...

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    Favorite section of the bookThe Spirit says ForgiveThe flesh says hod a grudgeThe Spirit says be temperateThe Flesh says Eat whatever you want, whenever you feel like it.The Spirit says Give that money to someone in needThe Flesh says Spend the money on Yourself.The Spirit says Spend some time in the Word and prayerThe Flesh says...

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    I only read this book because I had heard so much about it, mostly scary stuff, that I had to read it for myself While I believe in theory some of what the author says, I don t believe for a minute that ALL of today s societal problems, i.e single motherhood, welfare mothers, broken families, abortion, disruptive children, drug and alcolhol abuse, etc are to be blamed on us women alone And she constantly traces it all back to Eve basically its all her fault And this what she basically explains in this book The author believes women are put on this earth to either 1 get married, stay married forever and have as many children as possible and NEVER work outside the home, or 2 remain single She does say in the book that Christian women should never use birth control, we should not get a job outside the home even if our hu...

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    I read this book at the suggestion of a girl in my Bible study She seemed to really like it, and we have similar tastes so I thought it was worth a shot.I made it through the whole book, but barely DeMoss seems to think she is an authority on all things female I m no feminist, but even I thought she went too far I completely understand and try to abide by God s wish wives submit to their husbands However, I felt like she was lecturing me, and for someone with no kids or a husband she seems to think she knows how women should handle both situations I can t decide if I was just too young 25 years ol...

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    At some point one must use their brain and realize just because a writer says it is of God, does not mean it is.

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