19 Till I Die

EPUB 19 Till I Die Author Anjali Kirpalani Thomashillier.co.uk For Zaid From Durban, It Was Heartbreak For Fiona, Who Loves New Delhi, It Had Always Been A Dream Rachna Needs This Chance To Step Out Of Australia And Her Comfort Zone Tia From Mumbai Sees It As A Ticket Away From Her Over Protective Parents The Four Find Themselves At The University Of Guelph In Canada Adventure Awaits, And A Chance At Love Lingers Amidst The Crowds In The Halls, At The Bars, On The Dancefloor Some Of Them Will Find It But, As With Such Powerful Life Altering Things As Love, It S Not Going To Be Easy It S Too Late To Turn Back To The Drab, Safe And Predictable Lives They Left Behind Might As Well Buckle Up And Hold On Tight As They Brace Themselves For The Ride Of Their Lives.19 Till I Die

Anjali Kirpalani is a twenty six year old dreamer Like the protagonist of her debut novel, Never say Never, she is 5 2 and has frizzy hair but has never fallen for her best friend s boyfriend Even if she has, she promises she s never done anything about it Born in India, she lived in South Africa for 8 years and finally came back to Mumbai in 2008 She has had various jobs ranging from Radio J

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • 19 Till I Die
  • Anjali Kirpalani
  • English
  • 03 November 2019
  • 9789352776160

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    Also Posted on For The Love of Fictional Worlds Disclaimer A Physical Copy was provided via Harper Collins India in exchange for an honest review The Thoughts, opinions feelings expressed in the review are however my own 19 the age when everything seems to be full of life an age when all of feel invincible when we believe that the world is ours for taking when we believe ourselves to be capable of everything The world was ours for taking and we were high on the feeling Oh, how glorious were those days 19 Till I Die had me reminiscing about those days in my life and I had so much fun revisiting that feeling of optimism a feeling I didn t realise adulthood was slowly leeching me off This book is about 4 very diverse characters Zaid, Tia, Fiona and Rachna from very different backgrounds and how their lives intertwine when they leave their current lives behind to start the new chapter of their lives For information I am 27 right now but to actually be unbiased about this story and understand the motivations of the characters without judging them I had to regress back to the na ve and immature girl that I was at 19 just so I could better understand the characters thought processes Which is what I would like you to do when you read this book, if you were around my age But the icing on the cake is the writing style of the author for that is what had me glued to the book t...

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    Nineteen has always been referred as the new adult age It s probably the same time that we pass high school and get the freedom of our life A fresh start to life , new university , new friends , new experiences is what we look forward to A new adrenaline rush kicks in and we want everything to just come right away to us.19 Till I Die revolves around the life of 4 young people and how their world changes when they leave their home and join the University of Guelph in Canada What attracted me towards the book was the cover and the title Undoubtedly simple yet pretty The blurb hints out a lot so let s get quickly into the lives of these characters Zaid from Durban The worst nightmare one can imagine is seeing their partner with someone else That s what broke Zaid s heart when he found Devina cheating on him Heartbroken , he tried to keep up with his life but fails miserably and that s when he decides to leave Durban and goes to Canada for student exchange program Tia from Mumbai Famous for it s dreamy lifestyle and night life , Mumbai is Tia s abode Nineteen , Tia is an outgoing girl who loves to party with her friends and often returns home late at night 5 AM and she is nowhere to be found After repeatedly calls , she finally goes home and get s the shock of her life which leaves here in rage a...

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    I have read all the books by this author, so there were high expectations from the book Firstly I loved the title and cover of the book, It s impressive because of which I wanted to read this book After reading Never say Never and written in the stars, I was expecting another gem from the author but unfortunately, I am disappo...

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    I am in love with cover of this book It insisted me to read the book Honestly the book is awesome I was able to connect with the feelings of four characters who were willing to shift to a new place and leave their homes because i did the same after my 2 though I didn t shift to other country but yeah to other state Sometimes living away from someone sets you free from it like in case of Zaid who would have never imagined to move on from Devi...

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    Wonderful book wonderfully written made me nostalgic of my younger carefree days, was a lovely read very engrossing and lively

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    This is such a fun and entertaining book A holiday must have

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    Follow Just A Girl High On Books for reviews I received a review copy of this book from HarperCollinsIn in exchange for an honest review You re growing up It s time or you to fly out of your nest And you know I would never clip your wings Anjali Kirpalani, 19 Till I DieWhen I picked up this book to read, I did not know what to expect This was the first book by this author and I was fairly excited because I loved the cover and the title When I first received this copy, all I could do was stare at it for hours I had wanted to start reading it right away, but it was just so hard due to my already pending reads laughs nervously 19 Till I Die had me remembering my days of when I was 19 which come to think of it, weren t that far away It was so much fun revisiting all the things from my 19th year remembering these characters We all have made similar mistakes in these years, haven t we Falling for the wrong guy, befriending the wrong kind of people, enjoying too much Ah, you name it 19 Till I Die is the story of four main characters Zaid, Fiona, Tia and Rachna All four of them are from different regions and backgrounds but end up intertwining thei...

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    The book perfectly covers the lives of Zaid, Fiona, Rachna Tia, the main characters of the book, and traverses the journey of the protagonists from their homes to a new country.The book shows that setting from outside your home is difficult as there are no parents to help you, friends for entertainment But, the book also shows that if one settles comfortably, then you become adjusted to a new environment.Zaid He is a great guy, loving his mom very much Living in South African capital Durban, he is a fun loving boy He also loves his girlfriend Devina, but when he gets to know that she is cheating him, he breaks up with her To heal himself, he goes to Canada through his University s student exchange program.Fiona She s a happy go lucky girl, who enjoys her life very much She has a great family and a best friend She wishes to go, from New Delhi, to Canada to explore the outer world.Rachna She s living in Australia She loves her family, and her two best friends very much She chooses Canada to do something exciting in her life, as her life in Australia became monotonous, according to her.Tia Tia lives in Mumbai, is a carefree girl, and loves her life She is well supported by her friends She chooses Canada as her next study destination to escape from her over protective parents.When these four peo...

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    19 Till I Die By Anjali Kirpalani About the book For Zaid from Durban, it was heartbreak For Fiona, who loves New Delhi, it had always been a dream Rachna needs this chance to step out of Australia and her comfort zone Tia from Mumbai sees it as a ticket away from her over protective parents The four find themselves at the University of Guelph in Canada. My Thoughts Teenage is the best part of ones life followed by childhood As a teenager or a kiddo may be I know what not happens with us, haha The age of 16 19 is really critical when you face alot of differences within your body mind This book follows a journey of four kid adult people who belongs to different backgrounds suddenly intersect each other at the prestigious college There is alot to explore, understand, enjoy, eliminate absorb from this book I loved that how the author has involved various feelings emotions considering the age of the main characters The cover is attractive..What I liked Let me tell you, characterisation is the heart of the book They are beautiful ugly at times Different phases of mind are presented so well in the book All the four characters had formed a strong bond with me I got connected with them in just the initial pages, as for me it always takes alot of time to connect with the characters Language is really easy, narration is good healthy The book is relatable I will definitely recommend it to all the teenagers people looking for...

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    When we are young, we tend to at times run away from the problems rather than facing it The story is about four teens Zaid, Fiona, Rachna and Tia who seems to want to get away from all the troubles but yet find it as the best decision of their life while facing the others Zaid gets his heart broken since his girlfriend cheats on him after being in a two year relationship finds Canada as his escape from the brokeness Fiona s destiny takes her to canada Tia who loved freedom saw canada as her way to own it Rachna who was afraid to come out of her comfort zone saw going to canada as a stepping stone over her comforts They all find themselves at the University of Guelp in Canada They all have their own little adventures that bring them to the emotions that are connected with Pure love, True friendship, Jealousy, Self centeredness, Fear, Hurt, Pain, Hope.Everyone s fighting their own battles and everyone s learning from their own mistakes As the story goes on, they four learn from their mistakes and even fight their way out of the problems ending up as best friends in the end As we all say love conquers all, Zaid gets the love of his lif...

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