The Caesar of Paris

PDF Epub The Caesar Of Paris By Susan Jaques Napoleon Is One Of History S Most Fascinating Figures But His Complex Relationship With Rome Both With Antiquity And His Contemporary Conflicts With The Pope And Holy See Have Undergone Little Examination.In The Caesar Of Paris, Susan Jaques Reveals How Napoleon S Dueling Fascination And Rivalry Informed His Effort To Turn Paris Into The New Rome Europe S Cultural Capital Through Architectural And Artistic Commissions Around The City His Initiatives And His Aggressive Pursuit Of Antiquities And Classical Treasures From Italy Gave Paris Much Of The Classical Beauty We Know And Adore Today.Napoleon Had A Tradition Of Appropriating From Past Military Greats To Legitimize His Regime Alexander The Great During His Invasion Of Egypt, Charlemagne During His Coronation As Emperor, Even Frederick The Great When He Occupied Berlin But It Was Ancient Rome And The Caesars That Held The Most Artistic And Political Influence And Would Remain His Lodestars Whether It Was The Arc De Triopmhe, The Venus De Medici In The Louvre, Or The Gorgeous Works Of Antonio Canova, Susan Jaques Brings Napoleon To Life As Never Before.The Caesar of Paris

Susan Jaques holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA Susan lives in Los Angeles where she s a gallery docent at the J Paul Getty Museum.

[Reading] ➶ The Caesar of Paris  By Susan Jaques –
  • Hardcover
  • 592 pages
  • The Caesar of Paris
  • Susan Jaques
  • 21 November 2019
  • 9781681778693

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    it took a long time to read four hundred eighty pages of this book, but I learnt about Napoleon that I knew before I read this book it seems that all great historical men leaders are intense on their mission Napoleon was driven by history of battles and other great leaders and attempted to follow their plans of action did not realize the wide spread looting that happened to the sacked town after Napoleon left the number of art works take and repurposed to...

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