Eyewitness to Promise Abraham

Reading Eyewitness To Promise Abraham By Mindy Ferguson Wgf2011.eu Abraham Is Among The Best Known Men Of The Bible There Is Not A Single Book In Our Scriptures Written By Abraham And He Did Not Speak Any Recorded Prophesy Yet, Abraham Is Known As The Father Of The Hebrew Nation It Was Through Abraham S Seed That All Nations On Earth Have Been Blessed Genesis 12 3 And God Even Refers To This Historic Man Of Faith As His Friend Isaiah 41 8 When Abraham Was Told To Leave His Country, His People, And His Father S Household Genesis 12 1 , He Obeyed, Even Though He Had No Idea Where He Was Going Hebrews 11 6 Though Abraham S Wife Had Been Barren Their Entire Marriage, When The Lord Told The Patriarch His Offspring Would Be As Numerous As The Stars In The Sky, Abraham Chose To Believe God, Despite His Circumstances Abraham S Faith Was Credited To Him As Righteousness Genesis 15 5 6 Through This Study, You Will Watch The Budding Father Of A Nation Question God S Plans, Take Matters Into His Own Hands, And, At Times, Compromise Truth Like Us, Abraham And His Wife, Sarah, Made Mistakes Along Their Journey With God, But Abraham Learned To Trust God Fully From Each Misstep Abraham Became A Great Man Of Faith Through His Story, You Too, Will Develop Unwavering Faith As You Gain A Greater Understanding Of The Covenant God Made With Abraham And His Descendants You Will Find A Greater Sense Of Peace And Security For As A Believer In Christ, You Are Abraham S Spiritual Descendant And An Heir According To The Promise Galatians 3 29.Eyewitness to Promise Abraham

Mindy Ferguson is a national retreat and conference speaker who passionately encourages women to live for Christ She is the President and founder of Fruitful Word Ministries and the author of five books, including Hugs Bible Reflections for Women, published by Simon Schuster Christian and Eyewitness to Majesty Peter, published by AMG Publishers.Mindy has contributed to national magazines s

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 267 pages
  • Eyewitness to Promise Abraham
  • Mindy Ferguson
  • 07 July 2019

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    I did this study with 10 other women, and we all loved it The author led us through the Scriptures as we learned of the challenges Abraham met, the mistakes he made and saw how is faith grew with each instance Ms Ferguson backs up everything she says with Scripture I especially appreciate that she uses a few personal examples, but it s not all about her Each time we met as a group, at least one of us shared how this met us right where we were that week I m sorry it s over and look forward to ...

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