The Genesi Code

Luka Was Only Eight Years Old When Her Father, Christopher Foster, Was Murdered.Christopher Had Been Working On A Cure For The Genesi Code, Which Has Plagued The Human Race Since The Government Began Experimenting On Human DNA In An Attempt To Create A Genetically Advanced Army.Luka Has Spent The Last Ten Years Training For The Military S Elite Taskforce, Known As Delta Force, So She Can Uncover The Truth Surrounding Her Father S Murder But Along The Way, She Uncovers A Truth About Herself That She Is Not Yet Ready To Face Could The Truth Surrounding Luka S Past Be The Key To Curing The Genesi And Ending The War In The End, Is Revenge All That MattersThe Genesi Code

I was born in 1993 and grew up in Newcastle, Australia I graduated high school in 2010 and soon after completed my Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management.Aside from working full time as a case manager in injury management, I also manage a small business where I make candles that are inspired by characters from books and I sell these online This small business has allowed me to channel my i

[Ebook] ➣ The Genesi Code Author Tristen Willis –
  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • The Genesi Code
  • Tristen Willis
  • English
  • 04 June 2018
  • 9781925635461

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    Buddy reading with a bunch of lovely girls over on Instagram but the only one who s GR account I know is CaitlinThis review can also be found on my blog R A M B LE TRIGGER WARNINGS parental abuse, murder, anxietyI was sent a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts are my own and receiving the copy in no way impacted my thoughts towards this novel Buddy read with Caitlin I love the idea of supporting debut authors, especially Australian ones That s why when I saw I could apply to receive this book for review I jumped on it Fast Tristen Willis, the author, also owns an Etsy store called BurningPagesCandles so when I received this package I was so excited that some of her products were included.The book itself reminded me of both The Maze Runner and Divergent Obviously, it is not those two books but reading through The Genesi Code I couldn t help but compare it to those two books It could have just been the dystopian themes throughout, though.I did have some problems with this book, but I tend to whenever I read and some are nitpicky things that probably only annoy me These were that sometimes the plot moved too fast and I got lost, leaving me to flip back pages and scan over what I had missed In the beginning, there was a l...

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    Buddy reading with a lot of the girls on Bookstagram but mainly with AmberI received a review copy of The Genesi Code but that in no way impacted my level of enjoyment or my opinion of this book overall I simply love supporting Australian authors, especially those with debuts It s been a while since I ve read a dystopian novel and The Genesi Code definitely reminded me of other dystopians I enjoyed, such as Reboot or Divergent, although the concept behind it is definitely different Overall, this book was great and it met all of my expectations When reading a debut I m always wary that it may not be as good as other non debut books, but let me tell you it was just as good as other non debut books This book definitely proved that Tristen, the author, has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series Basically, The Genesi Code focuses on Luka who s father was murdered 10 years ago and she s trying to work out what happened and how she can get revenge for her fathers death To do this she intends to join the United Nation Delta Force since they go outside of the wall and track Genesi s which was her father s life work Luka and her best friend Harvey, as well as a hundred other recruits, begin training when everything basically goes to hell I only had one problem with this book, which is what I would expect from a debut My problem was the pacing I found the first 25...

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    When I saw that Tristen was looking for reviewers for this book, I immediately threw my name in the ring The premise sounded absolutely fantastic and I was very intrigued While the book was a little on the short side, this was overall a strong debut to a promising series I will definitely be reading the next book, particularly after the way this one ended.The story begins with a prologue, as Luka s father lives out his last minutes The transition afterward was a bit jarring but this prologue set the scene really well and had me hooked from page one After the prologue, the book skips ahead in time and goes to the day when Luka and Harvey receive their acceptance letters to Delta Force, the elite military branch that they ve both worked their whole lives to join This part is a bit of an info dump but it wasn t too distracting From there, the book becomes part spy thriller, part heist story, and all around fun.I had some trouble connecting to Luka at first but as the book progressed, I came to really admire her She works single mindedly and lets absolutely nothing stand in her way Plus she s incredibly talented in martial arts and extremely intelligent It was interesting to see how she slowly began to lower her walls and let people in I can t wait to see how her character develops in the future While I may have initially had trouble connecting with ...

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    The Genesi Code is the debut novel from author Tristen Willis and an exciting sci fi thriller that will capture your interest until the last page In the year 2258, our main character Luca is part of the dying race, humans Over a hundred years ago the government created a genetically advanced army to win the war but it backfired after the war when the soldiers began to change They were uncontrollable with rage, attacked their own people and their outcast numbers became known as the Genesi Soon enough they were too strong to fight off and the remaining humans created safe cities surrounded by large walls and shields to keep out the Genesi and keep their remaining people alive Now in recent years, the government has decided they need to cure the Genesi instead of just trying to kill them Luca s father was one of the top scientists working on a cure for the Genesi but that task led to his murder Now, ten years later, Luca is preparing to join the military s elite task force and uncover why her father was murdered.The first book from this series is only 226 pages so it will feel like it s going by so quickly when you read it, especially when every page is non stop action I really...

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    Please note I was sent an advanced readers copy by the author for an honest review thanks Tristen This has in no way influenced my review.Let me start by saying that when it comes to dystopian Y.A novels I tend to have mixed feelings It just seems to be one of those genres in Y.A that I m critical of over a fantasy novel, per se Still, when Tristen asked for reviewers to read her debut novel The Genesi Code I was quick to put my hand up As a fellow writer aspiring author I couldn t pass up the chance to support an aussie author releasing her first book The dystopian elements of the novel ended up being one of the aspects I really enjoyed learning about the Genesi and getting snippets of where the world is at centuries from now I was quite intrigued by it all and am looking forward to seeing it even fleshed out in book two My main issue the reason I gave the book 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 was the writing itself This is a debut novel and it shows I found the pacing of the first few chapters especially slow to get through as every action the characters take is explained in extreme detail There was also a case of repetitiveness so early on rather than later chapters where ...

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    I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, please note this does not affect my thoughts on this book This book was such a fabulous read From the first page I was instantly engaged and I could picture everything as I read it I don t often read dystopian but the sypnosis instantly appealed to me and I knew I d have lots of questions about this book and it s characters I instantly adored Luka, and I was cheering for her all the way I so was hoping she d get the answers she was seeking, we re given an insight into her childhood, and the horror she witnessed, and Tristen s writing I feel really echoes Luka s feelings, so much so that I felt like I was feeling her emotions too We meet an array of friends and foes along the way, my favourite of them being Harvey, Luka s dearest friend I thought him to be such a dear, he has such great qualities and aside from Luka, he was my other favourite character Each of the other characters brought something unique to the story, and I m definitely looking forward to seeing how the evolve even in the next book There were such a pulsing rush through this book, I felt like it was definitely leading up to something brilliant and when I reached the climax I was proper amazed, even though as I think back it...

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    I was sent a copy of The Genesi Code by the author, Tristen Willis, along with some related merchandise in exchange for an honest review Please note this does not influence my review and the following is my honest thoughts and feelings on the book.This review can also be found on my blog Genesi Code follows Luka, an 18 year old girl who has spent 10 years training to get accepted to the Delta Force, a military task force, in order to uncover the truth surrounding her father s murder When her father died, he had been working on a cure for a genetic enhancement gone wrong, known as the Genesi Code.I am going to start by saying that I was worried Before even opening the book, I knew it would be a dystopian type novel which I have generally not enjoyed in the past Then the first two chapters felt so repetitive and I was even worried I understand the need to set up the story and it is not always an easy task, but, for example, on page 12 there are two paragraphs that start with basically the same sentence just worded different This was not enough to bring the overall book down because the rest of the novel made up for it, but I felt the need to me...

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    To begin I would just like to say a huge, HUGE, thank you to Tristen for this amazing novel as well as all the amazing goodies that came in the advanced readers copy pack I absolutely love this story and cannot wait to be part of the promotion for book 2.As a brief summation of what the book is about I would say it s an incredible blend of Scott Westerfeld s Uglies, The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner as well as being so completely different and out of this world This book has action, adventure, friendship and self discovery, making it the perfect beginning to what will be an amazing series I will make note that this novel does include some subject matters that might not be comfortable for some readers including murder, anxiety and parental abuse Spoiler free summary This novel was fantastic Set in a post apocalyptic America it was full of action, friendship and mystery With the mystery behind the Genesi code, Luka s father s death and her own past there are many moments where the reader is left gasping This book is perfect for anyone who loves stories set in the future and love the mystery of the unknown The main character, Luka, is fierc...

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    Full review on Actual rating 3.25 Anyone who follows me on Bookstagram knows how happy it makes me to support authors and small businesses Tristen Willis happens to be both a debut author, as well as the owner of Burning Pages Candles a small bookish candle company I was so thrilled when I received a message from her regarding reading and reviewing an e ARC of her novel, The Genesi Code.Willis resides in Australia, where she works full time in addition to running her small business and writing.Let s chat about her bookI am not going to lie, I tend to be really critical of dystopian stories I am always really drawn to them, but they are super hit and miss with me Side note Dystopians also totally freak me out thinking they could possibly happen one day So, I loved the synopsis of The Genesi Code The cover is also really pretty This is the first book in a duology, although, I think Willis could have easily lengthened this into a trilogy I did like it, but I had issues with it, too.The Genesi Code was a government experiment gone bad an attempt to create an army of super soldiers that backfired and plagued mankind Luka s father was working on a cure, or so we thought, when he was murdered Luka and her best friend, Harvey, promised to avenge his death and spent the next ten...

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    I was sent an advance copy of The Genesi Code by the author, Tristen Willis, in exchange for an honest review Please note that this review will be my honest thoughts and feelings towards the book.I also was part of a buddy read with an amazing group of girls from Bookstagram.The Genesi Code follows Luka, an eighteen year old girl who has spent the last 10 years of her life training alongside her best friend, Harvey, to be accepted in the Delta Force, a military task force, in the hopes of finding the truth surrounding her father s murder Before her father s death he had been working on a cure for the Genesi Code, a genetic enhancement that the government had created to enhance their armies that tragically went wrong.When I received this book I was so excited to read it, the synopsis sounded interesting and from what I read it was a dystopian styled novel, and as I generally don t read dystopian novels I was ready to give it a go and see what I thought.The synopsis did not give this book the justice it deserved, the plot sucked me in and once I got into the story I had to keep reading just to find out what would happen next.I enjoyed the writing style, it was very descriptive meaning that it didn t take me long to picture the locations or any surrounding that were g...

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