His Firm Direction

When She Is Offered The Lead Role In A Bold, Controversial New Play By Axel Masters, The Hottest Off Broadway Director In The Country, Twenty Seven Year Old Actress Cleo Martinelli Is Delighted As Rehearsals Get Underway, However, She Finds Herself Having Trouble Getting Into The Mindset Of Her Character, A Woman Whose Firm Handed Husband Spanks Her When She Is Disobedient.After Cleo S Difficulty Playing Her Part Convincingly Leads To A Public Confrontation With Axel, She Worries That She Will Be Fired, But Instead The Handsome Director Calls Her Into His Office, Scolds Her For Her Petulant Attitude, And Then Suggests That She Is In Desperate Need Of The Kind Of Stern Correction The Character She Is Struggling To Play Receives From Her Fictional Husband.To Her Surprise, Being Reprimanded Like A Naughty Girl Proves To Be Intensely Arousing For Cleo, And Soon Enough She Is Lying Over Axel S Lap With Her Bare Bottom Exposed For A Thorough Spanking His Bold Dominance Leaves Her Begging To Be Taken Long And Hard, And A Passionate Romance Quickly Blossoms Between Them.Cleo S New Understanding Of What It Means To Submit To A Man S Strict Discipline Pays Off On Stage, But As The Positive Reviews Pour In She Cannot Help Wondering What Will Happen To Their Relationship After The Curtain Falls On The Last Showing Of The Play Is Axel Truly In Love With Her, Or Does He See Her As Nothing Than An Actress In Need Of His Firm Direction Publisher S Note His Firm Direction Includes Spankings And Sexual Scenes If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book.His Firm Direction


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 340 pages
  • His Firm Direction
  • Alexis Alvarez
  • 10 May 2019

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review Alexis Alvarez never fails to impress me with her character development and her ability to take you to the brink of pain and ecstasy with just the lash of a belt or a muffled whimper If you are looking for a spicy read with a director of a play and his talented and defiant actress, look no further Alexis Alvarez keeps readers hanging on to every word and fascinated by every flying spark that ignites between Cleo and Axel Cleo Martinelli is playing a role involving kink that she has never indulged in Little does she know that she herself will get to experience than just a taste of this life and will learn that submission has nothing to do with weakness I loved Cleo s spunky, feminist side that was always there to push Axel s buttons and roll her eyes and use that smart mouth to drive him crazy Every time she would get a little sassy, I would rub my hands in glee because I knew what was comingin ways than one Axel Masters knows how to get the blood pumping to both sets of Cleo s cheeks and kept my heart palpitating and wondering what he was going to do next to get Cleo to surrender to him By the end of His Firm Direction, Axel had me completely wrung of emotions from anger to madly in love with him He knew how to keep not only the whole cast in line but give Cleo a firm hand when she needed it Alexis Alvarez delivers another palm scorching, bed sheet twisting read I highly recommend His Firm Directio...

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    I m not a big fan of BDSM, but something about the way that Alexis Alvarez writes it is different The chemistry of the relationship and fluidity of the power in the relationship is well written and keeps a reader on their toes Consent is always clear, and the participants are adults Alvarez explores the relationship between Axel, former professional skier turned director of a controversial play, and lead actress Cleo in her most recent release Though it s written in 3rd person, you get information about Cleo s inner thoughts, feelings, and life outside of the theater than Axel I would have liked to have learned about Axel s background life personality outside of the director s chair and bedroom,but I don t think the lack of this information detracted ...

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    I am not a big fan of BDSM however, I love earlier books by Alexis Alvarez After reading His Firm Direction my feelings about the subject have changed I loved this book Alvarez has a real knack for making her leading men so sexy they seem to step off the page She displays this skill again with Axel Masters Strong and masterful, there is an underlying soft side that is hinted at throughout Even when he is disciplining Cleo Martinelli he shows concern for her wellbeing and her pleasure It s easy to imagine a director and his leading lady becoming intimately involved, especially when the play is so sexually charged Alvarez handles their burgeoning relationship realistically and delicately Axel has obviously been in a painful love relationship that left him wounded than he cares to admit What s sexier than a man who hides his fragility Cleo has just come out of a less than stellar relationship herself They are both primed for sparks to fly, and fly they do Even as they do the eternal dance of teasing and testing the waters, the attraction they feel for one another virtually leaps ...

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    Meet Axel, a hot and well known director and playwright, and Cleo, an aspiring actress They are a sizzling hot match with lots of filthy, panty melting talks Their story is very complex on so many levels It is full of passion and warmth On some parts you might believe that you are reading a handbook for kinky sex, or, on other parts, a handbook about how to perform properly on stage But there is also so much interaction between the both protagonists, so many raw emotions and so much drama and misunderstandings Throughout the book Cleo is unsure whether Axel is pretending his passion for her to push her to an even better performance in his play or if his feelings are real Axel himself is burnt from an earlier relationship and does not do relationships any longer or so he believes Their relationship is complicated and passionate and you are cheering and hurting with them w...

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    If you ve read Alexis Alvarez s books before, you ll notice a theme in her writing She s a great storyteller and world builder, but in her erotic books, you ll have to accept that there will be a whole lot of spanking going on These books seem to center around this element and are focused on the woman being curious but hesitant as well as aroused by the possibilities and mortified by her need to experience this kink In my opinion, this book has been her best in conveying the true nature of this practice as well as developing the relationship between her characters I enjoyed the story behind the kink in this one Cleo and Axel were an interesting, passionate, and perfect pair I loved how their relationship grew from director actress, or rather teacher student, into something much sensual It was fascinating watching their transformations.My ongoing issue with these books is the woman s lack of true submission and her constant a...

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    Alexis Alvarez is one of my favorite go to authors for hot, steamy, kinky fun Her stories pop off the pages with beautiful, descriptive writing that makes me feel as if I m in each scene She balances intense emotions with a delightful sense of humor and, best of all, a thorough knowledge of BDSM delivered accurately and responsibly Cleo knows nothing about kink when she s cast as the lead in a play about dominance and submission How hard could it be, right A lot than she figured She needs to get into her role as a submissive and who better to give her direction than her director She s definitely attracted to Axel, but when he steps in to coach her, the lines between acting and real life quickly begin to blur The push and pull going on in the mind of this strong, independent woman when she realizes that sexual domination hits all of her erotic buttons is perfect Ms Alvarez does a fantastic job conveying Cl...

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    His Firm Direction by Alexis Alvarez is a hot and erotic story with bdsm elements that Alexis excels in.I felt like this book was much then just your average kink or bdsm book as it dealt with the emotions behind both our lead characters, Axel and Cleos, choices The journey they each made towards each other was interesting, insightful and intense.It was written well and the characters were fun to rea...

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    I can honestly say that I would have read this book for the BDSM scenes alone The author wrote each scene with such detail and such realism, she had me hooked from the prologue She didn t just stop with the smoking hot scenes...

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    Smacking good funI love reading about a strong woman who isn t afraid to give voice to her desires Even if those desires are outside the norm Cleo never thought sexual submission would be something a strong woman should crave, Axel never thought sweet Cleo would be the woman that would re...

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    Axel and Cleo utter hotness this book was so so steamy so well written and well brilliant I loved this book.The author has done a fab job with not only the story but the chemistry between these two is utter electric made me want to jump through the book and claim Axel as my own.

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