The Start of Me and You

Can You Plan Happiness It S Been A Year Since Paige S First Boyfriend Died In A Swimming Accident And It S Time She Rejoined The Real World So She Makes A Plan 1 Date A Boy Long Standing Crush Ryan Chase Seems Like The Perfect Choice 2 Attend Parties With Best Friends By Your Side Doable 3 Join A Club Simple Enough, Right 4 Travel Might As Well Dream Big 5 Swim Terrifying Impossible But When She Meets Ryan S Sweet But So Nerdy Cousin, Max, He Opens Up Her World And Paige S Plans Start To Change Is It Too Late For A Second Chance At Life Brimming With Characters So Real You Feel You Could Pick Up The Phone And Call Them, The Start Of Me And You Will Prove That It S Never Too Late For Second Chances Perfect For Fans Of Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven And John Green.The Start of Me and You

I m Emery, and I write books about flawed girls who are really trying, complicated families, friends who show up even when everything s going down in flames, and the moments that change everything I don t check my GR inbox, but feel free to get in touch via ways listed on my website

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  • 03 October 2017

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    Not incredible but considerably enjoyable than Open Road Summer Okay, he said, leaning closer to me I have a proposition for you Dear God, let it be marriage, I thought Ah, Young Adult romance It never ceases to make me smile True, I find most of them YA love themed books cheesy and predictable to an extreme point, but there s also something about them that leaves me feeling good inside It s lovely, it s fluffy, it s beautiful and there s a sort of innocent giddy passion coming from the protagonists that we don t necessarily see in Adult romance reads That s why I keep reading them.Paige hasn t had it easy her parents divorced a couple of years ago and her boyfriend died last year He fell and drowned So did Paige s heart when she heard the news It can t be helped everyone will always connect her to her dead boyfriend, Aaron, and, while she loved him dearly, she is tired of it The Looks But Ryan understands what she s going through and how it makes her feel to see all these people with a pitying expression on their faces Therefore, she decided that this year will be different and quickly made a list of things to accomplish, one of them being her dating Ryan.But then she meets Max, with whom she starts feeling a deep and genuine connection Except she only befriended him in the first place so she can draw nigh to Ryan.There s so much I predicted in this book The author didn t even try to add a l...

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    I don t know if this has ever happened to you, but sometimes I ll glance over at the cover of a novel or read the descriptive copy and I ll just know, viscerally, that I m about to fall in love with literature all over again It s not that there aren t beautiful covers or better written descriptive copies out there it s just a gut reaction that hasn t led me astray I felt it, first, in the fourth grade while browsing through a Scholastic catalog for the upcoming book fair and stumbled upon The Cry of the Icemark, a fantasy novel which was read and re read throughout the formative years of my young adolescence I felt it again when I gazed at The Scorpio Races, trying to find a Stiefvater novel which would make me love her as her fans did I experienced that pure love at first sight longing with Fire, a novel I d never seen or heard of but which remains my all time favorite to this day Even on , as I click on titles to pre order, I knew, inexplicably, that Isla and the Happily Ever After...

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    4.5 starsFIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT 1 Emery Lord is writing some of the best realistic contemporary YA out there Tis true If your jam is contemporary YA, Emery Lord is where it is at Jump on that bandwagon early because I know Emery Lord s popularity is just going to grow and I loved her debut Open Road Summer and this sopho novel solidifies Emery Lord as one of my favorites already.2 The girl power in this book makes my heart soar I already wrote a post that was inspired by the friendship in this book but Imma take some time to talk about it because it is AMAZING The friendship between the 4 girls is one of my FAVORITES I ve come across Seriously, I just want to be like, HEY GIRLS is there room for one in your group I loved how they were all so supportive of each other and their dynamic with one another was different but still important A lot of times I find in YA that it s always about the main character and her bff and the other girls in the group are kind of these caricatures who actually don t seem THAT important to me Not the case in The Start of Me You Each girl was so distinct and their presence in the group was felt and was important I loved all their shared history and how they stick with each other through all the growing pains of life If you love positive strong female friendships, The Start...

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    3.5 4 Stars The Start of Me and You was a sweet YA novel about life, family dynamics, friendship, finding yourself and about moving on This was not necessarily a love story In my opinion it was a story about friendship and a coming of age novel.Paige s boyfriend Aaron died an year ago in a tragic accident She still thinks about him trying to come to terms about his death and she still mourns for his life But she also mourns for herself her first boy who really notice her drowned in a tragic accident and she will never know the whole of him In her small town she s known as The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned and she still gets The Look , look that doesn t let her forget and move forward The idea of us still hung in the air, but we d never be than a few golden memories and a bundle of what ifs How do you find closure in that especially when strangers treat you like a widow to a devoted husband Since Aaron died, Paige suffers from PTSD, having nightmares, dreaming she drowns exactly like him For a couple of months she saw a therapist, trying to forget, move on and to be agai...

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    I think my reading slump kept me from enjoying this one as much as I could have and I am le sad.

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    Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit

    Hi guys, for my first post for The Start of Em and You Week, I decided to talk about how Paige and her story made me have a kind of revelation one that s made me accepting and fearless about my own life Read on for my thoughts about The Start of Me and You, Emery s latest novel, and for an AMAZING handpainted book tote giveaway

    TELL ME, WHAT IS IT YOU PLAN TO DO WITH YOUR ONE WILD PRECIOUS LIFE Mary OliverIn the past year, I ve continually noticed this quote in the footer of Emery Lord s website, and it took me awhile before I realized that it s the perfect quote to sum up the lessons I learned from Paige while reading The Start of Me and You.The Start of Me and You is about Paige, a girl who recently lost her boyfriend of two months to a drowning accident Because of that, she has sort of closed in on herself a bit People give her a lot of sympathetic looks and she s tired of being The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned With the start of the school year, she decides to try to take her life back, starting with a list of things she wants to do this year The list includes dating track star Ryan Chase, joining a new club, and facing up to her now fear of swimming Paige s journey tak...

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    OMG THIS WAS SO CUTE One of the cutest young adult contemporaries I ve read in SO long I justI keep hugging the book because it was just precious and sweet and uplifting and UGH all the good things in life.But okay here are five specific reasons why I absolutely LOVED this Focus on female friendships I love that Emery Lord placed such an emphasis on the importance of friendship and specifically how lady friendships are probably the most important sort of relationship a young girl will establish and experience growing up I love how Emery portrayed it realistically and how it s not all sunshine, sleepovers, rainbows, and happy endings The friends had issues with each other but communicated with each other and their friendships ended up stronger than ever UGH SO GOOD THE FRIENSHIP FEELS.Girls and guys can be JUST FRIENDS Emery perfectly developed and showed how a real and lasting friendship can form between a guy and a girl It was just so genuine and reminds me of the friendships I had have with men that have stayed purely platonic and meant a great deal to me A genuine and sweet romance that wasn t over done or over bearing I ship Max and Paige so hard HOLY CRAP Like reading about how th...

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    Emery Lord and I were off to a rocky start Well, not start exactly I thought we had thoroughly DTR d And that that definition was you write bad books, I give them one star forever But then she had to go and decide to write something I didn t hate t get me wrong This book wasn t perfect Maybe it wasn t even all that great But it s started to get warm out, and when it s warm out I read up a STORM mostly contemporaries This hit the spot But I m still not emotionally prepared to change my thinking about Emery Lord The thing with this book is that, though it had the lil dumb things that are characteristic of a contemporary, it wasn t nail bitingly, world endingly, life changingly problematic and horrible One Emery Lord book contained the world s most cringeworthy depiction of mental illness another was teeming with girl hate This book wasfun You see how that doesn t make up for anything, really But we ll start with the good stuff Even if the word start is a tad misleading at this point First off, this book made me miss my friends My hometown friends Because it s not summertime yet And we re in college so I haven t seen them since winter break Why am I trying so hard to convince you guys I have friends Anyway I miss my friends because I really like the s...

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    4.5 5 stars MAN DID I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS And the bonus chapter I didn t even know existed took everything up a notch I love everything so much.This had all my favorite things about a contemporary a main character who has to work through some crap outside of the romance, friends to lovers , a strong friend group, and delayed gratification in the romance department So much to love.The plot was pretty fantastic as well and was...

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    Oh what a beautiful book this was I finished reading this not even 5 minutes ago and I have the biggest grin on my face This was my first Emery Lord book and I m a big fan already Runs out to buy all her current work Add this to your TBR list if you haven t read it yet For over a year, sixteen year old Paige Hancock, has been known as the girl whose boyfriend died She s spent the last year shutting herself off from everything but she s now ready for a new beginning and to start living her life To help herself along, she s created a list 1 Parties social events2 New group3 Date Ryan Chase 4 Travel5 Swim I love lists I mean seriously LOVE them I find myself writing the silliest lists just for the sake of writing a list Paige s list is a little exciting than mine though It leads her on this amazing journey with friends old and new opening herself up to new opportunities, conquering fears, and ultimately to love This book is packed full of unforgettable characters There s a very strong emphasis on friendship, which sadly is not seen enough in YA This group of gals are solid and always there for each other They have that special bond where nothing needs to be said, they just know what each other needs and never fail to deliver ...

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