Twisted (Twisted Anthology,#1)

Twisted, A Paranormal Anthology, Where Nothing Is As It Seems Witches, Ghosts, Fae, Angels And Demons These Are Just A Few Of The Paranormal Creatures That Lurk Within These Twisted Pages Eight Talented Authors From Different Writing Backgrounds Have Come Together In This Anthology To Spin Stories Of Beings We Find Only In Our Deepest Dreaming Featuring Stories From Gina A Watson, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Liz Butcher, Carole Weave Lane, Sandra Wiltjer, Jordanne Fuller, Kerry Lee Holder And Shebat Legion.Weave Your Way Through The Pages Where The Twisted Lies Within.Twisted (Twisted Anthology,#1)

Gina A Watson is an Australian Writer who has always loved to tell a story She started writing her first book in 2012 and has loved writing ever since Gina studies a Bachelor of Writing and Creative Communication at the University of South Australia in Adelaide Her favourite genres to write in are Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult and loves to read in those genres as well Gina s life

[Ebook] Twisted (Twisted Anthology,#1)  By Gina A. Watson –
  • ebook
  • Twisted (Twisted Anthology,#1)
  • Gina A. Watson
  • 02 September 2018

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    Twisted A Paranormal Anthology by Gina A WatsonA fantastic collection of short stories from gifted Authors Each Authors brings their own imagination to delight you with tales featuring ghosts, fae, fairies, ...

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