I Know Who You Are

L Know Who You Are Is The Brilliant Tale Of Two Stories One Is About Aimee Sinclair Well Known Actress On The Verge Of Being Full On Famous If You Saw Her, You D Think You Knew Her One Day Towards The Near End Of Her Shoot On Her Latest Film, Aimee Comes Home From Filming To Find Her Husband S Cell Phone And Wallet On The Dining Room Table He Never Goes Anywhere Without Them But He S Nowhere To Be Found She S Not Too Concerned They Had A Huge Fight The Night Before They Both Said Things They Didn T Mean He Might Have Done Things He Didn T Mean, Things She Can T Forget Even Though She Has A History Of Supposedly Forgetting After All, She S A Very Good Actress.The Next Morning She Goes For Her Morning Run And Then Goes To Her Favorite Coffee Shop But Her Card Is Denied When She Calls The Bank They Say Her Account Has Been Emptied Of 10,000 She Immediately Suspects Her Husband But They Say No, It Was Aimee Herself Who Closed Out The Account And Thus Begins A Bizarre Rabbit Hole Into Which Aimee Finds Herself Falling Where Nothing Is At It Seems.Alternating With Aimee S Story Is That Of A Little Girl Who Wandered Away From Home We Always Tell Our Kids Not To Talk To Strangers Or Bad Things Will Happen Well, Bad Things Happen.In I Know Who You Are, Alice Feeney Proves That She Is A Master At Brilliantly Complicated Plots And Twists After Twists.I Know Who You Are

Alice Feeney is an author and former BBC journalist Her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, was a New York Times and international bestseller It has been translated into over twenty languages, and is being made into a TV series by Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.Alice has lived in London and Sydney and has now settled in the Surrey countryside, where she lives with her

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  • I Know Who You Are
  • Alice Feeney
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  • 23 April 2019
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    What the fuck Sorry, but this book just doesn t work To be fair, my reaction to Feeney s Sometimes I Lie was pretty much what the fuck as well, but in a really good way She has once again managed to pull out an out of this world twist, but here it is so ludicrous that I felt like laughing instead of gasping in shock.I was bit turned off with this one right away, if I m honest I don t know about everyone else, but I m getting tired of this meta style of narration where the unreliable female protagonist waxes on about how she s the baddest bitch of them all This book literally opens with a monologue from Aimee Sinclair, in which she basically tells us that she s a barefaced liar and can t be trusted I know the cool girl speech was epic, but very few people can actually pull that off.Then we get something of an interesting premise Aimee s husband has gone missing after a fight, but has left all his possessions, including his wallet and phone, in their home Where is he Why is all his stuff still here Does Aimee know what happened Did she kill him This sounds quite exciting, but it quickly gives way to many chapters of repetition, padding out the book but not really moving it anywhere Aimee goes to her filming job day after day, mostly unconcerned, it seems, about her husband s whereabouts In between we get equally repetitive flashbacks to Aimee s traumatic childhood There was a long stretch in the middle where I was on the verge of falling asleep.And the reveal at the end I just don t even know what to say other than what the fuck It uses an old infuriating trope to create a ridiculous, unbelievable and revolting twist And while we re on the subject of revolting, there is a lot of graphic abuse of children, adults and animals in this book, as well as one rape scene I don t mind dark themes and gore at all, but there was something gratuitous about the detail of the child abuse here It includes nauseating scenes like view spoiler making her eat food out of a puddle of urine, having her sit in a scalding bath, and putting her pet hamster in the deep fat fryer hide spoiler

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    This ain t it.Review is included here

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    4 Crazy Unbelievable Stars Thank you to Goodreads Giveaway, Flatiron Books and Alice Feeney for a copy of this ARC How very Interesting Alice Feeney sure knows how to give a person heart palpitations you know, the kind that make you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest and rise right up out of you Yeah, those Aimee Sinclair is an actress everyone thinks they know but can t remember where from Someone, however knows Aimee very well, perhaps even better than she knows herself and they know exactly what she s hiding Tsk Tsk Aimee. Aimee is used to playing a role, who knew that she d have to play one, day in day out, whether she was onscreen or off Her life is about to be turned upside down in an instant Bad things always happen to Aimee Sinclair Who is to blame Is it her fault or someone else s If only these questions were that easy to answer Oh what fun This is a psychological suspense that left me breathless, my heart all aflutter Whatever you think this is, I can assure you, you re wrong Back and forth I went attempting to guess which way was up, close I came I tell ya, but ha, no cigar I Know Who You Are is a worthy follow up to Alice Feeney s debut Sometimes I Lie which was one of my favorite reads of 2017 With her sopho novel, Feeney most definitely knocks it out of the park yet again This is a MUST READ my friends Do not deter, get your hands on a copy as soon as possible Published on Goodreads on 1.1.19.To be published on and Twitter on release date in April 2019.Excerpt to be published on Instagram.

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    TWO ICKY STARSAfter reading hundreds of novels in the old psyche suspense thriller genre, I still like to be surprised with a final twist And Alice Feeney does not disappoint in that department I also love short chapters that beg you to turn the next page and read just one chapter well past your bedtime Again, another plus for Alice Feeney, or as she shall be known the Queen of Addictive Writing Here comes the tiny spoil ey bit Unfortunately, this novel ended on such an ICK FACTOR, that yuck, yuck, YUCK I can t get the taste out of my mouth and I cannot say I loved this book I will forever look back at this book and say yuck again and again In addition to winning my most unfavorite ending category well, technically, my most hated ending is Behind Her Eyes, and this one is a close second , there is just too much child animal spousal abuse in this book for me I don t wanna read that stuff.Let s end on a positive note the audio book is first rate, a top notch performance But, yuck That ending, R E A L L Y

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    Sometimes a book immediately resonates, and you know you re in for a great ride This was one of those books Aimee is an up and coming movie starlet Everything is falling into place for herat least professionally Her home life however, could use a little Hollywood magic Her husband has grown distant as her star power has risen, leaving him in the shadows After a long day of shooting on the set, Aimee returns home to find her husband missing His wallet, phone and shoes still in the home Car parked in the garage, and most disturbing, a bouquet of flowers on the table with a simple note that chillingly says, Sorry.Told in two timelines The present Aimee trying to hold her life together, desperate to figure out what happened to her husband He couldn t have simply left on his ownnot without all his belongings Right The past An innocent six years old girl trusting the wrong person when the unimaginable happens.Throughout this story Aimee holds her own inner dialogue which, if done correctly, can absolutely make the book And Alice Feeney did it to perfection It puts you deep in the mind of the character Loved it Alice Feeneys previous book Sometimes I Lie, was a favorite of mine last year Now with her latest follow up, I m even a bigger fan OK Ms Feeney, the pressure is on What do you have in store for us next PersonallyI cannot wait Thank you to Susanne for gifting me her ARC..

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    Aimee Sinclair is an actress on the verge of stardom, but she hasn t always been Aimee, she was once a little girl with another name Aimee s life is about to take off on a whirlwind of twists and turns, but just kick back and experience this roller coaster ride of a journey with her Aimee s husband Ben has gone missing, his keys and cellphone are on the dining table but it s unlikely that he d leave them behind They d had a huge fight the night before in which they both said some pretty awful things, but he wouldn t just walk out and leave her surely She decides to carry on as normal and takes her regular morning run then calls at her usual coffee shop, but her card is declined It s only when she calls the bank that she discovers 10,000 has disappeared and the account has been closed Immediately she thinks it must be Ben, but the bank say it was Aimee herself who closed it The narrative alternates between Aimee s story and that of the little girl she was, before she wandered away from home The opening chapter sets the scene for you to second guess everything you re about to read, and oh how I love to second guess Alice Feeney has constructed a fascinating character in Aimee The scenes of her childhood are completely gripping, and of course that s attributed to the quality of her writing Ditto Aimee, as an adult The storyline bounces back and forth between the two timelines, the threads woven seamlessly together, taking the reader into some very dark places.I can t help but second guess where a story is heading, but this one kept throwing me off kilter, and I would never have guessed where it would eventually end I have to say that I found it utterly gripping, and it had all the right ingredients needed in a psychological thriller another winner for Alice Feeney Thank you to Netgalley and HQ for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    Last year I read Alice Feeney s debut, Sometimes I Lie, and it blew my mind When I won her latest, I Know Who You Are, in a Goodreads giveaway I was beyond ecstatic I m thrilled to say that there is no sopho slump here Aimee Sinlcair is an up and coming movie starlet that is married to Ben After returning home from a shoot one evening it appears that her husband isn t home but she isn t completely surprised as they had had a roaring fight the evening before So why is his cell phone, wallet, coat and shoes all accounted for Why would he leave all of this behind Aimee fears that something terrible has happened Aimee is right to be fearful The following day Aimee goes to the bank to make a cash withdrawal only to be told that the account has been drained and closed Aimee can t believe that Ben would do this to her when the teller informs her that it was her herself that closed the account How is that even possible There is so much that I could discuss but this is a tip toe review because I don t want to inadvertently spoil anything for anyone Aimee is a perfect unreliable narrator which I love in my psych thrillers The ending is an OMG moment but it was almost a little too off the wall for me, not to mention, rather disgusting If anyone guesses this conclusion then I tip my hat to you So while this isn t going to earn the full 5 stars from me a solid 4 isn t too shabby 4 Are your alright in the head Alice Feeney stars Thank you Goodreads for my copy You da best

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    NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE Sorry, but this was not for me CW for just about everything you can imagine, but I can t list here for fear of spoiling the outrageous, over the top ending, but if you re sensitive to graphic child abuse, give this a wide berth.

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    4.0 Stars So how do you rate a book that held me entranced throughout, that exemplified a brilliant writing style and caused me to take multiple breaks at work so I could find out what would happen next But, when all of this greatness is coupled with one of the most ridiculous, unbelievable finales that left me completely flabbergasted that such a great novel by such a talented writer could end that badly, it leaves you uncertain as to whether you should recommend this book to others That is my nutshell review of I Know Who You Are In my opinion Alice Feeney is one of the most talented thriller authors writing today Sometimes I Lie was an awesome debut, and for 90% of I Know Who You Are , it was just as brilliant But, when the villain is revealed in this oneyou would have to believe the main character, Aimee, has an IQ of 20 and the perception of Mr Magoo not to have realized what was happening and who was terrorizing her for years But, getting to the end was a wonderful roller coaster ride of plot twists and turns as Feeney brilliantly uses the unreliable narrator as well as very well developed suspects to keep the reader wrongly guessing up until the big reveal Feeney has also perfected the art of making the main character so authentic and sympathetic you really start rooting for her as you get invested in the story BUT again I say the ending was so bad it ruined what would have been my favorite thriller this year I guess a review can t get any Jekyll and Hyde than this, but it is my truth, and I m staying with it.

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