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❮KINDLE❯ ❄ What I Did for Love Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips – E17streets4all.co.uk Perennial New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips is easily one of the most beloved authors of women’s fiction in America—and with her wonderfully witty What I Did for LoveIt’ Perennial New York Times bestselling Did for Epub Ý author Susan Elizabeth Phillips is easily one What I Kindle - of the most beloved authors of women’s fiction in America—and with her wonderfully I Did for PDF/EPUB è witty What I Did for LoveIt’s not easy being famous when your life is falling apart Georgie York has been dumped by her movie star husband her own film career is tanking and her public image as a spunky romantic heroine is taking a serious beatingWhat should a down on her luck actress do NOT go to VegasNOT run into her detestable former co star—dreamboat from hell Bramwell Shepardand NOT get caught up in a ridiculous incident that leads to a calamitous elopement Before she knows it Georgie A Georgie York EXCLUSIVEhas a fake marriage fake husband and maybe or not a fake sex lifeIt’s a paparazzi free for all and Georgie’s non supporting cast doesn’t help There’s Bram’s punk nightmare housekeeper; Georgie’s pushy parent; a suck up agent; an icy studio head; and her ex husband’s new wife an international do gooder who just might win the stupid Nobel Peace PrizeAs for Georgie’s leading man Bram with his angel blue eyes and twisted black heart has never cared about anyone but himself Still he’s giving the performance of his life as man in love—thanks to the half a million dollars she’s paying him It was official She’d married the devil Or had sheTwo enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines brightand where the strongest emotions can wear startling disguises.What I Did for Love

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips Did for Epub Ý is the creator of the sports romance What I Kindle - beginning with her bestseller FANCY PANTS An internationally acclaimed author her books I Did for PDF/EPUB è have been published in over languages She’s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Susan'.

What I Did for Love PDF/EPUB Ó Did for  Epub Ý
  • Hardcover
  • 401 pages
  • What I Did for Love
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • English
  • 23 April 2015
  • 9780061351501

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    I have officially placed Susan Elizabeth Phillips on my favorite author’s pedestal I love her writing style her plots are always creative and she works her magic with the development of her characters SEP also dares to give you supporting characters that could possibly steal the show but instead strengthens the plot and keeps the reader engaged Georgie York and Bramwell Shepard really do love to hate each other Their lives were spinning in the same circle for a while as young TV stars Bramwell was a reckless self absorbed and self satisfying guy Georgie was the one that everyone fell in love with the one that made all the right choices But she made one decision that involved Bramwell that she was ashamed of and something she would struggle to let go of Bramwell could be a real prick a trait that followed him from his younger days when he put Georgie’s heart through the ringer But he was a prick that I uickly fell in love with He was super sexy and slowly but surely his sweetness surfaced Georgie she was rather sassy and a bit feisty She was always the good girl the one that never rocked the boat But life has changed her She has come to be a flirtatious and passionate woman living her life satisfying her needs instead of everyone else Following different paths within their movie careers Georgie and Bram live their lives without having to spend any time together But being a star and living in Hollywood isn’t as easy as it appears When Georgie’s life is in a little bit of a downward spiral she decides to escape for a few months Her escape begins with a trip to Las Vegas only to have it end with her married to Bram Once she gets past the utter shock of it she immediately goes into damage control mode They’d remain married putting on the show of their lives The plan was supposed to be simple Both Georgie and Bram had the “script” they would go by while remaining married but their outside worlds started to leak through the cracks that were in their plan They each had their own intentions and their own goals But things started to change Georgie was seeing things in Bram that weren’t there before and Bram didn’t know what the hell to do with this sexy and desirable woman They both struggled with this unexpected place they were finding themselves in Was it love or was it lust? What side would they land on? What I Did for Love was such a wonderful read SEP has the knack for adding in fantastic supporting characters In this one I loved Chaz and Aaron Chaz was Bram’s housekeeper who was always a bit grumpy and lacked a sense of humor She was paired with Georgie’s PA Aaron who lacked the typical hot guy persona These two were very different yet so perfect for each other They went on a bit of a journey themselves and I really enjoyed it Then we have Paul and Laura who offered up that side romance that rounded out the story perfectly Oh and the Epilogue was perfect ❤

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    This was discussed earlier in Celeste's review but I think it is fair to say that What I Did for Love is the author's commentary on Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie In fact it was extremely difficult for me to picture anyone but Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina while reading this book The similarities are obvious Lance's Brad Pitt's interest in architecture The fact that he leaves his wife while filming a movie with St Jade Jolie a do gooder that travels worldwide to help the less fortunate and who has no ualms about stealing another woman's husband Even the physical description of Jade fits Jolie tattoos pouty lips and all And then there is Georgie Aniston who became America's Sweetheart on a popular sitcom where she was forced to sign a contract NOT to cut her hair or change her hairstyle Now she is filming a series of bad romantic comedies Sound familiar? While Georgie is trying to create a public image that she is over Lance and her disastrous marriage she has the misfortune of running into Bram Shephard John Mayer? As a teenageryoung adult Bram co starred on Georgie's sitcom for several years There is bad blood between them because Bram was a playboy a jerk and downright cruel to Georgie In fact a sex tape was released of Bram that ultimately ended up being the reason for cancelling Georgie's sitcom Bram and Georgie somehow end up in Las Vegas together End up at a party together Get drunk Get married And when the paparrazi find out and start hounding them for a statement the next morning Georgie and Bram decided it would boost both of their careers if they stayed married for one year I am disappointed to say that I had a very hard time forcing myself to finish this book I didn't find myself invested in the characters or really caring what happened to them There were a few scenes that kept my interest Georgie and Bram visiting a posh erotic boutiue with peepholes in the dressing rooms was HOTSEP is an auto buy for me I love her writing style and enjoy her sassy sense of humor She is the ueen of metaphors For instance grape lollipop eyes gumdrop green eyes caramel brown eyes that slid over her like hot fudge on a sundae all of these are from previous SEP books that I really enjoyed But in this book well surfers bobbing on the ocean waters like fetuses in amniotic fluid was just too much for meI think I need to go back and re read Match Me If You Can or This Heart of Mine to remind myself why I love SEP's books

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    While I did enjoy this one it just didn't hit the high notes that her previous books did What was missing? I have no idea Maybe the fact that I just finished two really good suspense books this one was just too different maybe My mind was still on the other books and the fact that I was dying to read the conclusion to the Trilogy BTW thank you Sharon for Book 3 Two enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines bright and where the strongest emotions can wear startling disguises It's kinda pathetic really but when the hero in a book is blonde or has light coloured hair I don't like him as much as my heroes with dark hair But there were no easy answers and eventually she dozed off to the sound of the brass wind bells Ever since we woke up in Vegas we've been on this crazy Ferris wheel ride Loved the banter between Georgie and BramMost of it is set in LA I visited there recently so it was nice to see references to the places I visited and the places I should have visited Should have gone to The Ivy one day to see if I could spot a celebrityStill a great read by a fabulous authorSomething happens in the book between Bram and Georgie and I think that coloured my feeling for him and no matter how much he tried to redeem himself he never uite made it for me

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    Review to comeMy favorite uote “As for your back rubs Study an anatomy book pal because what you've been rubbing isn't my back”

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    If writing this craptastic novel is what Ms Phillips does 'for love' then I can only hope she is motivated in the future by hatred I am normally a huge fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips but this book was a total bomb I found myself skipping pages hoping that the end would be better She added a couple side plots that were a lot interesting than the shallow self involved main characters who had lots of unconvincing sex no chemistry with one another and nothing to make me interested in them at all Unfortunatly she didn't wrap up the side plots very well at the end I've rarely seen an established author go this far downhill with a novel I can only hope she takes a vacation and starts fresh for the next one

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    Hehe I am going to start of with my almost common line Oh My God I loved itThis book was amazing The beginning was a bit boring but still interesting enough to keep me reading The story got deliciously exciting and let me just tell you that even though the lead characters were a bit twisted I couldn't hep but love them Bramwell Shepard the oh so gorgeous actor with those beautiful lavender eyes amazing body and a mouth that makes you think dirty he's not only the Hollywood bad boy but has layers to him that add glamor to his personality With his snarky comments and a made up cocky attitude boy he's walking talking danger to good women with weak heartsGeorgie York once the costar of a favorite television sitcom has a sweet smart mouth charming and yet funny personality is now a heartbroken divorcee of that two timing spineless jerk of a husband Lance and is suffering from paparazzi attacks into her not so personal life Where Lance is codling up with his new wife Jade a successful actress who has not only managed to snare Georgie's unfaithful husband behind her back is also pregnant with his child This book kinda seemed to remind me of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's divorce how Brad met Angelina on a movie set in which they both worked together and after which they got married Like Brad had an extra marital affair just like it says happened with Lance and Jade Anyway that just might be my imagination running awayI loved the plot it made me laugh and scowl inciting other such emotions and looks with every new page Lance was one of those characters who I absolutely hated Like really and couldn't help but think What a douche? It was really nice reading about the improvement of Georgie's relationship with her dad It was touching how Paul overcame his sorrows and reconciled with is daughter and found his new love This book is about love friendship second chance and trust A good read an excellent story and a truly wonderful concept

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    I’ve given 5 stars to most all of SEP’s books More than one of her books has landed on that shelf entitled If you could only keep one This is my first disappointment and it was a big oneForget all the BradAngJen Hollywood stuff that I could have lived without Lord knows the EddieLizDebbie thing was much worse as there were babies involved and Taylor was tragically really grieving for Mike Todd BTW Debbie was baby sitting Liz’s kids while Liz was being consoled by Eddie; how’s that for a pair of stones?Obviously I’ve pick up a rare Hollywood rag and an occasional biography And I won’t mention that any current tinsel town drama is definately not why I pick up a SEP hardcover book Why I clutch it to my bosom with glee assured despite the cost that I'm in for a superior readYup forget all thatLet’s concentration on what’s important How Bram treats Georgie view spoilerWIDFL’s hero Bram initiates the heroine Georgie to sex The awful deflowering scene aftermath is just too too cruel I thought I was going to be physically ill hide spoiler

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    I’ve read everything by this author and will without a doubt be first in line to buy her next book I think this book would have been better titled ‘Ripped from the Headlines’ The direct similarities to so many true Hollywood tales were abundant And as someone who doesn’t follow celebrity BS I wasn’t that entertained While ‘What I Did For Love’ was a decent read it wasn’t SEP’s typical great read The core story is about two young Hollywood TV child stars that grew up to hate each other and later who fall in love while pretending their impromptu drunken Las Vegas marriage isn’t really a sham Unfortunately the story does not come together until the end and by that point I really didn’t care what happens to these two nut cases The story centers on a lot of negative issues which was a buzz kill to read their hate for each other their lagging careers their broken family life and last but not least their identity crisis And its not just Bram and Georgie with all the negative issues it seams everyone had some huge issue that this story needed to resolve homelessness weight gain being able to stand up for yourself griefetc And yes the book solves everyone’s problems It is interesting that my two least favorite books by SEP stars a Hollywood hero with an identity crisis Breathing Room which was a lot better than WIDFL being the other I wanted to really like this one but without likable characters and some humor added here and there it just wasn’t meant to happen The only reason I gave it 3 stars as it did come together in the end for a decent ending If you have not read SEP do not start here In fact read everything else first

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    35 stars Top notch writing by one of the best authors in romance ButI feel like I need to beg forgiveness for rating a book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips anything under 4 stars but I just didn’t love Georgia and Bram Bram never redeemed himself and I never felt their connection But as with many books by SEP there were 2 bonus love stories with side characters and in this case I found them interesting than the main one Lots of laughs from one in particular Still a highly entertaining book just not my favorite

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    What a heart achingwarming emotional ride I smiled and scowled; I laughed and I cried

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