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❴KINDLE❵ ❆ When the Future Comes Too Soon Author Selina Siak Chin Yoke – E17streets4all.co.uk In Japanese occupied Malaya, lives are shattered and a woman discovers her inner strength in a world ravaged by warFollowing the death of their matriarch, the lives of Chye Hoon s family turned upside In Japanese occupied Malaya, lives are Future Comes Kindle Õ shattered and a woman When the Epub / discovers her inner strength in a world ravaged by warFollowing the the Future Comes eBook ↠ death of their matriarch, the lives of Chye Hoon s family turned upside down Now that the British have fled and the Japanese have conquered, their once benign world changes overnightAmid the turmoil, Chye Hoon s daughter in law, Mei Foong, must fend for her family as her husband, Weng Yu, becomes increasingly embittered Challenged in ways she never could have imagined and forced into hiding, Mei Foong finds a deep reservoir of resilience she did not know she had and soon draws the attentions of another manIs Mei Foong s resolve enough to save herself, her marriage, and her family Only when peace returns to Malaya will she learn the full price she must pay for survival.When the Future Comes Too Soon

Of Malaysian Chinese heritage, Selina Siak Future Comes Kindle Õ Chin Yoke grew up When the Epub / listening to family stories and ancient legends She always knew that the Future Comes eBook ↠ one day, she would write After an eclectic life as a physicist, banker and trader in London, the heavens intervened In Siak was diagnosed with cancer While recovering, she decided not to delay her dream of writing any longer Her first novel, The Woman.

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    When the Future Comes Too Soon PDF ß When the Epub / turned upside down Now that the British have fled and the Japanese have conquered, their once benign world changes overnightAmid the turmoil, Chye Hoon s daughter in law, Mei Foong, must fend for her family as her husband, Weng Yu, becomes increasingly embittered Challenged in ways she never could have imagined and forced into hiding, Mei Foong finds a deep reservoir of resilience she did not know she had and soon draws the attentions of another manIs Mei Foong s resolve enough to save herself, her marriage, and her family Only when peace returns to Malaya will she learn the full price she must pay for survival."/>
  • Kindle Edition
  • 322 pages
  • When the Future Comes Too Soon
  • Selina Siak Chin Yoke
  • English
  • 10 November 2019

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    Of course, I did not do anything of the kind I let the moment come and go, the same way all the moments of my life have come and gone with utter indifference, each oblivious to the fact of its passing. 2.5 stars The above quote nicely summarizes the theme of the novel In the simplest of terms, if, after reading the quote, you are interested in reading the book, then I certainly recommend you do If, after reading the quote, you are not sure you d like to read the book, then I d ask whether you enjoyed the first book in the Malayan series, The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds If you thought it was okay, but wanted action, then you will likely enjoy this book This book starts at the end of the first book, when Japan invades Malaya, giving a greater sense of urgency to the novel than the first in the series Malayan 2 also covers a shorter time period, which overcomes some of the problems of the first book In some ways, this book addresses many of the short comings of the first book, but this is not always ideal For example, I would have preferred than just a short epilogue to cover the last 30 years of the book But on the whole, this is a stronger book than The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds.The biggest complaint I have of When the Future Comes Too Soon is how weak a person Mei Foong is compared to her mother in law, Chye Hoon, in The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds Chye Hoon was a formidiable woman who stood on her own and this made reading The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds worth it, even admist the problems with how slowly the book moved, because it was refreshing to see a strong woman at a time and in a place where such women were not the norm To swing to a protagonist that is so very different from Chye Hoon, especially in trying ways, made this a much harder book to get into I needed strength from Mei Foong and it just wasn t there I will say that if you read the book, read to the very last sentence I honestly had a moment where I wanted to throw in the towel right at the end, but thankfully, the last few sentences made it worth sticking with the last few pages I haven t bailed on a book before well past the 50% mark and I doubt many will consider doing so at 99%, but once you get there, you might undertstand why I almost did so I had hoped to highly recommend this book as I felt there were many good things to build off of in the first book And many of the pitfalls of the first book were addressed Unfortunately, the character this book chose to focus on was too starkly different from the last book and thus, those of us who enjoyed the first book because of the main character will be left with much to be desired in reading When the Future Comes Too Soon I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you publisher Crossing and Selina Siak Chin Yoke for the opportunity to read this book For this review, I listened to the audiobook version offered through Kindle Unlimited and did not read the eARC.

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    The protagonist in this book, seems to not be able to live in the moment Her journey begins in Ipoh , Malaysia in the early years of WW II The Nippon Troops begin bombing the general population and the British start to evacuate their troops and citizens The Ethnic Chinese who have lived in Malaysia for several generations, suffer the most upon The arrival of the Japanese Thus,begins the journey of Mai Foong, during the Japanese Occupation She stands like a tower of strength, while the country endures food shortages, triple digit inflation and tortuous conditions Her Father helps her find the strength to keep the family fed , by planting extensive gardens, shrewd dealing with shady people and strength of character Her husband on the other hand, cannot stand the sight of blood and does not share her concerns about the survival of the family But as the years pass, the going gets tougher, despite her Suave self centered husband getting a job with Nippon Civil Service They pay him a penance Which doesn t cover the expenses needed to feed the family During this time,he starts spending and time at the Nippon sponsored gambling parlor It becomes an addiction where he loses needed money to support the family As the last third of the book begins, her husband Weng Yu, becomes deathly ill with Pneumonia and is placed in a hospital in another town where the only antibiotics can be found The situation worsens, as the pills will cost 25 per pill She does whatever is necessary to keep her husband alive To make matters worse, she is also pregnant Her life quickly goes downhill as the war comes to an end At this point her life as she knows it , will end , as the once strong woman, falters one time after the other Many years later, she still mourns the life she once lived She plays her life over and over again, wondering why she didn t fight harder for her Wong children A second chance appears that may give her the recourse she had always wanted Can she pull her self up to make it happen or will revenge pull her down again As I read this tragic ending, I kept rooting for her to overcome her weak and meek manner I think the author, perhaps weakening the book by making her a mute woman with no voice, waiting for some spirit to make things right Or at least , explain why she didn t stand up for her rights This should have been a 5 rating but still, a good read Perhaps, another reader would I ve loved ending.

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    Last year I was able to review Selina Siak Chin Yoke s first novel that followed the entrepreneurial Chye Hoon Mei Foong, Chye Hoon s Chinese daughter in law, is the star of this book, and it is every inch the powerful female tale the first installment was.You ever feel like you ve lost your voice Not literally, but have you found yourself in situations in which you could have fought back, but had to swallow it instead This is not an uncommon situation for women, ancient and modern And it is the underlying struggle of our heroine.Her journey to know that she and what she thinks matters is heart breaking and set against the problems of an occupied population WWII has brought Japanese to take over Malaya, and their previous occupants, the British, have fled Violence, bombs, poverty become everyday predators, and Mei Foong weathers these like a mother would, like a warrior And against all of that, this is her story of slow rising and realization.I d recommend this is any historical fiction fan, especially since Malaysian tales are in short supply All the details will transport you to the land where the sun can heat your hair warm to the touch in the early afternoons in no time at all.But, than that, this should be read by women who have felt silenced Silenced by fate, by bad company, by circumstance I was moved to crying twice while reading it, and that is not something that often happens The previous book, too, contained such painfully familiar trauma that you can t help but weep But that is a good thing and the mark of a story that is telling something important.Don t miss this one.It bears mentioning that you won t be lost if you grab this novel first before book one When the Future Comes Too Soon can stand on its own without any trouble It was extra special to read the continuing story of this amazing family when I recognized a few of the memories, but I think you could start with either.With book one, I found a quote from the text that really summed up the feeling of the story, the impact it had on me So, I ll do the same here, with book two I know now that I was simply pretending I pretended to be strong and, in the act of pretending, discovered a reservoir of strength I never realised I had Mei Foong

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    Now when I think about it I can not say if I have ever read a book set in Malaysia So a first for everything then And of course it was an interesting time period too, well interesting is not the right word for the turmoil and pain it caused.Mei is happily married She has 4 children and life is good Until the Japanese come closer, until all the British just leave over night The occupation has begun At first they will hide as bombs fall and then they return to a occupied city.The book was actually kind of nice Yes it they did talk about this horrific massacre, but other than that not much was shown Bullying tactics and bending the knee to their new masters yes, but other than that Have I read too many war books that I thought horror So at the moment I do not know if the author wanted to spare her characters or if the Japanese was kinder in that town Since I do have a friend in Singapore and she still hates the JapaneseAnyway I am glad the characters were spared and did not go through too much Instead now they did their best to go on with their lives To find food and to serve their new lords the best they could.But there are other conflicts too Conflicts within the family Anger, resentment and all things that grow when things get hard.An interesting book I saw that she has written a book that was about Mei s mother in law, and that one would be interesting to read too So much changed during these years and it is something different to read about for sure.

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    I learned a lot about the occupation of Malaya by the Japanese during WWII, the difficulties for the Malayan people, and especially for women raising families during a time of war and scarcity The Chinese Malayan women in the Malayan Series, two novels, show their strength and resilience during times of change and conflict and are well drawn characters in the novels.My full review

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    The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds followed the life of Chye Hoon, a strong willed Nyonya girl who becomes the matriarch of her mixed heritage family in early 20th century Malaysia When the Future Comes Too Soon picks up shortly after where The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds left off, with the death of Chye Hoon Now the family s story is narrated by Mei Foong, Chye Hoon s refined, upper class Chinese daughter in law, who married Chye s oldest son, Weng Yu, the one who held such promise but has turned out to be something like a failure, or at least, utterly unsuited for the life he has been forced to live Now it is up to Mei Foong to preserve the family during the WWII Japanese occupation.Although When the Future Comes Too Soon is an immediate sequel to The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds, it is not a copy of it Mei Foong has a very different narrative voice than Chye Hoon, and their circumstances are utterly different as well While Chye Hoon was a rebellious girl who learned to appreciate her native culture, which was rich, unique, and slowly disappearing, and who become a successful entrepreneur and an imposing matriarch following the death of her husband, Mei Foong was a delicately beautiful highborn Chinese maiden who was brought into the family as much as a status symbol as anything else Chye Hoon s story was one of a woman trying to present the beauties of her culture to others, and was comparatively slow moving, full of the scents and sights of turn of the century Malaysia, as Chye described her Nyonya cooking and her attempts to peddle kueh cakes Mei Foong s story is sparer and faster paced, jumping in immediately into the action of the first Japanese bombardment of the island, and following the family s scramble to find each other, flee to the countryside, return back to the city, and figure out how to live under material privation and Japanese occupation While both books are at their heart tales of survival, physical and cultural, the survival is of a different nature in each.Mei Foong s struggles to keep her family alive and together are riveting, as she deals with impoverishment and physical danger while taking care of an unreliable husband, an aging father, and multiple small children Her struggles to understand her culture and her stance towards it, though, are perhaps important in a deeper sense As a Malaysian born Chinese woman, educated in both Chinese and British culture, she, like her husband, is torn between her heritage and her education She speaks English and admires many of the advances the British brought Malaysia, including things like modern medicine and the education of women to work outside the home At the same time, she, like many, is horrified when the British abandon Malaysia and its people at the first sign of Japanese attack And although the Japanese can be harsh masters, they also work to foster pan Asian feelings and make a point of putting Asians in positions of authority, something the British would never have even considered The Malaysian characters finding themselves occupied and subjugated once again, and have to ask themselves is one master really any better than the other Do the benefits of British civilization outweigh its racism These are heavy questions, but they don t weigh down the story the main focus is always Mei Foong s feelings, her family, her marriage, and her growing attraction to another man The ending, like that of the first book, is bittersweet bitter because Mei Foong regrets the chances she let slip, and sweet because of the chances she did take When the Future Comes Too Soon is a rich and compelling story, filled with realistic and sympathetic characters, about a complex and multifaceted culture that comes to life on the page.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a review copy of this book All opinions are my own.

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    Everything I liked about the first book the strong, stubborn female characters, the detailed descriptions, the memoir like childhood to death scope of the story was missing here The main character is passive, her narration barely mentions the world around her except as it relates to her own immediate needs, and the story skims over a few years of World War II and then abruptly ends with an unsatisfying epilogue I forced myself to finish it and wish I hadn t bothered.

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    The drawn out style of writing is not to my liking Therefore, I m not the right reviewer for this book.

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    Japanese attack and occupation of Malaya On 15 December 1941 Mei Foong s daughter shouts Eggs falling on the ground Unfortunately, what she is seeing is the first load of bombs that the Japanese dropped not only on Ipoh but all of Malaya It was the start of their occupation of the country which lasted until they were forced to surrender in 1945 In these years of occupation, Mei Foong must change from being the meek and obedient wife of Weng Yu to standing up to the challenges that present themselves for her and her children to stay alive She is married to Weng Yu, an English educated engineer They have four children and a fifth child is born during the occupation Like many other Chinese, they have followed a tradition which sees the eldest returning to his family home with his wife Weng Yu s mother is deceased However, her influence and advice help Mei Foong to make some of the difficult decisions she must take during the war Being a wealthy Chinese family, they have many servants, mostly Malays, who live and work for the family It is with the help of several of the loyal servants that Mei Foong can change the formal garden, filled with roses, into raised beds growing enough vegetables to sustain them while they are under siege This story was a complete eye opener for me I had obviously heard of Malays, as many moved to South Africa bringing their special herbs and spices and traditional recipes with them but I don t think I d ever stopped to wonder where they had originated Thanks to the author writing it in the style of how this well educated couple would speak and behave, I was taken on a journey with this Chinese family as they had to try to survive under the command of Japanese.What shines through the book is the transformation of Mei Foong from this dedicated wife under the control of her unyielding traditional husband, who expected her to always be his possession and follow his commands, into a woman who must take drastic measures to ensure that the family have enough food to save them from starvation, especially as inflation has caused the prices of commodities to rise to levels where it was impossible to be able to pay for basic foodstuffs Mei Foong s father lives with them and their relationship is a warm and deeply loving one, based on her father s acceptance of her intelligence which is a trait that her husband can t see at all He never notices how it s her input that changes the once formal garden into raised beds growing the vegetables that keep them from starvation His self centred lack of caring for anyone but himself, pushes her further away into realising that there must be a deeper meaning to marriage and bearing children A truly remarkable work of fiction and so worth reading It s the kind of book that not only has a brilliant storyline but has left a feeling that my general knowledge has been enriched by a very capable author.TreebeardBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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    Novel set in WW2 Ipoh, MALAYAThere is much written about the effect of WW2 on Europe, the States, and perhaps from an English perspective about the effect on Singapore, so it was very interesting to read a little about the Japanese invasion of Malaysia through the eyes of Mei Foong, her husband Weng Yu and her family The Malaysian peninsula endured so much than being a simple route to Singapore from Japan, which the Japanese, as is well known, navigated on bicycles to get south.The story starts in 1942, the Japanese Imperial Year of 2602, with the Japanese invasion of Malaya, as it was called then It is a story of family and fear and how gradually the Malayan culture became subsumed by the Japanese or as this author calls them, the Japs as they beavered away to impose Japanese culture and s on an unwilling populace, riding roughshod over the largely acquiescent people Traitors heads were spiked above the market as a warning to others, the local currency had to be traded for Japanese Dollars on a one to one ratio, inflation was rampant, and all the while the people were being edged towards blind obedience to the Japanese Emperor.Food, locale and culture are all central to the narrative, and observations from the era often feel really pertinent The family s lifeline for news and of the British departure as the Japanese invade was their Philco wireless set, which they soon had to give up There is good detail in many aspects In fact the book is written as one would imagine language to have been spoken at the time, BBC English, formal and slightly clipped, and although this is perhaps era correct, it can leave the prose feeling a little wooden and impersonal I struggled to hear the individual voice of the author, and phrases such She had caught my interaction and took in my fluster lent the narrative at times an old fashioned edge.Overall a read that will expose the terrible times in Malaya in World War II, a read that is at times as colourful as it is visceral.

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