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❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Welcome to Temptation ❁ Author Jennifer Crusie – E17streets4all.co.uk Sophie Dempsey is content living a uiet life filming wedding videos until an assignment brings her to Temptation Ohio From the moment she drive into town she gets a bad feeling; Sophie is from the wro Sophie Dempsey is content living a uiet life filming wedding videos until an assignment brings her to Temptation Ohio From the moment she drive into town she gets a bad feeling; Sophie is from the wrong side of the tracks and everything in Temptation is a little too right And when she has a run in with the town's unnervingly sexy mayor Phineas Tucker making a little movie turns out to be than a little Welcome to Kindle - dangerousYield to oncoming desireAll Sophie wants to do is film the video and head home All Phin wants to do is play pool with the police chief and keep things peaceful They both get than they bargained for when Sophie's video causes an uproar and the proper citizens of Temptation set out to shut them downWelcome to TemptationAs events spiral out of control Sophie and Phin find themselves caught in a web of gossip blackmail adultery murder and really excellent sex All hell breaks loose in Temptation as Sophie and Phin fall deeper and deeper in troubleand in love.Welcome to Temptation

Jenny Crusie is the NYT bestselling author of twenty some novels and lots of other stuff Her latest novel Maybe This Time hit shelves in August Jenny lives on the Ohio River where she often stares at the ceiling and counts her blessings.

Welcome to Temptation MOBI Ñ Welcome to  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Welcome to Temptation
  • Jennifer Crusie
  • English
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9780312932800

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    I'm on a major light and fluffy kick right now Just complete reading hedonism It goes well with the rest of my hedonism I think I might go read at this placeThat's some good marketing thereSo I've heard about Jennifer Crusie forever but never read any of her books Now I wonder why The sarcasm is strong in this one I approve This is the hero Phin talking to the heroine Sophie he's just protective Sophie said He thinks all guys are only after one thingHe's right Phin saidSo you only want me for sex?No I'm nuts about your golf game He wasn't you know She doesn't even play golfYeah it took me a while to decide on that one hint he's bothBut I still couldn't help loving Phin He had the funny jerky doesn't give a shit vibe down He's the April Ludgate of man whores Gah I love her so muchMy rating is a little lower than it would have been because the book took uite a while before I started liking it The beginning moved slow and introduced characters than the Game of Thrones Then these names were mentioned and I kept saying to myself who the fuck is that again? So yeah For light fluffy and funny there shouldn't be so many characters to keep straight that you need a cheat sheet Other than that this book was great

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    So to begin I have to say that I fell into the same trap as many others did in that I read Bet Me first my first ever Crusie book actually and adored it I practically sprinted to the library and got every Crusie book they had and schlepped the entire armful out to the car with barely contained glee Glee I tell youMy next read was Agnes and the Hitman which was cute and occasionally funny but whereas I loved Bet Me I only liked Agnes Undaunted though because Agnes is a collaboration with another author and I thought that might have been the reason Crusie's charm was so toned down I picked up Temptation off the teetering stack and started to readI was kind of interested in the con man aspect but it didn't appear often enough in my opinion I also thought the main love interest was a really self important jerk solidified by the fact that he has a daughter whom he barely spends time with At nearly 40 years old he LIVES WITH HIS MOTHER Yeah you read that right This supposed epitome of sexiness and charm lives with his mom who he lets raise his daughter because apparently he's too busy downing beers at the local tavern and chasing women to raise her himselfThen we have Sophie who's in town to shoot an audition tape with her what? ex sister in law? It's never really clear But it's the B movie actress who dumped her brother some time back so why on Earth Sophie and her sister would bother with helping Clea do anything at all other than sleep with the fishes is beyond meBut they follow Clea into Temptation Ohio home of the world's largest phallic symbol water tower it's even painted peach and are so mesmerized by the giant penis that they crash into some of Temptation's illustrious citizens Which results in the arrogant mayor and the townie cop going to their farmhouse to interview themAnd here's a part that's weird because we're not sure how much Clea is paying Sophie and Amy to make this movie if she's paying them anything at all but suddenly in addition to shooting they all decide to paint and wallpaper Clea's farmhouse that she's going to sellThat didn't make a damn bit of sense to me I'm as helpful as the next person I swear but unless I'm getting paid I'm not lifting a finger to help out my ex sister in law who dumped my brother I'm just not that good of a person But I think that's just supposed to be an illustration of Sophie's martyr complex that she takes care of everyone around her but no one takes care of her You can easily see that this is just a plot device to make Sophie fall in love with the farmhouseOne night Sophie Amy and the ex sis head to the local tavern where Sophie gets blitzed and the male lead goes down on her Then when she sobers up and remembers that oh yeah she left a boyfriend in Cincinatti Phin dumbest name ever says Oh hey baby No problem Oral sex isn't sex anyway Chillax And is that what you want to hear from your male lead? Really? Oral sex isn't sex? Because this is a romance And romance by definition have a HEA So do I want my heroine to end up with a guy who's gonna get blown by a hot chick while shopping for tools at the Home Depot and come home to tell Sophie It's not a big deal Oral doesn't count hon No I do not Phin seems to be shockingly lax in the morals department not raising his daughter seducing drunk women and then walking away saying it's not even sex Which is fine if you're writing a rakewomanizer type character who at some point sees the error of his ways But Phin never does So you know he's going to get the BJ sometime in the future and Sophie's going to lose her mind about itIt's kind of a whole cast of crappy characters The only nice person in the whole novel seems to be the cop More than half the people are semi cheating on everyone else in public just to get back at their significant other Sophie's sister is leaving her high and dry to go to LA and it will kill their video business when she goes leaving Sophie flat broke But Amy doesn't care where that leaves Sophie Parents are busy manipulating their children into unwanted relationships like their kids are their own personal chess pawns Honey I know Phin's running all over town having sex in public with that movie skank but he needs a son and you need to settle down at the ripe old age of 20 so of course you'll still be marrying him when he gets the skank out of his system Are you kidding me? There aren't a lot of characters to like hereMeanwhile back in Temptation Sophie takes Phin home to have sex and ends up having to break up with her boyfriend's answering machine because he won't pick up the phone to let her dump him properly Once that pesky task is done Phin's all for the 'cheap sex' as he calls it But he should have called it 'boring sex' because it was No really That's not just me talking They have to stop going at it because in the middle Sophie was so bored she was counting the cracks in the ceiling tiles and even Phin who'd hump a granny's leg thought that was just a little too awkwardSpeaking of awkward they wait til Sophie's sister Amy comes back from the bar and Phin pins down Sophie and starts doing her while simultaneously throwing around lamps in order to get Amy to walk in on them having sexAnd here's where it totally collapsed for me Because this guy is the MAYOR and a FATHER and THIRTY SIX YEARS OLD and he really shouldn't be acting like a drunk frat boy through the whole novel But then again he lives with his mommy so maybe he's acting outHere's the thing I like kinky sex as much as the next girl More than the next girl You'll just have to trust me on this But it's jarring when it's a grown father who's acting a fool in his very very small town What's going to happen when his 9 year old daughter is told by other kids at school I saw your daddy having sex with some skank? You can't keep your exhibitionist tendencies under wraps for the sake of your kid?A lot of the dialogue is movie uotes which seem cute at first but then you realize this is a substitute for REAL dialogue and it becomes annoying There are far too many movie references in general especially since I have seen some of them and the point the author is trying to make by drawing parallels to these movies is lost on me I don't want to have to watch a dozen movies to understand the book I'm reading This happened in Agnes too the male lead sometimes referencing classic movies but it wasn't uite as pervasive in that bookAlso the plot itself is pretty damn stupid because look I'm all for women being empowered at any age and I am woman hear me roar and all that but the reality is NO ONE wants to see a fifty year old porn star NO ONE And the plot is mostly about a fifty year old ex porn star trying to make soft core porn for a comeback and her old hardcore porn producer is trying to get her to scrap the soft porn and come to the dark side for one last romp Again NO producer is going to make a deal with a fifty year old to do porn Anyway I skimmed a little after the halfway point and by that time I had to sit up and say to myself Self you know you can't finish this book So I put the book down and now it's one of my few Did Not Finish reads I know how it ends because I skimmed the last two chapters but yeah there's that large chunk toward the end that I didn't bother to readI have in my hands Getting rid of Bradley also by Crusie and since her novels have gone from Great to Good to Did Not Finish this is her fourth and final chance I still have a stack of her books on my shelf that I got from the library but I'm pretty sure I read the best two she'll ever write Bet Me and Agnes Wish me luck

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    5 Stars My kind of crazyWelcome to Temptation home of the flesh colored phallus bullet shaped water tower where morals and reputation are everythinguntil the Dempsey sisters come crashing into town Meet Sophie Dempsey film maker nervous Nelly surrogate mother to her sister and brother and sexually unfulfilled Meet Mayor Phineas Tucker bookstore owner town hottie single dad and all too willing sexual fantasy fulfill er The documentary Sophie and her sister are filming is slowly turning into porn Some of the residents are upset while a few want to join the funWelcome to Temptation where lust and whole lot of crazy has taken overGreat booklots of laughs The banter between Sophie and Phin just flowed like a great improvised comedy routine Very enjoyable mindless read

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    I really really liked this book I have two regrets about this book though #1 it was written by the same author as the last book that I read Faking It I bought them at the same time but I should have read them in reverse order They are not a series persay but they had several common characters The timeline of this book was about 2 years prior to the other book I could still follow both books very well it just would made sense had I known The second regret was that once I finished the book I went to the authors website and read her biography I so wish that I had done this before I started reading either of these books These few statements say it allIn the summer of 1991 she began to research her dissertation on the impact of gender on narrative strategies searching out the differences in the way men and women tell stories As part of the research she planned to read one hundred romance novels and one hundred men's adventure novels The romance novels turned out to be so feminist and so absorbing that she never got to the men's adventure fiction and decided to try writing fiction insteadHer solo novels continue to explore women's journeys especially issues dealing with relationships friendships community and creativitySo now I get it I understand what the author is trying to do here with her books Not like I didn't figure it out in same ways on my own it was just helpful to read her process What I like about this book as well as the other one is that they were about real relationships The people argued and were irrational sometimes They lied sometimes and were honest other times They had uirks and character flaws They loved people and sometimes they were hurt sometimes not It was real life kind of stuff Well sort ofI have actually not yet gotten around to doing some of the things that went on in this book but I am sure some people have

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    25★I was away on a yacht for my holiday break thanks to some very kind friends My friendsfamily were reading Agatha Christie Georgette HeyerFar better choicesLet me explain I have read enjoyed some of Crusie's romances in the past when she was a fresh funny new voice in romance I may still find some of her work amusing But this one which has won a lot of awards hasn't aged wellOur Hero has unusual definitions of what constitutes sex and consent when the woman is drunk In fact Our Heroine doesn't get to consent to much at all given the unbelievable way her younger sister pushes her around about trivial matters like view spoiler Sophie's career and car hide spoiler

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    Welcome to Temptation was SO MUCH FUN Romance is one of my guilty pleasures to read Predominantly a thriller fan at heart I still admittedly LOVE a good romance novel This one was just great Totally over the top and corny but such good escapismSophie and her sister Amy travel to the small town of Temptation to film a movie for a hollywood star Clea who grew up there On the way they crash into another car and that is the beginning of their troubles There is way too much to go into in detail but Sophie soon starts falling for the town mayor Phin her sister starts falling for the town cop her delinuient brother shows up Cleo's ex husband shows up causing trouble someone shows up dead Sophie inadvertently ends up making a porn film and on top of all that someone is trying to kill her I'm surprised I enjoyed this so much I have read only one other book by Crusie Bet Me and I must have been one of the only people on the planet who read that and was less than impressed But I liked the premise of this one and it shows up on peoples favourite romance lists all around the world so it was about time I read itI couldn't source a copy reasonably priced that is so ended up opting to use up a credit on audible Glad I did the audio version was great At first I didn't like AAsne Vigesaa's seemingly monotone voice however I'm not sure if it was her voice or my annoyance that shifted but soon I was absolutely hooked I loved her rendition of all the characters especially CleaI think it is the uirkiness that got me in this book All of these over the top out of control situations had me laughing out loud I just loved the witty dialogue between the characters I loved Sophie and the tension between her and Phin I also enjoyed reading about the town Temptation felt like a character of its own with all its fun residents and events Don't think I would have wanted to live there though I do have criticisms it was a little long and I had a bit of a problem with the male lead Phin and his attitude but I was easily able to just forget about the things that were annoying me and just enjoy the funWould I recommend it?Yes for the ADULT romance fans This book ain't for the youngins uite a few steamy scenesFor reviews visit my blogwwwbooksbabiesbeingcomTwitterwwwtwittercomBBBMelFacebookwwwfacebookcombooksbabiesbeing

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    As in this painting the temptations of the small Midwestern town conveniently named Temptation were not apparent to me That's ok; one thing I appreciate about Crusie is how she creates characters who are attractive to and romantic with one another specifically as individuals rather than being idealized in generically sexy ways I was willing to buy that this mayor jerk despite encumbering bitch mother and precocious daughter and this rotting ill decorated house in this boring oppressively conservative horrible humid small town were what Sophie wanted even if they all sounded like Hell to me Oh but Temptation is supposed to lead us to Hell Maybe this is all a secret coded religious message about avoiding Temptation? Mm probably not but I'll avoid the town just in case

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    I'm one of the four people in the world who hate this book Here's whyAdmittedly there's a lot to like about this book The Julie and the Bear story the dog the dialogue some of the time and some other stuff I guess but I get so hung up on the stuff I hate about this book I can't seem to remember any other good stuff Let's break down my issues shall we?1 Phineas Tucker for one Sophie describes him as a townie but I'd go further and describe him as an ahole preppie He is not to put too fine a point on it a jerk I don't think Sophie's first impressions of him are too far off he's a snob and arrogant and sometimes mean He breaks one of my cardinal rules of dating you should never date anyone male or female who ever tells you to Shut Up I think it's about the rudest thing you can say to a person you care about It's not ok with me2 Phineas runs a bookstore In a town of like 1000 people Profitably? Seems so unlikely but Crusie wants us to believe it despite the fact that he never actually has a customer3 The fact that we learn about his daughter at almost the halfway point of the book is inexcusable What a great dad4 Sophie's family I just can't feel empathy for Amy or Davey Amy's just selfish Davey is criminal 5 Sophie I like her whole steps to the con idea but again just not a lot of sympathy for her She knows what she's doing is wrong And she does it anyway 6 I'm not a big fan of voyeuristic sex so I couldn't sign on to that either Especially since they do actually GET CAUGHT and it's on purpose I just wasn't buying into the romance really Why was Phin so into Sophie? Why didn't Sophie stand up for herself and not allow the film to degenerate into porn?To be honest the best part of this book was Leo I loved Leo Poor pitiful porn kingAnyway I don't get it Why does everyone like this book so much? What am I missing?

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    Just from the title you can probably guess this is what I call a smut novel Honestly I would really rate it as a 45 It is a true guilty pleasure at least for me Embarrassing to say I've read it three times each time straight through I'm not a huge fan of these types of books but Jennifer Crusie did it right with this one The uirky characters are engaging the steamy scenes aren't gratuitous overly graphic or repetitive and the storyline isn't just a contrived venue for the author to demonstrate numerous different ways to describe a hoo ha tally and what to do with them Sorry if I offended anyone with my pre school referral to body parts it's a hazard of my profession And if you enjoy this you should definitely read Crusie's later novel Faking It another guilty pleasure 2nd only to Welcome to Temptation

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    5 Stars Thanks Tammy This is the second book you've recommended to me and it was as great as the lastFANFREAKINTASTICThe chemistry the suspense the fun and the not at all what you expected ending is what makes this book a total keeper But I have to warn youit'll drag you in before you know it and every chore you had planned to do will be thrown by the waysideEnjoy

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