The Undomestic Goddess

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Undomestic Goddess Author Sophie Kinsella – Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable She’s made a mistake so huge it’ll wreck any chance of a partnership Going into utter meltdown she walks out of her London offic Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable She’s made a mistake so huge it’ll wreck any chance of a partnership Going into utter meltdown she walks out of her London office gets on a train and ends up in the middle of nowhere Asking for directions at a big beautiful house she’s mistaken for an interviewee and finds herself being offered a job as housekeeper Her employers have no idea they’ve hired a lawyer–and Samantha has no idea how to work the oven She can’t sew on a button The Undomestic ePUB Æ bake a potato or get the % ironing board to open How she takes a deep breath and begins to cope–and finds love–is a story as delicious as the bread she learns to bake But will her old life ever catch up with her And if it doeswill she want it back.The Undomestic Goddess

Sophie Kinsella has sold over million copies of her books in than countries and she has been translated into over languagesSophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September with her first novel in the Shopaholic series – The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book’s heroine Becky Bloomwood – a fun and feisty fin.

The Undomestic Goddess ePUB ✓ The Undomestic  ePUB
  • Paperback
  • 404 pages
  • The Undomestic Goddess
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • English
  • 08 February 2016
  • 9780385338691

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    Sophie Kinsella strikes again Although most of her books deal with both the professional world and relationships she has managed to make every story uniue and immensely entertaining Although I didn't enjoy this novel uite as much as I've Got Your Number it still immediately sucked me in and wouldn't let me stop reading until I finished I think if I hadn't read this right after IGYN my favorite book by her I would have given it a full 55 stars but blame Sophie Kinsella for making her books like candy I can't just read ONE and call it a day As for the story I loved how the main character Samantha was the high powered career woman in the relationship instead of the man which is seen in most of her other stories although she does leave the job but still Also Nathaniel was a total hunky dreamboat and I would like one for my own please and thank you All in all I highly recommend it just like all of her other novels

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    425This was the first Sophie Kinsella book I ever read and it will remain my favourite My mum actually picked this up for me because she liked the blurb on the back She would never read this sort of book; she is into China Meavile Dan Simmons and Stephen King Not the sort of stuff I read At first I was hesitant but I started reading this in the car on the way home and it was addictive I just could not stop; this book is romantic moving with just the right amount of funny it had a few of those major laugh out loud cover mouth with fist moments Overall it was a really good readCharacters 910All just hilarious even the ones I hated had some really funny lines And the way Samantha talks about them PricelessWriting 710It’s chick lit for goodness sake It was easy to read and took no brain cells whatsoever Plot 910Interesting uite original moves at the perfect pace with the perfect twists along the way It has an ending that you would expect but not expect at the same timeDoes that make sense? Oh well Moving onEnjoy ability 910A very fun read

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    As you’d expect the story is a sitcom come to life a work obsessed attorney loses her job in a dramatic way and then plunges alone into the countryside à la Jane Eyre only to wind up being taken in as a housekeeper by some nouveau riche couple The twist is get ready she doesn’t know how to cook Or run a washing machine You can imagine the hilarity In fact you have to imagine the hilarity because there isn’t much written for you That’s not to say the book isn’t entertaining It moves uickly and it ends up validating the effort and skill involved in keeping house which I liked Plus I found the nouveau riche couple to be oddly engaging “Oddly” because they reminded me of Southern caricatures written by someone who didn’t know any actual Southerners and just created people out of stereotypes — like a hick couple who hits it big in the tire business and moves into a mansion but doesn’t know to lose the big hair and get grammar Of course the characters in this book are English as is the author which goes to show that mediocrity knows no nationality The big flaw is that even though this kind of book is bound to be contrived it still needs to retain some believability I can buy stumbling onto the one house that would take in a stranger we buy it in Jane Eyre finding skulduggery at work true love next door and a host of other improbabilities because at least they’re possible But our heroine in disgrace at her law firm googles herself and finds a million entries about how she’s become a national lawyer joke; at one point the tabloid press even starts following her “story” The problem is that in reality lawyers show up on our radar only if we’ve hired them A criminal defense attorney may have his day in the sun with a celebrity client but other than that who cares? uick — name a contract attorney Anyone?? How about any kind of attorney you don’t know personally? The fact is that nobody cares if a lawyer loses her firm a lot of money and then becomes a housekeeper; the whole public ignominy angle is too manufactured even for chick lit It reminded me of Shopaholic where a would be fashion writer somehow becomes a national figure and then a national scandal How??? It’s as though Sophie Kinsella is projecting some deep desire to be in the center of the public stage holding the nation’s microphone tearfully in hand Actually I wouldn’t mind that either but only to rail on the government power grab and people who talk during movies I wonder if her “Oh no The world is watching me during my moment of crisis” fantasy was brought on by too much reality TV or likely if reality TV exists precisely because so many people do have this desire for public display? Chilling thoughtAt any rate that’s probably not enough to condemn the book It has its moments And I think if it had been written differently I would have had patience for the unrealistic aspects However the style was so aggressively breezy that it became wearisome The author should have put effort into creating a story that holds together and less time trying so desperately to be wittyMercy — three paragraphs on a Costco paperback

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    At first the concept was so ridiculous I wasn't sure I would even like the book But Sophie Kinsella skillfully made it seem plausible The story of a stressed out lawyer stripped of her job and accidentally ending up in the unlikely position of a housekeeper for a nouveau riche couple at a country estate was very entertaining In “The Undomestic Goddess” Kinsella obviously spent some uality time studying not only international finance but corporate law and commercial cooking as well I also bet that she looked into some really excellent scams and spent a bit of time with some professional housekeepers Few professors could have made the subject understandable much less as engrossing and enjoyable as Ms Kinsella has Samantha a whiz kid corporate lawyer when faced with making coffee toast and eggs Benedict is totally flummoxed Poor girl I giggled at her sallies into the laundry room baking catastrophes bed making disasters the situation is glorious I just love it when the know it all gets her comeuppance It can only make for a hilarious tale as she embarks on her new journey that leads to love self discovery and peaceThe first half was fairly obnoxious I don't really know why I kept reading but I'm glad I did The second half once Samantha began to get a little bit of control in her life became uite enjoyable Of course when your weekends and evenings are suddenly free romance can’t be far behind In Northanger Abbey Jane Austen uoted Samuel Richardson’s straight forward romancing rule It must be very improper that a young lady should dream of a gentleman before the gentleman is first known to have dreamt of her Samantha of course in true Catherine Morland fashion fails to follows Austen's very sensible advice much to the benefit of the story Kinsella seems to imply that just being a woman is a pretty good deal and being a woman who has attracted the love of a decent man is really a great deal The story could be a bit extreme and there is little reality to how this could happen But I don’t really care The characters are rich and warm and I want to meet them in real life I did enjoy this book very much I found myself chuckling and saying Oh no at all the right places It’s a light read which we all need from time to time I was a bit disappointed with the ending but it wasn't anything major I just had a different vision of what she might have done But otherwise I thought it was a good read and brings you back to recognize what is important in life

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    Sophie Kinsella's wonderfully flawed heroines manage to make me feel so much better about my own flawed self life You think YOUR life is dramatic? Wait till you read about Samantha Sweeting's

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    After reading several books by Kinsella the only major complaint I have is that the endings are extremely unsatisfying She builds up the character development and story so so well only to have it all end just shy of the perfect HEA The first thought I usually have after finishing her books is Wait what? That's it? More than in Kinsella's other novels this factor is impossible to ignore in The Undomestic Goddess Samantha comes a long way from being a lawyer zombie to a content housekeeper but that change isn't really explored as much as I would have expected It's like as soon as SK decided she'd placed her characters exactly where she wanted she lost all interest in finishing their story properlyIn addition Nathaniel should have played a bigger role in the book Honestly I felt a little cheated by the romance All the hints are there but most of the scenes between the two MCs are simply skimmed over and told in retrospect Overall I liked reading The Undomestic Goddess but I would have enjoyed it a lot if there had been story and less narration This book doesn't leave any lasting impression but it's still a fun read as long as you keep your hopes low2755 starsFor reviews visit my blog

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    This story is about a 20 something workaholic lawyer named Samantha Sam leaves her job after making a huge mistake that costs her firm millions of dollars She has put her whole life into this job trying to become partner and now it's over She has a major meltdown and ends up miles from home in the middle of nowhere working as a maid to a family that doesn't know anything about her true identity She also doesn't know anything at all about being a maid as you can probably guess by the title This makes for an interesting hilarious ride At one point she has no idea how to use an iron and tells her boss that she can't figure it out because she's far used to working with a Nimbus 2000 These little comments pop up everywhere making the book fly by and making you really root for this poor girl who hasn't got a clue A bit predictable but I don't read her books thinking I'm going to be digging into a literary masterpiece The romance was cute but there really wasn't much of it Nothing but fun and laughter all the way through Sam was an extremely fun character to read about She's funny smart and can really think uick on her feet She shows genuine signs of maturity and growth throughout this uick readI really liked how the ultimate message was delivered though In the end Sam has to take a look at her life and really figure out what is important and what isn't Perhaps you are putting too much effort into something that gives nothing back This was my first book from Sophie Kinsella but I will definitely read of her books Her humor is fresh and if you go into this book solely expecting a light hearted fun read I think you will enjoy itRecommended to all of Sohpie Kinsella's fans and all chick lit lovers She is the ueen of comedy355 Stars

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    15 stars SpoilersThe worst Kinsella book I've read so far it wasn't totally awful but it was pretty bad The story was even far fetched and the main character even daft than the other Kinsella heroines combined The heroine Samantha was meant to be an Oxbridge educated lawyer with years of experience in the best law firm in the country yet somehow she read like a grade A idiot I don't know why authors bother giving their main characters high I's and super smart careers when they can only portray them as complete thickos who can barely string a sentence together Really liked Trish and Eddie Geiger they were such fun characters I loved the way they bossed Samantha about and how they interacted with each other they were pretty hilarious I also uite liked Nathaniel he was a normal down to earth sort of guy instead of the usual rich brooding millionaire love interest How on earth do you accidentally become a housekeeper? Samantha lost her job at her law firm and took a random train to the middle of nowhere she then knocked on a random house and acted weird and somehow that magically landed her a housekeeper job in a fancy mansion with a millionaire couple Yea right She also got to stay in said mansion overnight after a two minute interview in which she acted like a nutter Yea because that seems likely Why would Samantha run away from her job? Sure she thought she made a huge mistake costing her firm fifty million uid but she was supposed to be a highly trained professional with years of education and training and who worked well under high pressure and was ultra responsible and had a brilliant mind and work ethic Yet she ran away like some sort of scared naive wet behind the ears idiot Why would someone so hard working and responsible just ditch everything at the first sign of trouble? Why wouldn't she uestion everything? Why wouldn't she stay to investigate and defend herself? She worked all her life to be a top tier lawyer so why wouldn't she stay and fight for her career and reputation? It was all so nonsensical For a high flying lawyer Samantha sure was an idiot and a half She couldn't follow basic recipes and cooking instructions without turning the kitchen into a bloody war zone She even struggled with slicing bread and was unable to make a jam sandwich and hard boiled eggs the silly cow put them in the microwave? She didn't even know how to iron without burning everything or wipe surfaces without making things worse It was beyond ridiculous Yes not everyone knows how to cook well or do certain chores but who the hell can't boil an egg or make a jam sandwich or wipe a surface? I'm guessing Samantha's incompetence was meant to be funny or cute or something but it was none of those things it was plain stupid How was it Samantha was so unable to hold simple conversations? A top shot lawyer should at the very least be able to hold moderately intelligent conversations Yet half the time Samantha just stuttered and mumbled and muttered her way through things Also when she found out she'd been set up at work and came across suspicious evidence that pointed to another colleague Arnold committing fraud the silly cow couldn't confront him or make a convincing argument against him without looking like a demented psycho dumbo loser She was meant to be a genius lawyer who regularly talked her way through all sorts of tricky situations and dealings yet when she confronted Arnold all she was capable of doing was stomping her feet and pouting she did nothing to defend her reputation she just talked rubbish It didn't even occur to her to bring up the fact that Arnold had strong family connections to the company that took that 50 million Ugh she was the most unconvincing lawyer character in the fictional world ever Why was Samantha always yelling or mumbling or pouting? Would an experienced professional lawyer really talk like that? I swear Samantha came across like a belligerent child than anything else According to The Undomestic Goddess women can't have a glittering career and a fulfilling personal life at the same time It's either one or the other So Samantha gave up her career and a chance of a lifetime to be a partner in a top law firm all so she could run off to Cornwall with a guy she'd known for a few months? I mean she only worked her whole bloody life to achieve that level of success it was her one ambition and dream but all that got thrown out the window because she was in lurve and working as a lawyer was just too gosh darn difficult for her tiny woman brain UghIf it hadn't been for the secondary characters I don't think I would have been able to finish this Even for a chick lit book it was beyond ridiculous

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    This was my second book from Sophie Kinsella and I enjoyed it It was a fun book but I didn't laugh loud just smiledThe plot was unbelievable Samantha is a very talented lawyer but she makes a mistake and run awayShe knocks on a stranger's door for a glass of water and next morning she wakes up like a housekeeper because she accepted a job Really? No wayShe can't cook can't clean She can't even boil an egg But she learns everything immediately It's very far fetched The ending was very disappointing view spoilerA workaholic well known lawyer stays in a rich family as a housekeeper hide spoiler

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    I look along the endless line suinting in the sunshine I’m twenty nine years old I can go anywhere Do anything Be anyone I like “There’s no rush” I say at last and reach up to kiss him again Excellent funny cute sweet romantic funanother great Kinsella book

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