The Cowboys Christmas Plan (Grass Valley Cowboys #1)

❴Reading❵ ➶ The Cowboys Christmas Plan (Grass Valley Cowboys #1) Author Shanna Hatfield – Cadence Greer’s plans for a happy ever after are uickly derailed when her fiancé runs off with his secretary a week before their wedding Homeless jobless and jilted she escapes to Grass Valley Oreg Cadence Greer’s plans for a happy ever after are uickly derailed when her fiancé runs off with his secretary a week before their wedding Homeless jobless and jilted she escapes to Grass Valley Oregon where she finds herself employed as a housekeeper and cook to seven cowboys on a sprawling ranch Trey Thompson is a well The Cowboys Epub / respected pillar of the community running a successful ranch with his brother All he wanted was someone to cook his meals and keep the house clean When he hires Cadence Greer for the job he gets than he ever planned on including a sassy little red headed orphan Come spend Christmas in Grass Valley at the Triple T Ranch where mistletoe hangs abundantly and holiday magic is in the air.The Cowboys Christmas Plan (Grass Valley Cowboys #1)

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The Cowboys Christmas Plan Epub Þ The Cowboys  Epub /
  • Kindle Edition
  • 364 pages
  • The Cowboys Christmas Plan (Grass Valley Cowboys #1)
  • Shanna Hatfield
  • English
  • 07 June 2014

10 thoughts on “The Cowboys Christmas Plan (Grass Valley Cowboys #1)

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    I went ahead and gave this book 3 stars because I really enjoyed the story but it was sensual than I prefer especially for Christian fiction Simply put I liked the book but there were several scenes that I really could have done without

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    As usual I loved it You just can't go wrong with a Shanna Hatfield romance It doesn't seem to matter what time period she writes in they're ALL outstandingI was thrilled with the addition of Cass in this storyI completely enjoyed the audio version of this book

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    I really enjoyed this book There was not one ounce of cussing nor sex in this book This book didn't need it It stands on the wonderful storyline that unfolds I am very impressed I totally fell in love with Trey and Cadence They are perfect characters and perfect for each other Cadence has been jilted by her fiancé a week before she is set to get married She leaves town and goes to live with her aunt Trey is a rancher who owns a ranch along with his brothers Cadence goes on to be their housekeeper and cook They take their time falling for each other I had warm fuzzies as I read this book I felt like I was reading an old fashioned novel where morals are in place Then we have Cass the little girl whose mother just doesn't want her She broke my heart I have to say that I cried lots of times during this book I felt as if I were right there in that house with them I loved everything and everyone in this book Well except Marcy These are boys that I would hope my sons would act like I will be going to and getting a few of these books No cliffhanger

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    Charming Cowboy RomanceThis was a really cute book I loved the ranch setting with the cowboys and especially loved Trey and Cady our main characters Oh and don’t get me started on the delicious food that Cady was always making for the cowboys I love to bake and cook and it had me itching to go create something in the kitchen I also uickly fell in love with the cute little girl Cass That sure added a surprise and twist to this romance A wonderful book and I hope to read about each Thompson brother in the other books

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    Nice sweet romantic readI settled down to read this book I'd noticed that the synopsis seemed familiar but I didn't really think anything of it until I started reading and then I realised I'd read this book before years ago back before I started reviewing After getting over my initial disappointment I decided to re read it anywayThis is a gentle slow building clean cowboy romance Cadence Greer gets an unwelcome surprise when her fiancé Bill sends out an email informing the attorneys at work he's calling off his engagement to her and eloping with his secretary as you can imagine this puts Cadence in an untenable position and she sees no other option than leaving the company Since she's already given notice on her apartment and sold most of her furniture she takes off for pastures new her Aunt Viv and Uncle Joe live in Grass Valley Oregon and after discovering that's she's probably the worst waitress in the world Cadence finds a job as Cook and housekeeper at the Triple T Ranch working for Trey and Trent ThompsonThe attraction between Cadence and Trey is instant although they skirt around it for a while they can only fight it so long into the mix is added cute little Cass an adorable five year old who likes missytoes kissesAs I said this is a nice sweet read there's no surprises or shocks just a nice gentle read

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    Second Time Reading This Wonderful BookI just love this book and the whole series that follows In preparation for the next one coming out February 2016 I wanted to read the entire series again and I loved and enjoyed it just as much as the first time Maybe a little since I took my time Well written with wonderful and loveable characters Truly a wonderful fun clean feel good romance to read anytime of the year First time read on my Nook now have it on my kindle too JudyE

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    DNF at 171 pages 47% on 10192020The writing isn't amazing in this one It's kind of clunky and has that step by step way of describing things that are happening The romance has zero tension and since it's a Christian romance which I didn't realize it has a way of turning any sexy times into hints about how premarital sex is wrong I might have liked it 8 years ago and I wanted to give it a chance because I like holiday romances but meh There's better out there these days and I decided not to waste any time on this one Oh well Also unhauling the book

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    A beautiful story of lovefor a child a man and family I couldn't get enough of it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series

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    This book is absolutely wonderful and I really enjoyed reading it I would recommend this to my christian friends It is one of the sweetest romance stories I have read in a long time Cadence Greer thinks she has everything she wants until her boyfriend runs away with his secretary a week before their wedding He sends an e mail to all the partners in the law firm where they work saying he will be gone two weeks for his honeymoon Cady knows she can not stay there She has already broken up her household in her marriage planning She flees to Grass Valley Oregon where she stays with her aunt Viv for a while She tries working at her diner but she isn't a very good waitress In walks Trey and Travis Thompson Two very handsome and single ranchers Cady goes to wait on them and she spills water all over Trey and falls at his feet He laughs Her aunt says she needs a job before she destroys her diner Trey hires her for their housekeeper and cook She is a great housekeeper and an excellent cook The ranch hands love her food and so do Trey and Travis She starts to have an attraction to Trey but fights against it because he is her employer This story held my interest I read it all in one day I couldn't put it down Also to complicate things in walks this little five year old who steals all their hearts because she has a tough life If you love cowboys and romance read this you won't be sorry

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    A sweet little story A tad long in my opinion I enjoyed the purity of the romance and the characters Even though at times I struggled to finish the book I'm glad I did and enjoyed the ending This is a story about true love and how it's possible to fall in love love at first sight in a short amount of time and it be real I believe in true love In the story Trey which is NOT his birth name I didn't like this gave the heroine a nickname and I was not in favor of it Cadence became Cadyjust didn't sit well with meI don't see continuing the seriesRating PG some kisses but NOTHING even remotely like what I've read in the pastLanguage NOT ONE SINGLE CURSECUSSPROFANITY word usage or thought It WAS greatRecommend Yes

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