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Collected Stories Vol 2 MOBI ´ Collected Stories
  • Paperback
  • 453 pages
  • Collected Stories Vol 2
  • Richard Matheson
  • English
  • 20 October 2015
  • 9781887368797

10 thoughts on “Collected Stories Vol 2

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    So here we are at the second of 3 collections featuring all the work of one Mr Richard Matheson I gave a pretty thorough explanation of what Matheson meantmeans to me personally in the intro to my review of Collected Stories Vol 1 so go check that out if you want some contextWhat we have here are 29 stories spanning 1953 to 1958 5 years of work And these are an important 5 years Somewhere around the 34 mark here Matheson's storytelling skills had begun to pay off not just in accolades but in actual paying work and he began his lucrative career of screenwriting This afforded him time to concentrate on crafting good stories and not be enslaved to poor paying genre markets that reuired certain elements before they would purchase a story The high point is really reached late in the collection with his first 2 sales to PLAYBOY MAGAZINE and ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE the former along with READER'S DIGEST one of the best paying short fiction markets at the time 1000 for a story in 1958 comparable to 75 dollars for a sci fi magazine that same year The stories are mature and thoughtfully composed the discipline of screenwriting tightens up his dialogue and cuts down descriptive verbiage even further while also sharpening his use of gesture and expression Some of his strongest work a writer firing on all cylinders and confident in his abilities some stories that made the most impression on a youthful me are featured in this volume which sadly seems to have a higher ratio of misprints and dropped letters than the previous one Proofreaders need to eat too peopleAs usual lessers firsty Matheson had a liking for cute small simple ideas usually making effective cameo stories out of them nowadays they'd be called flash fiction Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't The Doll That Does Everything about exactly that is a sci fi tale that goes on for too long relative to it's punchline and The Man Who Made The World is one of Matheson's musings on identity and reality involving a psychiatric patient who claims he is the titular It's nothing to write home about as even the author admits in the afterword The Wedding is a dark little tale about a man obsessed with superstitions like something that would have shown on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS back in the day except the ending which is the dark part would have been a little much for television Slight When Day Is Dun is a last man on earth story about composing the perfect eulogy for the dead worldbut what happens if The use of poetic language see comments later in the review is interesting but again a slight taleSolid stories with some minor flaw would include Being which is like a condensed 50's sci fi B movie as a couple stuck in the desert visit a roadside gas station zoo and find a man in one of the cages The opening is like TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in atmosphere long before that film existed and then gets crossed with IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE and it's a cracking good suspenseful read if a bit too long I actually ended upgrading my rating of it since the last time I'd read it Also a bit longish are Trespass and Slaughter House The former adapted as a TV Movie called THE STRANGER WITHIN with Jeannie herself Barbara Eden and viewable here was Matheson claims the first sci fi story to deal with view spoileraliens implanting babies in women hide spoiler

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    Slaughter HouseTrespass 5The Wedding 3Wet StrawBeing 5The Conueror 3The Curious ChildDear Diary 5Descent 4The Doll That Does Everything 5The Man Who Made the WorldThe Test 4The TravellerWhen Day is Dun 2Dance of the DeadThe FuneralMiss StardustOne for the Books 4Pattern for SurvivalA Flourish of StrumpetsThe Splendid Source 5Steel 5A Visit to Santa Claus 5The Children of NoahThe Holiday ManLemmings 3Old HauntsThe DistributorThe Edge 5

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    It is Richard Matheson so you can expect a higher than normal hit rate occasionally there was a story that did not grip as well as others but overall there is a wealth of untapped potential Now to read the other two volumes

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    As you get further into the book the stories get better You can see the master beginning to hone his storytelling ability

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    Slaughter House oo 3 starsTrespass ooThe Wedding ooWet Straw ooBeing oooThe Conueror ooThe Curious Child ooDear Diary ooDecent 00The Doll That Does Everything oThe Man Who Made the World oThe Test oThe Traveler ooWhen Day is Dun ooDance of the Dead oooThe Funeral ooMiss Stardust ooOne For the Books oPattern For Survival oooA Flourish of Strumpets ooA Splendid Source ooSteel ooA Visit to Santa Claus ooThe Children of Noah ooThe Holiday Man ooLemmings ooOld Haunts ooThe Distributor oThe Edge oo

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    This collection included a few humorous stories which I didn't care for They were still eerie stories but had a touch of comedy about them which some people might like I prefer the seriously eerie stories especially the ones with a neat twist at the end There were a couple gems in this collection Noah's Children had a touch of Lovecraft about it The Distributor reminded me of King's Needful Things Really excellent stories I can't imagine anyone not finding some of these stories enjoyable The collection is diverse than book 1

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    Remember the version of The Twilight Zone they brought back in the mid 80s? I was reminiscing about it on the Intarwebs and mentioned by fav episode Button Button which apparently was written by this hugely respected and widely adored writer Richard Matheson They're even making it into a Cameron Diaz movie out later this year Livejournal FTW'So I'm just using this as a bookmarker to remind myself to revisit Matheson's oeuvre

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    48th book of 2009It is really hard to star rate a book of short stories Richard Matheson is one of my favorite authors however his collection only gets four stars because I didn't adore every single storyI think any writer of horror or science fiction needs to read Matheson Especially short story writers He was one of the innovators and knocks me dead oftenSome favoritesDance of the DeadChildren of NoahLemmings

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    The best thing about this collection is that the material is so fresh Sure a few stories sound dated but most contain uniue ideas and concepts even 60 years after they were published That's pretty neat and a testament to Matheson's talent and imagination

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    Stephen King tribute to Matheson included in collection of 3 books Author discussed in chapter 9 of Danse Macabre published in 1981

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