I Bid One American Archer Family #1

❮Download❯ ✤ I Bid One American Archer Family #1 Author Amy Corwin – E17streets4all.co.uk Shes an American heiress nobody wants; hes a Duke every woman is after When Nathaniel Duke of Peckham meets Charlotte hes suspicious of her indifference Too many women have soughtand failedto catch hi Shes One American Archer Family Kindle - an American heiress nobody wants; hes One American PDF ↠ a Duke every woman is after When Nathaniel Duke of Peckham meets Charlotte hes suspicious of her indifference I Bid PDF/EPUB or Too many women have soughtand failedto catch him However Charlotte is interested in dead pharaohs than English dukes Her pretended immunity vanishes however when a debutante Bid One American Kindle ´ seeking to entrap Nathaniel gets murdered All too soon his reputation as a misogynist makes him a suspect and Charlotte impulsively comes to his aide Unfortunately Bid One American Archer Family ePUB Æ both are unaware that a highwayman Bid One American Archer Family ePUB Æ interested in rich heiresses is following Charlotte And that another debutante lies dead in Nathaniels carriage Some nights just dont go as planned.I Bid One American Archer Family #1

Amy One American Archer Family Kindle - Corwin is a charter member of One American PDF ↠ the Romance Writers of America and recently joined Mystery Writers of America She has been writing for the I Bid PDF/EPUB or last ten years and managing a career as an enterprise systems administrator in the computer industry She writes Regencieshistoricals mysteries and contemporary paranormals To be truthful Bid One American Kindle ´ most of her books include a bit of murder and mayhem since she di.

I Bid One American Archer Family #1 Epub ✓ One
  • ebook
  • 292 pages
  • I Bid One American Archer Family #1
  • Amy Corwin
  • English
  • 10 January 2016
  • 9781601542342

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  1. says:

    15 stars justHas anyone ever picked up a pre schooler from a party? Tired but happy they're on a massive sugar high and they tell you breathlessly about the afternoon So we had the hunt but Harvey was eating a sandwich whenand then Julie Julie Julie she had a balloon and it did and I was scared but I wasn't really and the pink dinosaur And I goed bang and then these stories always end like this and then I was SICK That's what The Unwanted Heiress reminded me of a party related on speed To be fair there were aspects of the story that drew me in a colonial heiress decades before they were common and her resilience in the face of emotional rejection by the many families who had been her guardians There's a desperately sad scene at the beginning where she anticipates being sent away again Her new guardians the Archers are that rarity in HR a genuinely happy married couple And Charlotte's first meeting with the Duke of Peckham has some possibilities when she is distinctly not impressed by him The writing style is fluent enough although laden with distracting detailBut the plot contains so many holes and the characterisations are so incoherent that it becomes impossible to take the book seriously I won't dwell on the murders of two debutantes the author doesn't anyway or at least they are important only because they furnish the Duke with a reason for proposing a fictitious engagement to Charlotte These murders could only be committed by a man who hates women If therefore I become engaged to you I could not have committed the murders And the pink dinosaur indeed Actually the duke gets the best line in the book I will have you know I am not a rake In fact I am a well known misogynist Ask anyoneOoh yes the Duke of Peckham that well known misogynist and man about town Peckham incidentally is described by Wikipedia as an archetypal London sink estate This is not good news for the DukeBut the heroine has the perfect riposte You thought you could prove I am merely a simple minded representative of the weaker sex That I only want to be loved like all the other blondsic haired petite simpering idiotic women of your acuaintance That should appeal to a misogynistic rake Tall red headed outspoken Charlotte whose guardianship is won in a card game by the Duke's uncle in an implausible way nurtures a wistful desire to go to Egypt largely as far as one can gather because it's cold in Britain and everyone is horrid to her especially Lady Beatrice who once poured cold water in her bed at boarding school It will come as no surprise that view spoiler Lady Beatrice is the Villain hide spoiler

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    Terrible terrible terribleAt the beginning you can almost believe this might be a good read but unfortunately you can't continue with that thought The actions of the characters are completely absurd the entire story I kept reading hoping that somehow it would come together and not be a total waste of time I was terribly disappointed I will not seek this author out The editing was as awful as the actions and reactions of the characters themselves Terrible

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    I started out like the characters and the story of The Unwanted Heiress but before I got to 40% read I was bored but I pushed on hoping there would be some semblance of Romance between Nathaniel the Duke of Peckham and the American Heiress Charlotte Haywood Readers Beware this is NOT A Romance story What it is is an attempt at a poorly done Murder Mystery You will know who the possible villains are from the first murder There are no sex scenes nor is there any type of sexual tension in the story This Author needs a editor to scale back the story so it doesn't just run on I don't have to have actual sex scenes in my Historical Romance but I do need Romance This story is as dry as a bone I am grateful I got it free from KindleAudible Unlimited The Audible Narration by Ruth Uruhart was Brilliant she did a magnificent job and I will give her five starts on my audible review She was able to breath some life into the characters with her narration and voices of them

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    I was happily surprised by this story Neither of the lead characters had a happy upbringing nor anything the ton would desire but they somehow were able to help each other The heiress was gasp American Who could overlook such a huge character flaw Plus she had red hair was entirely too much of a bluestocking for anyone to really want to make her acuaintanceHer new guardians are very likable characters Their nephew was raised in the cheap side of London and but society is willing to overlook his background since he inherited a dukedom A scandal breaks out when young debutantes are found dead and the Duke is the main suspect A little mystery some suspense and some romance made for a fun regency read

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    325 3 StarsAlthough I enjoyed the story as a whole I did find myself rolling my eyes at the lack of foresight to NOT go places alone Then there are the aggressive debutants attempting to latch themselves on to Nathaniel Why attend all these balls if Nathaniel doesn't want to marry and is tired of being sought after? Same goes for Charlotte After being kidnapped I wouldn't have gone anywhere alone So the constant attempts on Charlotte's life became predictable and redundant

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    Entertaining My introduction to the Archer family was a good one I enjoyed Charlotte and her wit immensely Nathaniel was also very entertaining I loved his outlook on the marriage mart There was some twists and turns in this story I did find myself liking it Worth reading

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    Expected something better totally different actually But ended up reading something else altogether Dnf'd

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    The Unwanted Heiress is my first book by Amy Corwin what a nice surprise Ms Corwin has given us a well written book I totally love the characters Charlotte and Nathaniel's story is loaded with action drama humor and spice I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading from Amy Corwin in the future The Unwanted Heiress is book 1 of the Archer Family Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hanger

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    Warning this is not typical romance Good writing but there were things I didn't like about the book I don't like when writers use big words when a simpler one will do Words like perspicacious in dialog no less when was the last time you heard someone use that word in conversation? Or insouciance? Mercy she could have used Word's thesaurus to use something easier for her audience I always feel writers who do this are trying to impress but they are supposed to write for their audience and this is not a college thesis There were a few other words like this that I disliked I also found things about the storyline that didn't hold up The person who did the murders unlikely that the coachman didn't see the second murderer since he said he did not leave the coach The kidnapping was a farce and where she ended up and who one of the kidnappers happened to be very very stretched such a coincidence I found a few typos but that can happen to anyone even professionally editedpublished books have them I overlook those However the author is an excellent writer so I graded it 3 stars She just needs to stop using ridiculously big words when other words will suffice and get some help with story crafting If you don't mind those things I mentioned this is an excellent read I rather enjoyed the read despite the things I mentioned But if you are expecting romance this is not a typical romance book it is mystery Besides a lot of hand holding there were only two kisses and I felt the whole romance part just didn't come together properly Too much fluctuation of feelings without good reason for them to change so uickly

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    What a silly story I got the impression the author did not really know what tone she wanted for this story Maybe she was trying for too much and things got lost in translation There were so many fruitless and goofy situations in it I couldn't gauge whether or not this was meant to be a comedy or not There were also a number of sub plots mentioned that never came to fruition view spoilerie Lady Mooreland's statement Why did no one ever mention it again? No one uestioned Sir Henry after that? No one thought that would help support Nathaniel's lack of involvement in her murder? Yeah totally plot line fail there hide spoiler

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