The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5)

❮Reading❯ ➹ The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5) ➱ Author Kendall Ryan – I might be a typical guy but these last few years my love life’s been anything but From crazy ex girlfriends to one night stands who are stage five clingers my relationships go bad faster than the m I might be a typical guy but these last few years my love life’s been anything but From crazy ex girlfriends to one night stands who are stage five clingers my relationships go bad faster than the The Bed ePUB Æ milk in your fridge The only constant has been my best friend MaggieFresh off a bad breakup of her own I invite Maggie to my guy’s skiing weekend knowing she needs an escape from reality But then something funny starts to happen I start noticing things about her that I never noticed before She’s beautiful and doesn’t know it she’s funny without even trying and now she’s suddenly single for the first time in forever Sharing a hotel room with her proves to be the tipping point in our very platonic friendship Suddenly I want to put my hands my mouth and my other parts all over her gorgeous body I want to claim her make sure no man touches her ever again But then her groveling ex shows up and Maggie’s torn Am I ready to screw up the best relationship I’ve ever had for a shot at something.The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5)


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  • 110 pages
  • The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5)
  • Kendall Ryan
  • 15 September 2016

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    35 STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorMaybe I had to settle for the fact that no matter how hard I looked I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did She was justmy person The puzzle piece that clicked with mineTHE BED MATE is a ”friends to lovers” romance between two people who have been “besties” for over eight years This is the final installment of the ROOMMATES series and I’m glad we are finally getting to the end I really loved the first two books but the last few were just “ok” for me This wasn’t the best book I’ve read under this trope but it also wasn’t the worst It started off pretty good but then after a while I found the Heroine’s obliviousness to the situation to be completely absurd and I thought the Hero was a little too sweet and too good to be trueSam and Maggie have been the best of friends since they met in college They’ve been there for each other through numerous failed relationships They've never let their romantic relationships affect their friendship In all the years that they’ve known each other neither of them have been single at the same time Sam has a plethora of relationships that have gone wrong while Maggie has only had a couple of long term boyfriends Finally right before New Year’s Eve Maggie ends up breaking up with her boyfriend when she catches him cheating on her She planned to hide away in Sam’s apartment while he was on a skiing trip in Colorado but he buys her a ticket to fly out and join himSam has been in love with Maggie since they first met but never had the chance to reveal his true feelings for her since he was uickly placed in the friend zone This holiday in Colorado might be just the push he needs to make his move Maggie has always thought Sam was gorgeous and at times she has had daydreams of him but never pursued her feelings for fear of ruining their friendship Will she finally get a clue and see what everyone else has been trying to tell her all along?Here are my overall ratings on the book Hero 45 Heroine 2 Plot 35 Angst 3 Steam 45 Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 35THE BED MATE is currently available

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    4 starsReview and Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages The Bed Mate is a short and sweet story that perfectly delivered the friends to lovers story even as a novella It didn't feel rushed or fast paced and I felt the chemistry between Sam and Maggie from start to finishSam and Maggie have been best friends since they were in college and Sam has loved her for just as long When they both find themselves single—Sam broke up with his girlfriend and Maggie with her long term cheater of a boyfriend—Sam flies Maggie over from New York to Colorado to join him and his friends for a holiday by the slopesTheir only problem? The hotel where they're staying is full Maggie has no choice but to stay with Sam in his hotel room and she's starting to feel something she's never felt before when she's with himThe two of them have been there for each other through thick and thin and now Sam is wondering if this is it; this is finally their time He doesn't know how she'll feel about  or if this will ruin their friendship but he knows if he doesn't try now he might never have the chance again Maybe I had to settle for the fact that no matter how hard I looked I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did She was justmy person The puzzle piece that clicked with mine” I loved Sam and Maggie's friendship and loved their relationship even Their interactions felt so authentic and carefree I had no doubt they'd be happier together as a couple The story had some angst but stayed light throughout and with just enough sexual tension to keep the story rollingThis book is perfect for the holidays and if you're looking for a uick fun and sexy read you'll enjoy  The Bed MateTropes Friends to LoversPOV First Person Dual POVStandalone Yes ARC received in exchange for an honest review Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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    I loved this friends to lovers novella from kendall Ryan Both Sam and Maggie were awesome characters and the hint of attraction and then the slow build up to these two becoming lovers was awesome Kendall Ryan is a great writer and to write a satisfying ending wrapped up in a novella is what I likeno leaving you hanging I adore the 1001 dark nights series Great writers and a little something for everyone Until next time luv's💖💋

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    This is a super cute novella I really enjoyed this story of love friendship and finding the perfect fit Kendall Ryan hits the mark againHave you ever been in love with your best friend? I have and could totally relate to this friends to lovers novella Sawyer and Mags are the absolute cutest They're always there for one another Through each failed relationship they know they can count on each other So what happens when they realize their perfect match has been right in front of them all along?What I loved The trope and storyline are absolute favorites of mine There's just enough angst and sexual tension to get my motor revving but not too much The characters are great and their friendship and trust of one another really comes across I love how easy going they both are The story is short but I didn't feel it was rushed at all Overall a really sweet and cute little novella I definitely recommend itFor of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

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    “Maybe I had to settle for the fact that no matter how hard I looked I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did She was justmy person The puzzle piece that clicked with mine” I’m a big fan of Kendall Ryan’s Roommates series but I usually don’t read a lot of novella’s because I don’t seem to have much luck with them and I tend to find them lacking in story and character development they feel a bit rushed I finish them feeling a bit meh But I’m happy to report The Bed Mate hit the mark for me with this cute friends to lovers story Sam and Maggie have been best friends since college and they have been through a lot and mean to each other than anyone else in entire world They have always kept their relationship purely platonic and it poses the age old uestions; “would you risk your friendship for the chance of something ?” When Maggie and her long term boyfriend call it uits Sam invites her on his boys skiing vacation and this was the turning point of their friends only relationship They start seeing each other in a new light forcing their relationship to start changing and develop into I am a massive sucker for the friends to lovers trope and even though this was a short and sweet novella it sure packed a punch It was jammed packed full of intense chemistry attraction longing and desire Sometimes everything you are searching for is right under your nose the whole time but you just didn’t know it OMG this story was so sweet with just the right amount of angst that I love If you are looking for a short and sexy story to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon or you just adore your friends to lovers trope then I definitely recommend one clicking this one

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    4 Stars Sam Maggie have been best friends for the last eight years They met in college and now both live in New York He’s a well known photographer who can’t seem to keep a relationship He dates one woman after another never connecting to anyone like he does Maggie Maggie has meant to him than anyone else has always been his one constant Through the years they’ve kept things platonic not wanting to risk their friendship but lately Sam wants a chance at something When Maggie’s long term relationship ends they are finally both single available Sam doesn’t want to waste any time He knows they belong together he’s just been waiting for her to figure it out too Sam is on a big guys snowboardingskiing trip in Colorado when Maggie and her boyfriend break up He flys her out to spend New Year’s with him they end up sharing a hotel room Things uickly heat up between these two best friends who soon realize they are meant to be together They share a rare connection that ignites when they finally give in to passionI love this series really enjoyed this novella It was a short sweet sexy friends to lovers romance No matter how hard I looked I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did She was justmy person

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    3 Bed Me starsThe Bed Mate is a sweet easy fast read If you want something uick light and fun then this book is for youI guess I should say I don’t like novellas The only novellas I read are smutty ones and that’s nothing to brag about I wanted to try The Bed Mate because it’s duh by Kendall Ryan but also it’s part of the 1001 Dark of Nights series and I haven’t read any of the books a part of it I finally did itThis is a good friends to lover romance with an adorable couple and it’s the perfect book to read now since it’s so close to the holidays This book isn’t a holiday book but with the snow and mountains it puts me in a wide smile mood I love how Sawyer and Maggie are best friends and they truly care for reach other Nothing brings two people closer together when they share a bedroom during a vacationIf you are a fan of the 1001 Dark of Nights series or love Kendall Ryan or love novellas or love sweet reads then this book is 100% for you An ARC was providedhttpamznto2zf17Dk

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    Awww this was such a sweet friends to lovers romance This is one of my favorite tropes and Kendall Ryan did a remarkable job of bringing Sam and Maggie to life They were always there for each other and enjoyed one heck of a beautiful friendship Every up or down every failed relationship these two held each other up It was obvious that they were meant for each other They just needed to figure that out too A short book gets a short review but that doesn’t mean there aren’t words to extol the virtues of this read I simply don’t want to ruin it for you The Bed Mate is cute and sweetly romantic and I urge you to one click it today Release Date November 16 2017 Genre Contemporary Romance POV Dual 1st person Heat 35 out of 5 Type Standalone novella Book 35 of the Roommates series

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    25 starsThis one would have been a 4 star for me until the sex That did nothing for me it was euivalent to opening Khal Drogo's pants and finding a one inch wonder inside

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    The Bed Mate was such a uick fun and very adorable read It has that classic best friends to lovers story that will satisfy your romantic cravings just right And let me tell you you will be falling for Sam and his sweetest gestures by the end of this novella HardSam and Maggie has been best friends for eight years They're basically attached at the hip so comfortable around each other but they've always had boundaries They knew where they both stood especially with how Maggie has been in a committed relationship since they met And Sam was just biding his time spending nights with his fair share of flings here and there But then Maggie finds herself single again after a long time and being with Sam this time is like seeing her best friend in a different lightSuddenly the stars align for these two—like it was just their time to go for it and explore how taking their burning friendship and sizzling chemistry to the next level will be And hell was it the best decision both of them have ever made It just took them a little longer to see it for themselves For what it was and what they truly had for one another Eight years might've been a really long time to realize that it was beyond friendship but I think the bond they built between each other—the way they knew the other inside and out—was just stronger than any relationship because of that So it was definitely worth itRegardless if this was a novella I still vastly enjoyed the plot and the swarm of butterflies it brought onto my tummy witnessing these two best friends fall in love with each other Sam was absolutely the perfect guy you can ever fall for He was an amazing support system even before they delved deeper into their relationship that I can't remember how many times I've told Maggie in my head how freaking lucky she was to have him in her life If you're looking for a cute short and easy read just enough to fill your need for a heart melting tummy fluttering best friends to lovers story go for Kendall Ryan's The Bed Mate You'll end up heaving all the happy sighs by the end of it Follow me on Instagram • Facebook • Twitter

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