Auaman Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis

[Read] ➪ Auaman Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis Author Dan Abnett – A part of DC Universe Rebirth the adventures of the King of the Seven Seas continue in AUAMAN VOL 3Auaman's mission to unite the sea and surface has taken a great leap forward But NEMO the secret terr A part of DC Universe Rebirth the adventures 3 Crown Epub á of the King of the Seven Seas continue in AUAMAN VOL Auaman's mission to unite the sea and surface has taken a great leap forward But NEMO the secret terrorist organization has other ideas Black Manta deploys the agents Auaman Vol MOBI :ò of this nefarious organization to provoke hostilities between Atlantis and America The Deluge the prophesied all out global war is about to beginIt's up to Auaman to uncover proof of NEMO's deception before the two nations destroy each otherWith writer Dan Abnett TITANS HUNT and the art team Vol 3 Crown MOBI ô of Phillipe Briones NEW SUICIDE SUAD and Brad Walker SINESTRO at the helm the King of Atlantis faces his gravest challenge yet in AUAMAN VOL Collects AUAMAN .Auaman Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis


Auaman Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis MOBI ï Vol 3 Crown
  • Paperback
  • 215 pages
  • Auaman Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis
  • Dan Abnett
  • English
  • 17 December 2014
  • 9781401271497

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    35 starsThe majority of these issues are just straight Auaman Saves the Day sort of storiesBut then at the end it goes into a meaty new direction plot wise Warhead is the 1st villain he encounters as he attempts to use the newfound goodwill felt toward Atlantis to bring them to the surface world's table as a legitimate nation It's a solid story The return of Deadwater was great too I uite enjoyed the tension and mystery of that entire arc It very much to me has a horror vibe being trapped with an alien monster that could be anywhere or maybe? anyone Ok it was the last issue issues? that really got me excited though And maybe that's because I peeked at the next volume and saw who was being introduced view spoiler DOLPHIN hide spoiler

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    This starts out strong with the villain Warhead showing up He is able to telepathically control people and he has these people attacking Auaman It's great action and I think the villain is great The next bit of story is Auaman is asked to investigate some strange happening in the water There are horrible monsters at this research center that are killers Auaman finds that it's a gate to a planet of water a whole different world This is a good story It takes up most of the book The marine fighters who can turn into sharks are there They are pretty odd There is a lot of fighting and then a resolution to the plot Then the plot goes stupid I think they have had Arthur fight in Atlantis for his throne 2 or 3 times already since the New 52 started Well they are doing it once again This story is so overdone and boring at this point How many times can Arthur fight for the Throne of Atlantis before he just stops This is ridiculous I am not looking forward to the next volume because of this Ugh really I hope this story line doesn't take too many issues to resolve I'm hating it already That is only one issue in this volume and the rest of the story was good I was pleased with this but I do hope it gets better in the future and not worse and I would love a new storyline that hasn't been done to death

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    The first two thirds of the book was great I loved how Auaman was getting his due The Auafans were pretty great too I think I saw my friend Anne in there She's the biggest Auafan I've ever met Warhead was interesting as well Dead Water returns and we find out its origins The story could have done to give it a creepy Aliens Leviation trapped in a base vibe but I'll take itThe Crown of Atlantis story fell really flat It came out of left field and could have used build up over previous issues to give it credence I felt like characters acted against their nature The fact that Atlantis would hand over the crown to a terrorist is just asinine Wouldn't they just break Orm out of prison if they hate Arthur so much? They even mention how much they all loved him in these two issues

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    Oh Auaman why can't you seem to hit the highs any? So this volume really just bounces all over the place We have some that deal with the Dark Water Remember that? Yeah that's the big ass creatures that pop out of any little water and murder people Then we also deal with some political arguing with the cities and then further down the line we focus on the political nature of Atlantis itself Auaman is pissed when his own people begin to doubt him and then the big turn of events lead to a downer ending that no doubt sets up future events Good The ending is def the best part The last two issues in particular are the best part The most interesting thing for Aauman for me is them talking about the major events of the bottom of the ocean to relation with top I also do enjoy the human moments with the characters at the start of the volume Bad The art seems flaky No offense to the artist but it feels like he doesn't care Also the fights aren't particularly interesting The middle was a drag and just not very good WHY? Overall this is a just okay ending to the first half of Dan's run Which is odd because I think he's a solid writer But this could have been better I am excited for volume 4 just because the artist change and he's amazing 3

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    Catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world The Beach BoysSomebody ought to tell Arthur Curry that sentiment His difficult times continue in Vol 3 Crown of Atlantis and with that title the phrase 'heavy is the head that wears the crown' comes to mind Unfortunately this edition is not uite as consistent in uality as 1 and 2 This time around there are three distinct story arcs the first is just okay but seemed unnecessarily bloodily violent at times the second was a little better with the tone of a gotcha 80's sci fi horror movie and final section which was the most connected to the previous volumes' on going Atlantis political story line was good and even had a 'to be continued' style ending Mera should also get an honorable mention for all things considered having the patience of a saint

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    The first part of this volume was a little disappointing and inconseuential as it was just about Arthur battling a couple of bad guys first Warhead and then Dead Water Both of these villains could be used to make really cool stories if the conflicts were fleshed out but these stories were throwaway And you'll need knowledge of their stories from the end of the Auaman New 52 run that Abnett wrote for context But then the book ends with a great cliffhanger that could lead to pretty awesome developments in Abnett's story even if it seems to come a little out of nowhere It would have been great if we felt of this political turmoil a bit from the start and feel it building to this development

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    It has come to my attention that one shared characteristic of the DC and Marvel universes is that Atlanteans are invariably assholesI mean Namor would fit right in with these haughty jerks wouldn't he? Poor Arthur might just be in the wrong universeThis compilation made for some uneven reading as 3 different stories were introduced and dispatched My favourite was probably the titular Crown of Atlantis one but I enjoyed the return of Dead Water as well The Auaman addresses the UN arc was probably the weakest though I am intrigued to see how Warhead fits into Abnett's future plansYou can still consider me an Auafan

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    This book should be rated like a 45 stars I give it 5 stars only because of the stellar issues #23 #24 It has been a wild ride for the King of Atlantis Dan Abnett really understands the character of Auaman Auaman aka Arthur Curry is always a man stuck between two worlds He wants to protect his people but he also is a a superhero to the surface world Every time Arthur moves peace between Atlantis and the surface forward there is always an unknown threat or a misunderstanding that keeps this peace from being reachedIn a way this volume should be called the Fall of Auaman as Arthur finds himself confronted with a royal coup that sees an Atlantian terrorist group seize power away from the would be king But what do you do when your greatest enemy is your own people's fear and prejudice But Arthur reminds us what any great hero leader should do and that is stand up for what is right It looks like he may lose the battle for know but Dan Abnett has set the stage for Auaman to come back stronger than ever The the earlier dead water story felt like a filler arc while we move towards the end of this run The next time we read Auaman we will have a new artist team and the story will have a new status uo going forward Ultimately Abnett has done a great job with the character and the world he inhabits This series really shines with the love story between Mera Arthur Their story is all about love sacrifice Mera is fighting battles of her own as she just wants to be with the one she loves but she understands the burden Arthur carries as king versus being half human The artwork kind of changes from okay to great in some issues The colors really pop and work with the story I do think that Auaman is a series that will not be everyone's cup of tea To be fair the volume one was a bit better but I really like where Abnett has taken the character Readers looking to jump into Auaman I suggest reading the following earlier collectionsAuaman Volume 1 The Trench Auaman Volume 2 The Others Auaman Volume 3 Throne of Atlantis Auaman Volume 4 Death of a King Auaman Volume 6 Maelstrom Auaman Volume 1 The DrowningAuaman 2016 Vol 2 Black Manta Rising

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    Read as single issuesThe threat of NEMO and Black Manta is behind him Now Auaman can turn his attention back to Atlantisright?Wrong Dead Water returns and a supercomputer tries to murder Auaman because he wants to be friends And of course while all that's happening there's a coup in Atlantis God damn it can't Arthur have one day off?These nine issues bring Auaman right up to the next big storyline which is currently unfolding and while they seem a little insignificant on their own combined together you realise uite how clever Abnett has been dividing Auaman's attention away from Atlantis to the point where it all crashes down around his ears Plus the threats he's facing are uniue we've seen Dead Water before but this time we get a lot background on where he came from and Warhead from the first arc is definitely not something I've seen before and not a character that would have worked for anyone but Auaman It all makes the final two issues the titular Crown Of Atlantis story even impactful as you see all these victories Arthur has won fall apart around himThe Auaman art team of Brad Walker Phil Briones and Scot Eaton bid farewell on this volume turning out another solid 9 issues all on time and never dropping in uality at all Their styles are fairly safe and 'house standard' but they get the job done and never distract from the action I'm curious to see where they head off to nextA trio of stories that move Auaman into the next phase of Abnett's story all very good on their own and even better when viewed as a whole

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    A fun volume with good action and good art

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