The Midnight Dance

❴Epub❵ ➚ The Midnight Dance Author Nikki Katz – When the music stops the dance beginsSeventeen year old Penny is a lead dancer at the Grande Teatro a finishing school where she and eleven other young women are training to become the finest ballerin When the music stops the dance beginsSeventeen year old Penny is a lead dancer at the Grande Teatro a finishing school where she and eleven other young women are training to become the finest ballerinas in Italy Tucked deep into the woods the school is overseen by the mysterious and handsome young Master who keeps the girls ensconced in the estate – and in the The Midnight Kindle - only life Penny has never knownBut when flashes of memories memories of a life very different from the one she thinks she’s been leading start to appear Penny begins to uestion the Grand Teatro and the motivations of the Master With a kind and attractive kitchen boy Cricket at her side Penny vows to escape the confines of her school and the strict rules that dictate every step she takes But at every turn the Master finds a way to stop her and Penny must find a way to escape the school and uncover the secrets of her past before it’s too late.The Midnight Dance

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The Midnight Dance PDF Ò The Midnight  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Midnight Dance
  • Nikki Katz
  • English
  • 04 September 2014
  • 9781250123718

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    I love the cover for this book so I'm so sad that it was so bad It was just weird confusing and uncomfortable I don't know if it's just because I don't like thrillers so take my opinion as you will with that knowledge but I had so much trouble following the narrative and figuring out what was going on I was hoping for a creepy story set in a ballet school in Italy like how cool is that setting But whatever it was it wasn't that Definitely disappointing

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    So okay this was a very uick DNF and I have three reasons why and I’m going to start calling them the Holy Trinity of YA Genre Fic Fails → the Petty DramaTM on the literal first page that is of course between our heroine and a More Liked Mean Girl That is definitely not being set up for subversion So far is the most important conflict of the book but of course girl will not become an interesting or complex villain Girl is a bitch Boycott character development 2k17 → the main character does not have any common sense She’s the type of lead who would definitely go back into a burning house for her diary my proof is that she’s the type of lead who every fucking time she senses that something isn’t right acts AS SUSPICIOUS AS POSSIBLE because that’s totally going to make me believe she’s in a life or death situation Like not that I don’t get your emotional turmoil but you’d better offer me some development if you’re going to be emotional or shut the fuck up→ the romance is so adgjradhktadhkkrsf god I swear in the first three pages homegirl breaks out that “he’s cute but nothing SPECIAL like the HOT CREEPY BOY because creeps are so hot haha” and three fucking pages later after he pulls out a snack and calls her some Italian phrase which totally doesn’t feel like exoticism she goes BMAO blushing my ass off in ten seconds flatI don’t even know guys it was messy and would recommend finding something else if you’re looking for a creepy read that Avoids Te TropesBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

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    35 stars I'm not uite sure how to feel On one hand the writing was absolutely lovely but I think the story was a bit of a miss for me personally though that might be due to personal preferences But let me say this first this would make an incredible film Can someone please make this into a movie? ThanksssssPenny is one of many dancers held up in the Master's estate At the beginning she starts to realize her memories are off kilter and something is very wrong Despite being drawn to the very handsome Master the owner of the estate Penny discovers he's doing something to manipulate all the girls Sounds cool right?I was super into the first few chapters The plot takes no time to dive you in deep and I was totally into the whole Master concept So much in fact that I think it set my hopes too high for the end I was expecting some majorly cool plot twists and while there were a few small ones nothing really caught me off guard So that's probably my fault my expectation levels with the whole mystery thing were sky high so I was sad when there were no big surprises I DID like the few small ones though I also felt like there were a few loopholes but it could be that I missed some important details Let's be honest that was probably my faultThe concept was strong but the characterization fell a bit flat for me The focus was much on the present circumstances and mystery vs the character's pasts or personalities so I had a difficult time connecting to anyone especially at the beginning I get it everything was supposed to be a mystery but since the mystery aspect didn't have many surprises I just had a hard time with it The Master totally had 'Darkling' vibes and I LOVED that bit but he kinda disappointed me in the end It was cool that we saw bits of his story in the past but it didn't feel like strong enough motivation for him to become who he was I'm SUPER particular about my villains though so I doubt anyone else will feel the sameNow I know that all sounds a bit negative but trust me those are all personal opinions that I doubt others will share This book had MANY redeeming ualities For instance the setting was SO COOL and the writing which I mentioned earlier was absolutely lovely While the mystery aspect was a bit of a letdown for me personally the story was still really cool and I really enjoyed several bits I would definitely read another book by Nikki because she's an extremely talented author So all in all If you're in the mood for a mysterysemi thriller with hints of romance check out this book Also a special thanks to Joshua for buddy reading this with me You were spot on with your theories ; Check out Joshua's review HEREMy Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    45 stars I loved thisReview posted on The Eater of Books blogThe Midnight Dance by Nikki KatzPublisher Swoon ReadsPublication Date October 17 2017Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsSeventeen year old Penny is a lead dancer at the Grande Teatro a finishing school where she and eleven other young women are training to become the finest ballerinas in Italy Tucked deep into the woods the school is overseen by the mysterious and handsome young Master who keeps the girls ensconced in the estate – and in the only life Penny has never knownBut when flashes of memories memories of a life very different from the one she thinks she’s been leading start to appear Penny begins to uestion the Grand Teatro and the motivations of the Master With a kind and attractive kitchen boy Cricket at her side Penny vows to escape the confines of her school and the strict rules that dictate every step she takes But at every turn the Master finds a way to stop her and Penny must find a way to escape the school and uncover the secrets of her past before it’s too lateWhat I LikedI've read a number of books published by Swoon Reads an imprint of Macmillan Publishing This imprint is uniue because it is crowd sourced in terms of the work and there are always a ton of manuscripts available to read and explore on the website The Midnight Dance is one of many that has been picked up for publication by Swoon Reads I've had mixed results with the Swoon Reads books I've read so far but this one is among my favorites I adore Cindy Anstey's books but I think those will share the spotlight with this book The Midnight Dance was haunting and mysterious yet swoony and seductive It was an interesting book to read and while I could definitely see the author developing her writing and craft I have a good feeling about her future workPenny is one of the lead dancers of the Grande Teatro a coveted dance school that is selective about its students There are only a handful of students at any given time with rare new faces on occasion The girls are educated in many subjects but their focus is dance as they all strive to be the best ballerina in Italy The school is overseen by Master who is shrouded in mystery and handsome looks Every girl has a crush on him except for Penny who can't shake the creepy feeling she has started to feel when he is near What's her memory is starting to jumble and she isn't sure what is real and what isn't Somehow Master is messing with her mind With the help of the charming kitchen steward Penny is determined to find out what happened in her past that will determine her future at the schoolI love how this story is set up At first I was just as confused as Penny; what is happening to her memories? Why is she starting to remember this or that? And then why did she suddenly forget what she started to remember? Usually I hate being enveloped in this kind of confusion especially so early on but I found that this only intrigued me even From start we know that there is something wrong with Penny's memories And soon after Penny finds out that Master might have something to do with it and Cricket seems to have an idea as to what is happening to her But these realizations are only the tip of the iceberg Master is a lot worse than she expected and Cricket is so much than a kitchen stewardI liked Penny just fine though I didn't love her nor did I hate her I really felt for her as she tried to navigate her life while realizing that she had no idea who she really was She had no idea what her life before the school was like She didn't even know what her favorite food was It was easy to root for her because she was so clearly wronged But I also liked her persistence even when she was throwing herself into obvious danger She wanted nothing than to understand what was happening to her stop Master and save the other girlsCricket is such a sweetheart He is the kitchen steward which basically means that he brings everyone their meals and clears tables There is a lot to him than meets the eye but Master keeps him on a tight leash Cricket is smart loyal protective and stubborn and he never stops trying to help Penny regain her true memories He is one of the constants of the story that is inherently good and kind But he also has a protective streak that shows up every now and then which I lovedI was hooked soon after the story began and I didn't want to stop reading It's too bad I started reading the book on the Metro to work because I really wanted to keep reading Hate or love this book you have to say that it is engaging well hopefully There are so many revelations dropped as the story goes on Some might be obvious but the placement and timing are really good I love the Italian influence and setting There are so many Italian food references it was impossible not to get hungry after reading this book I really want some antipasto or ciabatta or something now it's nearly midnight at the moment The author references a lot of Italian food but also sprinkles in the occasional term or phrase in Italian You can't not know that the story is set in ItalyThe story is also a historical one set in the 1800s I love this time period and it definitely worked well for this story The types of things that Master was doing were very advanced yet the author made them fit into the story There is some sci fi to this book I don't want to say anything specific but it's pretty cool Terrible but cool I love that we get to see Master's backstory and how he came to work on the sci fi stuff Again it is terrible stuff what he is doing but it is also fascinating You kind of feel bad for him? At least initiallyThere is a romance and it is swoony And very non love triangle y I promise there is no triangle or suare or anything of the sort Cricket and Penny are adorable together even if they aren't actually a couple for most of the book There is obvious but subtle chemistry between them and I couldn't wait for them to finally acknowledge their feelings or kiss See my 0928 Swoon Thursday postOverall this book worked for me I enjoyed it especially for the entertaining and mysterious story The adorable romance definitely didn't hurt and the fact that this book is a standalone makes it a great choice What I Did Not LikeI acknowledge the fact that there definitely could have been plot and character development The author's writing and craft seems new and unpracticed It's hard to describe what I'm talking about without sharing whole pages or talking about specifics but basically we know this is a debut I fully believe that the author will get better as a writer the she writes This story felt juvenile on occasion which I noticed several times but it wasn't too distracting I see the author's potentialWould I Recommend ItIf you like historical fiction novels with romance and some slightly creepy sci fi elements check out this book It has an air of mystery to it and it's a fast read The ending is really good and it is perfect as the ending of a standalone And the romance was definitely swoony Swoon Reads is living up to the nameRating4 stars I am glad this book is a standalone but I definitely want to read by this author I'll be looking out for her 2018 book I'm sure her next book will be even better

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    DNF at 21%I’ll admit to being sucked in by that cover but I really liked the synopsissadly that’s the nicest thing I can say about what I read Penny and the other girls seem horribly flat Master is creepy af and I spent a good portion of the time reading wondering if he was sexually assaulting the girls Cricket does seem to care about Penny but it’s weird that he knows what’s happening Plot wise I felt like I was dropped into a story that had already been started The prologue had promise and I did get to a small reveal of what was going on but it wasn’t nearly enough to keep me reading I’m choosing not to rate this one strictly because I didn’t make it to my usual 25 30%; however off of what I did read I would have given it 1 star Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge

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    This book definitely needs to be made into a moviePenny can't remember who she really is How strange is it that she can't remember her favourite meal and all the girls at Grade Teatro have a similar memory of who their mother was and why they ended up there The only thing that the girls can remember is their dance routine and that they must never disobey the Master When Penny's memories start to return she is desperate to keep them and find out about who she really was before she became trapped in this mansionI was hooked right from the beginning the action starts right away and it is very easy to understand the concept of whats going on which makes the book very pleasurable to read The writing in this book is so beautiful and I love the way the author wrote descriptions dialogue and the speed of the plotI fell in love with Penny right from the beginning You can tell how strong of a character she is when Master can't fully control her mind Her desperation to find the truth and free the other girls was so wonderful to read about I definitely love these types of main characters who do things not just for themselves but to save others Part of the story in this book takes place in the past as we see how Master became the person that he is today and why While I thought this was really interesting in the beginning it kind of fell short for me around the middle and I just got bored with this side of the story I thought it could have been a bit interesting and maybe a tad explained I would have loved to see of the science theory that they had behind the mind control and suchOverall this was a really beautiful book I will definitely be picking up from this author because I loved her writing style If you've read the synopsis and you think you'd enjoy it then definitely give it a tryHappy ReadingAneta

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    Mini reviewDNFI read part of this book on Swoon ReadsThis book is just not for me It seems to be a bit of thriller Which is a genre I avoidStill recommend

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    Phew  Ok that was a tough read and boy am I glad it’s over  I really can’t think of many ways that The Midnight Dance could have let me downIt’s only 320 pages long and took me a month to read and I’ve got to admit from the 40% mark I was skimming it  The lingering uestion I was left with was ultimately why?  I don’t understand why anything in this book happened?  And I must warn you that if you proceed to read from here there will be spoilersOk let us proceedThe setting of Nikki Katz’s The Midnight Dance is a manor house where a whole lot of girls live and learn ballet  This brings us to our first whyWhy Ballet?  Ballet is totally pointless to the narrative  The girls could have been in a regular boarding school a work house a brothel the International Space Station; the narrative would have been exactly the same  I got the feeling that Katz just liked the idea and has probably seen Coppélia a few times and thought it would be a cool plot device  But it ultimately serves no purposeWhy is the Master trying to control people’s minds?  No seriously I have no idea  Maybe it’s because I skim read it but I really am not sure what the villain’s motivations were other than Penny was a special snowflake and he was totally in love which again why?  There was an intro about a boy with a missing leg who grows up to be the master but because he was teased by his sister he wants revenge gets a robotic prosthetic and experiments with mind control on a whole bunch of young girls who are ballet students  Confused?  Yeah me too But seriously why?Penny our protagonist has a grandfather who’s not her grandfather who wants to help her but not the other girls because they are obviously not as special as special special Penny but is also the medical mastermind behind all these experiments in the first place  But why?  For the love of God and all that is holy why why WHY??  There is no plausible reason given for his agreement to carry out the experiments to begin with  He can apparently create artificial limbs and perform medical miracles unknown at the time but instead of doing something useful he lives in a cottage by a manor house for ballerinas catering to the whim of a madman who has no good reason to want to control the minds of all these girls in the first placeGod this plot was just such a hot mess of different ideas that just went nowhere  The narrative was batshit crazy from the start so there were no surprises anywhere along the way  Nothing that happened was shocking  There was a bit of a romance that was just ‘meh’ an attempt at a love triangle that was just a bit gross and creepy a lot of other characters who I forgot almost as soon as they graced the page or who appeared for the first time a few minutes before they were conveniently needed and loads of Italicised Italian thrown in just to prove that the book was in fact set in Italy  If there hadn’t been a date at the beginning of each chapter to tell me when it was set I wouldn’t have had any idea  The way the characters spoke wasn’t believable the setting didn’t give a sense of time or place and where the plot device was discussed it was in fact historically wrong  Ballet dancers used to be stocky and muscular and pointe shoes at the time that this was set were not used for long periods as they were nothing than regular satin shoes with some extra darning reinforcement at the toe and sides for the sake of occasional balances rather than prolonged dancingThe Midnight Dance was just a really mediocre read with a less than mediocre story  The plot was nonsensical and the characters forgettable  Do yourself a favour  Read something else  But hey at least the cover is greatRead this review and at I Blame Wizards

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    The Midnight Dance is a daring heart pounding read It was full of character intrigue and mystery This fast paced read is sure to captivate and move youWhat can I say about The Midnight Dance? I found it mysterious and thrilling I felt like it held inspiration from The Phantom of the Opera It offered danger passion and unexpected twists that I found fascinating This one was truly uniueI enjoyed the world building and plot Though I wish the world building had had a few details and the plot was not so fast paced I still felt that they were both well done and elegantly written The writing style used was uite beautiful and entrancing I was drawn in to the story and to the main charactersI saw beauty and strength in our main character Penny Though there were times she wasn't as relate able as I would have liked I felt a connection to her She was brave and determined to find answers to the mysteries of her memories the school and The MasterI was so intrigued by The Master of the school He was dark and brooding mysterious and handsome  He added a layer of depth and captivation to the story as well as harboring many entertaining secretsAnd finally there was Cricket Cricket was a necessary character that added a little mystery to the story I would have liked him to be a touch developed but he added a layer of passion and empathy to the story nonetheless He was brave and caring and definitely alluringMy final thoughts are that of enjoyment and thrills I wouldn't classify this as a contemporary book I would say it falls under the mystery genre grazing the horror genre I cannot say without giving spoilers but there is definitely than meets the eye here and it is very interesting I really enjoyed the plot twists and the thrilling mystery The Midnight Dance was a uniue must readThank you to Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with this free e ARC in exchange for me honest review

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    This book kept me up past 200 am I couldn't stop reading Not until I understood all the weirdness going on at this bizarre o boarding school for ballerinas Creepy twisty and oh so deliciously DARK

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