The Old Queen's Treasure

❰Download❯ ➾ The Old Queen's Treasure Author Michael A. Herr – The ground shook and split, revealing the evil of a centuries old murder The Big Island earthquake of October 2006 opens a secret burial chamber in the barren lava fields and found within by an unwit The ground shook and split, revealing the evil of a centuries old murderThe Big Island earthquake of October opens a secret burial chamber in the barren lava fields and found within by an unwitting duo, are the sacred remains of ancient Hawaiians and the moepu, or sacred burial artifacts meant to accompany the dead chief However, in another part of the burial chamber, something totally unexpected is discovered The corpse of a man, wrapped in silk robes and with him, a dagger and a porcelain platter Neither he nor the objects were Hawaiian The Old PDF/EPUB ² in originHow did the remains of a captain of a Chinese treasure ship come to rest here This question and other perplexing mysteries lead to a tale of greed, ambition, and foul murder on the Kohala Coast.The Old Queen's Treasure


The Old Queen's Treasure MOBI ê The Old  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Old Queen's Treasure
  • Michael A. Herr
  • 16 April 2019
  • 9781435709911

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    If this page had six stars I d give them to this book I really enjoyed everything about it, from the research I did to the writing It s one of my favorites.

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    Michael A Herr explores the concept that Chinese explorers reached the Hawaiian Islands long before Christopher Columbus reached the Americas or Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in this delightful thriller An earthquake rumbles through the Hawaiian Islands, opening up a hidden chamber in one of the lava tubes containing three long dead bodies One of the bodies is of Chinese origin while the other two are Hawaiian origin Amongst them are a number of artifacts A thief in the lava tube, there for other secret reasons, discovers the hidden chamber and begins selling the artifacts to a disreputable antiques dealer.Meanwhile, Hwang Tam, Professor Thompson, and Felicia, a doctoral student, are called to Hawaii to work an archaeological dig site Tam is determined to prove that the Chinese were the premier explorers of their time and had actually reached the Hawaiian Islands long before Cooke This sets up tension between Tam and Thompson, who does not necessarily believe in Tam s theories, but constantly reminds Tam that any discoveries made belong to Stanford University and the professor and not to Tam This sets up many conflicts between Tam and Thompson and provides a source of frustration for Tam who will do anything to advance in Beijing, where he actually resides.Felicia, through her fiance Jeremy, arranges to stay with Jeremy s mother and sister while in Hawaii This provides the third storyline and another set of tensions as Jeremy s mother doesn t quite trust Felicia and her motives Felicia also catches Thompson in an compromising position and threatens him He in turn, uses his power to slow down her doctoral studies I felt bad for Felicia as I know how much power a professor can have when doing doctoral studies, especially if one has no proof I wondered how this would resolve itself and I was anxious for Felicia s future.Tam s determination to prove his theories eventually lead him to the antique dealer s shop and to find the evidence he needed As his ambition and greed spiral out of control, all of the plotlines eventually collide which result in murder Felicia and Teri, Jeremy s sister, are soon fleeing for their lives in an exciting finale.This is the third book in the Kohala series and I am looking forward to the fourth book to find out about this family Some of the subplots did not have resolutions in this book and I am curious to see how everything will play out in book four The mix of Hawaiian legend, myth, superstition, culture, and history was fascinating as I know very little about Hawaii and I enjoyed learning about the islands The main plotline ended satisfyingly and all in all, it was a very enjoyable read.

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    Never trust a crocodile.

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