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➳ [Reading] ➶ Patriot Games By Tom Clancy ➩ – Tom Clancy's Patriot Games is filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished the author's two previous bestsellers Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising Patriot Games puts Tom Clancy's Patriot Games is filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished the author's two previous bestsellers Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising Patriot Games puts us on the cutting edge of another type of war — the international battle of terrorism It is fall Years before the defection of a Soviet submarine will send him hurtling into confrontation with the Soviets historian ex Marine and CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vacationing in London with his wife and young daughter when a terrorist attack takes place before his eyes Instinctively he dives forward to break it up and is shot It is not until he wakes up in the hospital that he learns whose lives he has saved the Prince and Princess of Wales and their new young son and which enemies he has made the Ulster Liberation Army an ultra left wing splinter of the IRABy his impulsive act he has gained both the gratitude of a nation and then enmity of hits most dangerous men men who do not sit on their hate And in the weeks and months to come it is Jack Ryan and his family who will become the targets of that hate.Patriot Games

Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti’s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort The Hunt for Red October He since wrote than a dozen novels which have a blend of realism and authenticity intricate plotting and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels including The Teeth of.

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  • 09 April 2014
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    I'll do the same review for all Clancy's novels because they're all pretty much the same Very long very detailed and after a while very repetitive If you stop after just a few of his books you'd probably give them 4 or 5 stars but beyond that they start to grate Especially where Jack Ryan is involved I mean Clancy spends hundreds of pages getting his details just right the settings perfect etc then he has Ryan dodging bullets than James Bond I finally threw my hands up and surrendered when Ryan becomes President I can't remember what piece of crap that was inI've given three stars as a compromise between my reactions when reading my first Clancy brilliant and last Clancy doorstop

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    This early Jack Ryan preuel certainly evokes the 1980’s setting from whence it was written though in a great wayWhilst on holiday in London Jack inadvertently prevents an assassination attempt on members of the royal family by a faction group of the IRAThe fact that it was the Prince and Princess of Wales alongside their son who I decided was William instantly rooted the story to the early part of the decadeJacks heroics soon makes him a target for the group and they’re desperate for him to pay even his family are now targetsIt’s easy to see why the Ryan franchise continues to be successful as the main character is so likeable first and foremost he cares about his family while also believing in the right and proper wayI definitely think Clancy really captures the political climate of the time too and thankfully we’ve seen an end to the troubles this also felt a timely read with both Brexit and the Irish BackstopA great macho 80’s adventure

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    Somehow people like this book Other people complain about the slow plot or the level of detail or the lack of action I was perfectly fine with all of this and in fact I uite liked the idea that injuries were taken seriously and meant that people were out of action for a long time The thing that makes this book truly bad is the lack of development of any of the characters particularly Jack Ryan He is possibly the worst Mary Sue character I've read in such a widely published book He is perfect in every way he is incredibly smart women find him attractive but he's humble and doesn't think he's handsome everybody loves him but he feels uncomfortable around too many people and prefers just a few close friends He is a tough ex marine with great combat sense reflexes and a sense of honor to match but he is also a history professor and a legitimate academic All his students universally love him even though he's a really hard teacher He is super rich and has a beautiful house in a secluded location He loves his perfect family The ueen of England is his biggest fan He manages to win the friendship of Prince Charles by telling him off I could go on with so many examples None of his problems are internal derive from personal flaws or are even all that troubling He's like that guy at a job interview who when asked what his biggest weakness is says something like I guess I'm just too hard a worker or something eually uninformative and boring Everything he is challenged with in this story is external and though clearly dangerous it is only superficially soOne particularly bad section of the novel centers on Jack's plane flight home from England Clancy waxes lyrical about the tragic events of Ryan's past having made him afraid of airplanes and flying Many pages are devoted to this description but we learn nothing fundamental about Jack only some details about his history This scene unfortunately draws a direct comparison with a particular James Bond novel Live and Let Die I believe when Bond is flying from the United States to Jamaica and his plane is caught in a bad thunderstorm With only a few short paragraphs of inner monologue we see Bond who we just saw handle himself calmly and cooly in multiple situations of extreme peril become terrified of death in an airplane crash He becomes almost insensible until the danger passes and we learn that what Bond is truly afraid of is his own powerlessness in this situation It speaks volumes about the character Jack Ryan has no such moment nor anything close He is entirely content unperturbed and unmotivated Jack Ryan is the very image of self satisfied rich white American culture from the mid 1980s and while that itself does not necessarily make him a bad character the superficial way in which it is handled doesI will sum up by saying that this book essentially reads like a bad British Monarchy fanfiction with an incredibly transparent main character

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    Dude books I call them palette cleansers because sometimes I just get tired of reading about FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS This book didn't have any of those other things It had intrigue machismo swearing guns and violence Pretty much pg 13 level nothing too too muchBut it also had bravery mystery and for reals the main guy likes his wife and kid And he doesn't cheat on her Two thumbs upSo in all a bit insight than the movie version but pretty much the gist of it And now my palette has been cleansed On to girl books once

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    Irish bashing aside a solid thriller Can't deny I had a good time with the sun not in the sun Too much fun Not that you need to know any of that Details are all mine

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    Executive Summary After enjoying The Hunt for Red October I had high hopes for this book and found myself a bit disappointedAudio book I've listened to one or two books read by Scott Brick He's a decent reader but nothing special He does a passable English and Irish accent here but not in anyway to make the characters of similar accents distinguishable from one another He does a better job of that with his American voices but still not great I'd happily listen to another book read by him but wouldn't rank him among my favorite readers Full Review I've seen every Jack Ryan movie they've made and enjoyed most of them including this one but this is only my 3rd book in the series I've read This is one of the few cases where I think the movie is better thoughI rather enjoyed The Hunt for Red October which I think had a slightly better reader plus a bunch of sound effects that really added to the experienceThe real core of my disappointment here was the pacing The book starts out great and ends pretty well but really got bogged down inbetween After a pretty exciting start the next uarter or so seemed to just drag onSee Jack Ryan budding Analyst and he recovers in a hospital Contain your excitement as he tours old castles along the English Country side Watch your anticipation grow and you wonder Will Jack be able to put together his daughter's Christmas presents while recovering from his wounds?Eventually though things started to pick back and up and I thought I was over a rough patch Unfortunately things slowed back down again for awhile before a pretty enjoyable finishMr Clancy offers a variety of POVs to give the reader the details from both the terrorists and those trying to catch them I like this idea though the execution was lacking in my opinion If the goal was to accurately portray the tedium and frustration of a CIA analyst then this book succeeds However if the goal was to mix in reality with fiction to tell an exciting spy thriller this book fell short for me I think for me this was best contrasted by the book I was reading while listening to this The Deaths of Tao is a spy thriller with a sci fi setting where aliens secretly run the world Wesley Chu is far less knownsuccessful than Tom Clancy yet I found his book far excitingWhile I found this book disappointing it hasn't completely put me off of the series or Tom Clancy I may switch to try our his John Clark books instead though I mostly likely won't be buying my next Clancy book though and will borrow it from the library instead

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    I heard that Tom Clancy hated the movie this book inspired Having read it i can understand why Nobody likes it when someone takes your idea and makes it enjoyable This is another one of Tom Clancy's political statements disguised as a novel with the IRA representing communism The Pacing is dull the story unbelievable and at times hilarious I suppose though my biggest problem is with Clancy's notion that Ryan is somehow able or even capable of doing half of what he undergos just because he's a former marine with a career of 3 months and who'd never seen combat Especially as in HFRO he can barely keep his cool when being shot at by a cook In reality Ryan would have been struck dumb by it all like everyone else and even if he hadn't if he had gone head to head with an IRA gunman they would have eaten him for breakfast I know that to Clancy's mind the rest of the world is small and inferior compared to anyone born in the states but the IRA are tough bastards not the sort a history teacher would knock out with one tackleAlso why does Clancy always refer to the royal family with their titles?

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    35 to 40 stars Third Jack Ryan book published but first in terms of internal chronology as the events take place before those in The Hunt for Red October While I enjoyed some of the later Ryan novels especially those in which John Clark and his crew played a major part this is still a uality thriller and certainly worth a read A pretty good Clancy novel is still much better than a lot of the junk that is out there

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    When a book is over one hundred pages than it should be and a lot of the villainous aspects are predictable it makes for an underwhelming read This is the predicament that I found myself in with this story For starters it is longer than it needs to be which threw the pacing off and felt like it had a lot of filler pages added which wasn't necessary Also I was able to figure out what was happening and what was going on way before the halfway point Was it adventurous and was it a nice story? Sure Do I regret looking into it? No Would I recommend it? Absolutely Is it something that I would read again? Nope

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    If there’s anything better than classic Clancy I have yet to find it Damn but this was good a perfect balance of action intrigue and investigation Listed as the first Jack Ryan adventure the old girl holds up well

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