The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti

The Rules Of Engagement When Cristiano Marchetti Proposes To Former Mistress Alice Piper, The Deal Has An Expiry Date He Has Six Months To Fulfil The Conditions Of His Grandmother S Will But The Hotelier Has Another Agenda Exacting Revenge On Alice For Daring To Walk Away Seven Years Before Alice Needs The Financial Security Her Enemy Is Providing, But Soon Their Every Clash Is A Shockingly Tempting Encounter Yet As She Uncovers The Man Beneath The Hard Hearted Exterior, The Future Mrs Marchetti Wonders If She Could Break The Rules Of Their Engagementand Walk Down The Aisle As Than Cristiano S Temporary BrideThe Temporary Mrs. Marchetti

I grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Sydney and as a keen horse rider, often competed in local gymkhanas and even broke in a few horses from time to time As I was surrounded by animals, I decided at an early age to become a nurse, however I couldn t stand the sight of blood and so opted for a career in teaching It s a bit ironic that I married a surgeon.I read my first Mills Boon

☀ The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti  PDF / Epub ✍ Author Melanie Milburne –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Temporary Mrs. Marchetti
  • Melanie Milburne
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9780373060504

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    Strident, unlikable heroine Beta hero Seven years ago, the 21 year old heroine rejected hero s marriage proposal seven year because 1 he asked her in a restaurant2 she didn t like the ring3 he was presuming too much after six months of exclusive dating4 he was standing in her way of a career owning a nail and facial salon5 he wanted children and she didn t6 he said I love you.She left Italy by plane that very day and never spoke to him again Now, seven years later, the hero s grandmother has willed half of her villa to the heroine if they marry for six months Hero wants to keep the villa in his family and something about shares I don t know, it was too ridiculous.Heroine only agrees to a sexless marriage of convenience after he buys the building where her London salon is located.They have sex within minutes of agreeing to the sexless MOC and I don t know, it was too ridiculous They deserve each other The hero for pining for this shrew for seven years...

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    Heroine slept with other men during separation so I m not reading this Thanks Esther for the warning

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    Such a boring book But loved that she moved on with other man Yes

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    What a sizzling sensual story this one is, a real page turner a second chance romance for hero the gorgeous wealthy hotelier Cristiano Marchetti and beautiful beauty therapist Alice Piper but as is the way true love never runs smoothly and Cristiano and Alice have a few things to work through after Cristiano s grandmother s will is read and the contents bring them back together.Alice had a whirlwind affair with Cristiano seven years ago and has never felt the same about another man since but she was young then and still had a lot of growing up to do and after her childhood, marriage and families was something she did not want she wanted to run her own business and be comfortable but now with the chance of financial security and spending six months with Cristiano can she do this without losing her heart.Cristiano had lost his family when he was young and was bought up by his loving grandparents so when he met Alice seven years ago he thought he was in love and she would make him happy you see he wanted family again but she hurt him and walked out and now with his grandmother s will he has a chance to get back at her but can he keep his feelings and emotions intact.This is another fabulous story by MS Milburne she really knows how to pull at your heart strings and make the characters so engaging that you do not want to put the book down I loved this one so moving and so very sensual what a story yes this one ticks th...

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    I want to read this, because apparently the heroine is moving on as well during 7 YEARS SEPARATION You go girl You shouldn t standing still while the rest of the world moving and what you call the hero whoring himself left and right

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    4 stars, much better than the last MM I read, which was actually the book published after this one The main characters had a whirlwind romance 7 years prior when she was 21 and he was 27 Thinking he d found the perfect wife, he proposed Alice said no relationship over Cristiano and Alice meet again when Alice is unexpectedly a beneficiary in his grandmother s will Alas, there s never a will in a Harlequin without conditions, is there To claim her unexpected windfall, she has to marry Cristiano and remain married to him for six months.Good to see realism in some books...

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    Melanie Milburne knows how to write romance that practically sizzles off the pages.The Temporary Mrs Marchetti is a second chance romance Cristiano and Alice were once lovers until a unwanted proposal changed everything When Cristiano s grandmother states in her will That they must both marry each other, in order to inherit shares in Cristiano s family villa He sees this as the perfect opportunity to get back at Alice for breaking his heart all those years ago.The chemistry between them is off ...

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    Melanie Milburne is a talented writer who pushes the romance boundaries and comes up with original and innovative storylines premise so often I find I either love her books or not I m giving it 4 stars because though I found the story premise based around the hero s grandmother s will a bit too dodgy and mercenary for my liking, I was interested to see how the romance developed Then again while reading it, I found the heroine irritating, and a tad too demanding Generally if you like lots of angst, conflict and tension between characters then this is the book for you If you don t mind the heroine hero a...

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    The Temporary Mrs Marchetti by Melanie Milburne grabs you from page one and doesn t let go Genuinely entertaining, fast paced and deliciously good, you can t go wrong with this story When Cristiano Marchetti proposes to Alice Piper he has his own intentions He is hell bent on exacting revenge on Alice for walking out on him years ago But when his intentions start to unravel and he cannot keep Alice out of his thoughts, Cristiano must rethink his options Alice on the other h...

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    3.5 Stars The rules of engagement When Cristiano Marchetti proposes to former mistress beauty spa owner Alice Piper, the deal has an expiry date He has six months to fulfil the conditions of his grandmother s will But the hotelier has another agendaexacting revenge on Alice for daring to walk away s...

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