I Just Want To Feel Safe AgainSecurity Expert Nico Wayfair Is On The Run After Uncovering A Deadly Secret About One Of The Largest Companies In The World, There Are A Lot Of People That Would Like To Bury That Information And Him Along With It When He Crosses Paths With A Handsome Private Investigator, Nico Knows He Could Use The Older Man S Help But When Rhys Lights A Fire Within Him He Didn T Know He Had, Is It Simply Business Or SomethingOne Last Job, And I Can Leave This Town For GoodPrivate Investigator Rhys Wyatt Is Down On His Luck A Sudden Betrayal Cost Him His Life Savings And He Has Nowhere To Turn When A Job Comes Along That Could Finally Buy His Freedom, Rhys Doesn T Think Twice He Swears To Protect Nico Until He Can Reveal His Findings There S Just One Problem The Only Man Who Can Save Rhys From His Past Is The One He Swore To ProtectWe Re In This TogetherRhys And Nico Race To Expose Their Revelations While Coming To Grips With Their Mutual Attraction If Things Go South, Life As They Know It Will Be Over But Secrets Can T Remain Secrets Forever Can They Face Their Demons, Both Inside And Out, Before They Destroy Them Both Incognito Is A Standalone Gay Romance About Forbidden Love It Has Plenty Of Action, No Cliffhangers, And A HEA Ending.Incognito

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Incognito book, this is one of the most wanted L.A. Watson author readers around the world.

Free ↠ Incognito  By L.A. Watson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 199 pages
  • Incognito
  • L.A. Watson
  • English
  • 06 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Incognito

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    The blurb is very intriguing It got me hooked from the first line So keeping in terms with that, the book started out real good But then something happened I couldn t stay emotionally invested with Nico and Rhys, nor could I stay involved in what was happening I can t pinpoint as to what it was, but that something broke my connection with the MCs and made it a chore for me to read on But then the ending part was what grabbed me again I wish the author had had help from some good beta readers, because the book had ...

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    I wanted to really love this one, but I ended up not enjoying it as much as I thought I would I was really excited about the idea of a computer geek type paired up with a private investigator It had a lot of potential The relationship between the main characters ended up feeling really forced and lacked an emotional connection for me The plot of the story itself was good and it had a great starting point but couldn t hold my attention in the middle section It did pick back up at the...

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    This was just OK for me.I really expected to like this story a lot than I did It s hard to put my finger on it exactly but I don t think I connected with the characters that well Nico seemed like a good guy but Rhys kind of left me cold He s still pining after the jerk that left him but after one meeting he wants Nico At one point Nico said he had little experience with women and no experience with men but when he and Rhys finally got down to it Nico showed no hesitation or uncertainty at all.I found the secondary characters of Miles and Jake almost intriguing than Nico and Rhys As a side note in the story there was mention of the stuffy heat of server rooms I worked in IT for a lot of years and the only time I was in a stuffy or warm server room was when the A C was malfunctioning The mention of the stuffy server room distracted me a bit from the story but that s probably just due to my IT background.I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my hon...

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    Battered and betrayed Rhys just wants a client case to make enough he can get the hell out of town and his ex What he did not know business was what he needed walked through the door in the form of a terrified Nico After finding the wrong info on his employer s server Nico is on the run, he finds a flyer for Rhys who is a P.I , and hires him protect himself until he can make the info public When the business relationship evolves to something intimate things ge...

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    Not really feeling this book While I liked Nick I couldn t connect with Rhys and the espionage fell flat The secondary characters Miles and Jake were way interesting and it s because of them I m giving this book 2.5 stars I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sweet, short read I love a story with a computer nerd, so the PI was just a fun extra perk for me I liked their story, good suspense, good drama I would definitely read from this author I received an ARC for an honest review.

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    Overall, enjoyable read but it was a fairly predictable suspense and raised questions than answers How old was Rhys that he was referred to as Old Man If he was only about ten years older than Nico then he was probably mid to late 30snot old at all It was kind of annoying that Nico was constantly jumping to conclusions however, that could be forgiven considering that he was frightened But the insta love was a bit puzzling It was never explained why Percy was hunting for Nico and what was Nico accused of that he had to clear his name Was Percy planning on killing him How did Sam figure in According to Rhys, Sam completely vanished without a trace, yet there he was with Percy How good of a detective was Rhys if he couldn t even figure that one out Miles was a complete enigma ...

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    Worst PI EVER Seriously All he did was get drunk, become hungover and then fall asleep on the job But supposedly the MC s were to have found love When I missed it view spoiler Not that it really matters, but was Nic...

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    1.5 because I got a few laughs out of it though I don t think they were intended There was no chemistry or emotional development between the two MCs And who uses boiling water for gyokuro My teas offer sanctuary.

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