Song of the Wanderer

➸ Song of the Wanderer Free ➮ Author Bruce Coville – One unicorn dwells on Earth.Hundreds fight in Luster.Their legends are recorded in The Unicorn Chronicles.Book II Song of the WandererCara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer Bu One unicorn dwells on EarthHundreds fight in LusterTheir legends are recorded in The Unicorn ChroniclesBook II Song of the WandererCara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer But to do so, Cara must first travel through the wilderness of Luster, land of the unicorns, full of unknown creatures and perilous adventure around every bend in the road Only at the back Song of eBook Ò of the dragon Ebillan s cave will she find the gate that can return her to EarthEmbarking on the journey of her life, Cara will face vicious terrain, delver attacks, and a surly dragon Beyond all this looms onedanger Beloved, Cara s infamous ancestor, who has dedicated a lifetime to ridding the earth of unicorns Is Cara strong enough to resist Beloved s ruthless magic and trickery Can she bear betraying her own blood.Song of the Wanderer


Song of the Wanderer PDF/EPUB ☆ Song of  eBook
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Song of the Wanderer
  • Bruce Coville
  • English
  • 22 February 2019
  • 9780590459549

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    Its about Unicorns For Heaven s sake, what is there not to like However, to elucidate further This is the second volume of the Trilogy of The Unicorn Chronicles and during the course of this book new characters are encountered which enrich the whole narrative Whether these be Unicorns or other creatures, they are filled out in detail and the personalities of each one are fleshed out As a result, new comrades and new enemies for Cara, the heroine, are introduced My personal favourite being Medafil, the wonderfully grouchy Gryphon prone to satisfed purring if enticed enough Just to digress for one moment.having been involved in a minor skirmish over the incomprehensible loathing of cats by certain folk who shall remain namelessbut you know who you are, as does the Gryphon.Medafil is a great advertisment for the wondrous arrogance of the cat, even if he is, I grant you, rather a mythological composite If you read my review for the first volume you may recall my dubious opinion of the disneyesque Squijum I have to say this lessened somewhat in this volume, he was not quite so annoying, nor quite so grating but then again he did not feature quite so much.This book was detailed in the sense that Coville gradually began unfurling the story like some great colourful tapestry He has a great knack of keeping the narrative moving and introducing all sorts of new elements and uncovering new details without overloading the story The characters, in the main, have personalities which ring true, they also remain faithful to their histories By that I mean Coville refrains from changing their behaviour to suit the plot development If readers are surprised it will be because of a new revelation in the life or past of the character not because the character his herself is acting inconsistently This is a pet hate of mine in any novel but especially in young people s books.We encounter, at some length, the two matriarchs of the opposing forces Arabella Skydancer, the Unicorn Queen and Beloved, the Head of the Hunters and therefore the arch foe of the Unicorns The explanation for Beloved is seen clearly as my heart throbbed in constant agony from the piece of horn that lances and heals it with every breath i take Beloved s father had gone in search of unicorns to kill them but one, finding the wounded Beloved, comes to heal her this involved the animal piercing the wound with his horn and in this way, after initial agony, the wounded is healed and the unicorn, for a time, weakened Tragically, the father returns at just that moment of pain and hears the cry of his daughter and sees what appears an attack In the ensuing fight the two warriors are killed and the unicorn s horn is snapped in the very midst of its healing action at the balance, as it were, of the agony and ecstasy.Coville s skill in centring so much of the story around this tragic misunderstanding, long gone in the mists of history, is to set the whole turmoil of hate and bloodshed in the context of pointlessness, all so unnecessary.There are some real tour de force in terms of imaginative invention The Rainbow prison, where the light by which worlds are connected becomes splintered and broken into shafts, is ingeniously simple and fascinating as a result The fact that there is always one unicorn hidden in the world, called The Guardian of Memory , its vocation to keep alive the memory of what we were, and what was lost when we left , appealed to my sense of enchantment and beauty in the world It reminded me of that quote from Tolkien where he said that to believe in winged horses is not to belittle ordinary ones but rather to ennoble them.At one point in this lovely book the characters are crossing an enormous underground cavern through which cascades and flows an enormous river that glows and shines deep crimson Cara asks why it glows and a dwarf who happens to be with them because it is that sort of story, begins to try to find rational explanations for itwhich was a piece of delicious tongue in cheek poking fun on the part of Coville which i found really endearing One of the earthbound humans theorizes It could be magic The dwarf, Richard Dawkinslike in his dismissive lack of imagination, declares Possible, though if it is, I don t see the point in it The human responds with a sentiment that i for one would wear with pride on any t shirt you chose to buy me Do all wonders need to have a purpose This is a great second volume imaginative, exciting, challenging and well written I would certainly very happily recommend it to any young readers

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    Alright, alright, I ll admit it I m in my freshman year of high school and I still believe in unicorns A lot of that is thanks to Bruce Coville I adored this book as a young girl, and have ever since It made me want to believe in unicorns and magic worlds in a way that nothing else did.I read this book before I read Into the Land of the Unicorns, so the fact that I prefer this one may be a little skewed Looking back on both, though, I really do think this is the better book the first is lovely, but things really pick up here There are heartbreaking scenes and exciting scenes and scenes that even now make me sit on the edge of my seat Through it all, the writing and the world of Luster remain consistently beautiful, and the characters are fun and, for the most part, believeable.I really want to get my hands on the next book I spent years convinced that it was never going to come out, because he took so long, and was thrilled to see that it was on the shelves My parents made me wait to buy it, but it s on the way in the mail right now and I can t wait.

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    I remember being OBSESSED with this book when I was younger I d bring this book everywhere with me I still own it and if you could see the condition it s in, there s no questioning that this book was my baby It looks brand new.I can t wait to reread this along with the rest of the books and see what kind of feelings it ll respark _

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    I remember when I first read this It had been years after the first Unicorn Chronicles book and I had honestly given up on ever finding a sequel Then this I was so happy and devoured it in a single sitting I adore the characters Bruce Coville has created here Some great personality It is one of those books I can t even pick a favorite I loved getting a much better feel of Luster and those that live there The stories and histories share show the depth this has And for a middle grade early Young Adult novel, it does really well I just finished re reading it via audio book on hoopla It is done by an entire cast of voice actors and I loved it I am not normally an audio book person but when you get a few different people to read the parts or have sound effects, it adds so much and really brings the story to life and helps to visualize what is going on Fantastic to read or listen to and a highly recommended series

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    If you read any of my reviews, you ll know that I m a fan of Bruce Coville s writing His Unicorn Chronicles is one of the best series for fantasy readers of any age.Although I first read this book many years ago, I ve begun reading the series to my boys, ages 11 and 12, and they absolutely love it.They were both hesitant at first, and neither would read the series on their own, thinking that it was a girl s book But neither wants me to read anything else now until I ve started the series.The first book was fun, but this second book begins to weave an intricate tale Alliances are defined and the characters take on a depth that helps us identify with them The adventure isn t so new, but we discover new areas to Luster the land of the unicorns and meet new characters.It s a thrilling adventure and really makes us thirst for the next book.

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    This is a re read, pre goodreads, but I enjoyed it enough to read it again and I ve ordered the next I enjoyed the development of the father the twists at the end involving Cara s grandmother.

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    Omg I was right to be obsessed with these books I finished this one at 1am last night I remembered very little from this one just the gryphon I hadn t even heard of a gryphon griffin when I first read this book and the seashell from which you can heard the voice of a woman singing a particular song In fact, I have a distinct memory of telling my mom about the seashell, and she remembers me telling her I think the reason why I don t remember much is because I was wayyy creeped out by Beloved and the rainbow prison Definitely did NOT see the plot twist s coming Parts of the ending reminded me of The Last Unicorn, which is probably where Coville got his inspiration Regardless, it was very well executed I m excited to read the next two books, which will be completely new reads

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    I loved this book.

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    I have to start by saying that a lot or, okay, at least some of the names are on the stupid side a unicorn ruled world called Luster sorry that takes things to the ridiculous, princessy end of things although I guess since this is intended for kids it is understandable that the author doesn t try harder in that department as a kid I think I would have been ready to go along with it The name thing is balanced out a bit by the grumpy nature of than one of the unicorns, and the far from silvery rainbow shiny glistening nature and appearance of some of the companions and other beings of the world, so in the end it s not choking on sickly sweetness.I really did enjoy this story In some ways it was simplistic and everything really does wrap up a bit too neatly and yes, another one I knew that last little reveal back in book 1 although now that I think about it, I m not sure exactly how I knew it just had that sense of everything will fit perfectly if this is true He does a great job of conveying the divided nature of the wanderer and the song as performed by various cast members throughout the story was well done and, in the end, in perfect tenor for its sentiment and, yikes who is that soprano who sings the whole thing through at the end amazing voice The faint glimmers ha at the edges of possible scientific explanations for travel between the worlds and for what lies between were interesting, but in some ways it reminded me a bit too much of the bits of memory I have of Rainbow Brite oh dear where did that one come from No this was much better than that this review makes me feel like such a jerk because the writer is from my home city I feel like I need to clarify that I really really enjoyed the story after reading the 1st book I had to go on to this 2nd installment and I m looking forward to the third book going on the library site to get it now There are just these seeds of cynicism worming their way throughout my soul that say unicorns cutesy unless you really do something to make them fierce and disconnect them from the rainbow princess feel This story has a lot of depth and real pain and loss why do we need pain to balance out beauty and joy for things to feel believable , along with some truly interesting characters along the way I think the reason I start out with the cynical reaction is because he does retain some of the connections between unicorns and some of the things that through overuse in various kiddy productions have seemed to make them cutesy rather than hugely powerful creatures of purity among the mythical beasts.

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    The second novel in The Unicorn Chronicles picks up mere moments after the first novel ended, plopping us right back down into the action Cara is given a quest within a few pages and she sets off without much ado We are introduced to a few new unicorns, and Thomas continues the adventure with the party.One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the unicorns are not perfect They each have character flaws, egos, and occasional poor decision making There are no special snowflake princesses in these unicorns Lightfoot will always be my favorite unicorn from this series, because he really does seem like the spoiled prince who is just trying to make a name for himself in the world, outside of his family There is unfortunately not enough of my favorite character, the Dimblethum, although we are introduced to Medafil, whose constant stream of hyperbole and made up curse words had me smiling.My number one gripe about this series is that everything is incredibly convenient and through a series of astonishing coincidences, Cara rediscovers her family, including her parents and grandparents I could handle it for the first installment, Into the Land of the Unicorns, because that one overall felt the most juvenile, so everything working out was ok with me But while this one has all the characters grow up just a little bit, no one ever makes a misstep, or if they do, it is always a good thing and a benefit to all in the end.If I weren t a bad poker player, I would stop the series here, but I hate giving up on a series once I start it The reveals at the end creeped me out than intrigued me, and the next two books just get longer and longer This novel actually made me dislike the first one a little bit, because the reveals were so odd and adult yet the writing was so obviously juvenile.

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