The Three Ways of Desire

The Three Ways Of Desire Free Author Judith Rook The Story And Writing Will Draw You In Off The Charts Hot And Steamy Definitely Keeps You Turning The Page The Next Great Read Book Review Blog.A Powerful Man Puts His Vast Empire At Risk Because He Will Not Sell His Ward Other Ruling Men Demand The Beautiful And Intelligent Yolande, But He Intends To Keep Her For Himself.On A World Controlled By Lite Military And Merchant Families, Yolande Is Due To Be Sold To The Highest Bidder Against All Custom, However, Her Strange And Remote Guardian, Morrain, Decides That She Will Belong Only To Him And His Best Friend, Hagen, Although If His Plans Are Discovered, It Will Mean The End Of His Family S Wealth And Influence.Morrain Forbids Yolande To Have Contact With Other Men, Apart From Hagen, And Begins To Take Her, Unwillingly At First, Through A Series Of Sexual Adventures He Binds Her Emotionally To Him And Marks Her As His Possession Yolande Begins To Respond To And Care For The Man Who Treats Her With Both Hard Passion And Gentle Tenderness.But Yolande Will Only Be Safe From The Other Families When She Is Married, And Although Morrain Cannot Be His Ward S Husband, Hagen Agrees To Marry Her And Share Her With Her Guardian.Yolande Comes To Equally Love The Two Men Who Now Dominate Her Life Although Intriguing Sensuality Binds Them Together, Yolande Finds Fulfillment In The Developing Relationships, Before Being Swept Up In A Rebellion And Abducted.Can Morrain And Hagen Rescue The Woman They Both Love And Desire With Equal Passion, Without Revealing The Extent Of Their Mutual Feelings For All To SeeThe Three Ways of Desire

Judith Rook was born and raised in rural Yorkshire in the UK The nearest city was Bradford, the great centre for wool processing, but she remembers fields running up to moorland much clearly than mill chimneys.Judith s early writing was done in old accountants ledgers which had blank sheets interleaved with the ruled pages She wrote on the ruled pages as well Not thinking of becoming a wr

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  • The Three Ways of Desire
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  • 14 February 2019

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this story Firstly, because I thoroughly enjoyed it despite it being a fantasy novel, not the usual genre I read Secondly, because although I knew there would be sex scenes, I did not anticipate them to be so hot and steamy Wow, definitely worth a read.The main characters Yolande and her Controller Morraine were entertaining and I particularly liked Commander Hagen he was my favourite in this story The three had a very interesting relationship Whilst Morraine wanted Yolande for himself it was not allowed it was his duty to give her to another family s Contr...

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    I didn t know what to expect when I decided to read this and being honest, once I started I didn t know how I was going to fee about this book I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this story Judith Rook is a great author who writes a strong storyline that flow beautifully The story and writing will draw you in The characters were good with great character development If y...

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    This is by far one of the hottest books that I have ever read It has so much passion that I could feel the heat coming from my Kindle For the most part, I really enjoyed this book It had a surprisingly strong female lead, strong and sexy men and plenty of adventure Overall, I felt that the story was really immersive I loved the grandeur, the adventure and the role reversal that resulted in the woman having all of the power, which was a nice change I felt that there could ha...

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