Reading Disinheritance Author John Sibley Williams Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Lyrical, Philosophical, And Tender Exploration Of The Various Voices Of Grief, Including Those Of The Broken, The Healing, The Son Become Father, And The Dead, Disinheritance Acknowledges Loss While Celebrating The Uncertainty Of A World In Constant Revision From The Concrete Consequences Of Each Human Gesture To Soulful Interrogations Into This Amalgam Of Real And Fabled Light, These Poems Inhabit An Unsteady Betweenness, Where Ghosts Can Be Real Than The Flesh And Blood Of One S Own Hands In John Sibley William S Amalgam Of Real And Fabled Light One Is Able To Believe Again In The Lyric Poem As Beautiful If Difficult Proof Of Private Space Disinheritance Contends Intimately With Loss, To Be Sure But It Also Proposes The Poem As A Way To Remember, To Persist, To Be Oneself, To Believe And To Persist When Belief May Not Be Possible Within The Bounds Of The Shores The Seas Impose Upon Us Joan Naviyuk Kane There Is Eternal Longing In These Poems Of John Sibley Williams A Yearning For What Cannot Be Understood A Song For What Simply Is A Distance Beyond Human Measurement A Series Of Profound Losses Giving Birth To Words No Different From Medicine Zubair Ahmed There Is A Hunger In These Poems, One Of An Empty Handed Wise Man Who Wants To Sing And Sing He Does Let These Poems Sing To You Too Let Them Hold You In Thatraw Place Of Hope, Let Them Beships Mooring Us To The Wild Bottomless Sea Daniela Elza In John Sibley Williams Moving, Somber Collection, The Power Of Elegy, Reverie, And Threnody Transcends The Disinheritance Caused By Separation These Compellingly Atemporal Poems Form The Locus Wherein Generations Of A Family Can Gather Here, Williams Lyric Proto Language Elemental, Archetypal, Primordial Subsumes Barriers Of Time And Space His Poems Create Their Own Inheritance Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate EmeritaDisinheritance

John Sibley Williams is the author of As One Fire Consumes Another Orison Poetry Prize, 2019 , Skin Memory Backwaters Prize, 2019 , Disinheritance, and Controlled Hallucinations A nineteen time Pushcart nominee, John is the winner of numerous awards, including the Philip Booth Award, American Literary Review Poetry Contest, Phyllis Smart Young Prize, The 46er Prize, Nancy D Hargrove Editors P

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  • Paperback
  • 98 pages
  • Disinheritance
  • John Sibley Williams
  • English
  • 23 July 2017
  • 9781627201315

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    Review to come.

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    These poems are exquisite and haunting.

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    This deeply impactful and haunting full length collection from poet John Sibley Williams is an extended and lyrical mediation on mortality and grief, a journey through the deep unreturnable winter The poems included here all have the flavor of Something like prayer but without the certainty John has a real talent for inviting readers into the poetic linguistic spaces he creates so that despite the very personal place from which these poems arise they do not read as obscure private mythologies or unfiltered emotional outbursts All of us have or will have experienced loss and moments of despair and in those times, many turn to poetry to put into words that which is unspeakable in prose Williams takes us gently by the elbow and walks us through his imagistic landscape where faith has forever been rendered a shallow cup inches from our lips Yet there is a chastened hope in...

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    Disinheritance and ContinuationIn less than a month this past summer American writer John Sibley Williams has become the father of twins and produced a new collection of hauntingly beautiful verse.Even so, the title of this latest book is Disinheritance.But unlike other readers who have offered it unstinting praise, I find the volume deeply disquieting At a time when many fathers would write joyously of the new lives they have helped to create, Sibley devotes himself to death and mourning Further, as one poem in the collection is titled A Dead Boy Speaks to His Parents, it is followed by another, Things Start at Their Name...

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    There is a sense of longing and deep sadness in these poems, and through this darkness, the narrators attempt to name what is missing even though it cannot be named Disinheritance Poems by John Sibley Williams is deeply affecting.Read the full review

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    John Sibley Williams collection speaks with a deep melancholy, a pensive thoughtfulness, and a rich heart about our living beside the dead and our own dying His diction is precise and when he twists the language at all it is because real pain twists us and our speaking Whether in the predictable tragedies of losing grandparents and parents or the unpredictable and terrible loss of a child, Williams sings elegies of profound simplicity Even in the birth of a child and the watching it grow through infancy and teething, the knowledge of death is a constant companion that adds poignancy and makes us love with terrible passion Still there is love to be bornfrom unintended horizonsor shoveled dead into the waves,weighed down with stars His verse lines often sprawls as if with desperation and no pause of punctuation possible Now when I try to wash my hands of themselves the entire ocean turns red and without reso...

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    Read full review

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    This group of poems will go deep to your heart You will keep thinking of them long after you ve finished the collection All of us occasionally think of how long will you or your loved ones live and when they finally go to rest, the hurt and sadness you feel in the pit of your stomach and your heart goes cold Often times a poem or so will ease some of that pain so that it s not quite so hard, at least for a moment or two You find no solutions to your grief in poetry but are there any real solutions Just a temporary fix You can sometimes look into the solice of family, but too often, family isn t or can t be there This group of poems will give you vivid images that you can lose yourself in, at least temporarily I felt that some of the poems were extremely dark but then being disinherited from your loved ones is dark Loss is hard for everyone, just so for some For some it s unbearable and t...

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    There are so many layers to John Sibley Williams collection Disinheritance It first stuck me as a private beat Perhaps a family secret a birth, a death, new love, old love There is history here, somewhat chilly Upon a second and third reading, I fel...

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    This is my first introduction to the award winning poet, John Sibley Williams It will not be my last This is not a comfortable book to read The intensity of emotion is stunning It is like biting into a red hot chili pepper Standing in a steaming hot shower Immersing your hands in ice And it is all so achingly familiar So desperately human There is a haunting feeling to his work Distant, I can hear a dead boy still marking the walls in crayon inside Fourteen words so much longing Williams has a deft touch for creating a world of meaning in a metaphor His words are terse and sparse, containing all the world I study the estranged hues of once known trees what is hidden so achingly in hues that are estranged A star resting heavy on the roof Swing sets puncture the sky Familiar verbs, yet not so There is a hush to these offerings, like a prayer Poems are an intimate excursion into a world that is known, yet not That is alien, yet familiar In reading Disinheritance, Williams gently, harshly brings us into his gestalt and it is stunning There is a tenacious balance created between what is t...

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