Coming Out of Shame : Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives

PDF Epub Coming Out Of Shame Transforming Gay And Lesbian Lives Author Gershen Kaufman Nature In Coming Out Of Shame, Gershen Kaufman And Lev Raphael Expose The Role Shame Has Come To Play In Gay And Lesbian Lives Rarely Discussed But Vastly Important, Shame Powerfully Shapes Each Individual S Development Of Self Esteem, Identity, And Intimacy Three Areas Where Gay Men And Lesbians Have Been Extremely Vulnerable To The Crippling Effects Of Shame Tracing The Historical And Cultural Sources Of Gay Shame, Kaufman And Raphael Reveal How Gay Men And Lesbians Have Internalized Shame, Resulting In Self Loathing And Self Destructive Behaviors The Hallmark Of Shame Is Silence, And By Breaking The Silence Around The Dynamics Of Gay Shame, Kaufman And Raphael Offer A Way To Come Out Of Shame And Begin The Journey Toward Wholeness And Self Acceptance Filled With The Experiences Of Those Struggling To Overcome Shame, Coming Out Of Shame Includes Strategies For Storing Self Esteem, Creating A Positive Gay Identity, Healing Scenes Of Shame, And Developing Partnerships In Intimacy Self Affirming And Inspirational, Coming Out Of Shame Guides The Transformation Of Gay Shame Into Gay Pride And Empowers Gay Men And Lesbians As No Other Book Has Done.Coming Out of Shame : Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives

Gershen Kaufman was educated at Columbia University and received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Rochester Professor in the Counseling Center and Psychology Department at Michigan State University, he is the author of Shame The Power of Caring Rochester, Vermont Schenkman Books, 1992 and The Psychology of Shame Theory and Treatment of Shame Based Syndromes New York S

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Coming Out of Shame : Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives
  • Gershen Kaufman
  • English
  • 14 December 2017
  • 9780385477963

10 thoughts on “Coming Out of Shame : Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives

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    I found this book somewhat helpful, but I suspect that my having previously read about gay shame in The Velvet Rage made my experience with this book much less impacting Which is to say that I really can t accura...

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    Finished As I got further along in the book, there was a lot of assumptions that pegged all gay men into one large bucket of hypersexual people exclusively focused on sex and the shame involved Newsflash, doctor, grow up I s...

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    Coming Out of Shame is an incredibly ambitious work that means to explore the way shame is transmitted across generations, internalized, and reinforced culturally and within relationships The first chapter of the book is rather inelegant in its psychodynamically soaked experiential language I m still not entirely sure I distinguish scripts from scenes I found a lot meaningful and approachable my reinterpretation of the concepts through cognitive behavioral language Later in the work, the authors describe emotional and reframing interventions that are meant to confront and experience shame directly across every conceivable relationship that are both practical and potent It s exhaustive in its scope and largely succeeds in what it attempts to do The work improves with time as even later chapters encapsulate core ideas from the beginning of the book with brevity and simplicity Although not identifying as gay, I felt recognized in the ...

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    This book is so fantastic I m not sure my review will actually do it any justice Every gay lesbian person out there who can understand a semi scholarly book should put this on their reading list This concept of shame is really central to a gay person s ...

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