Flour, Water, Salt

Flour, Water, Salt Epub Author Ruth Bavetta Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Ruth Bavetta Gathers Us Around The Table To Partake Of The Meal Of Living She Serves A Piquant Simmer Of Togetherness That Tastes Of Love, Loss, And Remembrance This Is Food As Than Recipes And Restaurant Reviews We Partake Of The Ragout Of Ritual And Celebration, Help Ourselves From The Platters Of Tradition And Culture We Are Nourished With The Joys And Sorrows Of Life And Find Succor In The Soup Of Sex, Sensuality, And Pleasure.Flour, Water, Salt

Ruth Bavetta was a visual artist for many years until she realized she also wanted images that could be painted with words Her poetry has been published in Rattle, Nimrod, Tar River Review, North American Review, Spillway, Hanging Loose, Rhino, Poetry East, and Poetry New Zealand among others and is included in the anthologies Twelve Los Angeles Poets, Wait a Minute I Have to Take off My Bra, Pi

[Epub] ➝ Flour, Water, Salt  By Ruth Bavetta – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Flour, Water, Salt
  • Ruth Bavetta
  • English
  • 23 July 2018
  • 9781942371045

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    The code of hospitality and the sitting down and breaking of bread are as old as mankind itself Ruth Bavetta touches these timeless joys and the poignant memories they bring in her newest collection of poems, Flour, Water, Salt Broken into three parts per the title, the poems cover subjects related to food, drink, table, camaraderie, family past, family present, marriage, death, discovery, and loss A repast for everyone, in other words.The opening line to Going Home is worth the price of admission alone When you come to the fork in the road, lean down and pick it up The same poem ends with the prospect of finding a well lit home featuring roast chicken bright with juice mother removing her apron You re allowed to get sentimental reading some of these poems, including ones where Bavetta recalls her family long past, because grandmothers are both unique and universal Poetry explores such fault lines, and Bavetta is most adept at it, such as when she mixes her grandmother s bird s nest pie recipe into an eponymous poem While it cools, open your recipe box, shut her away In Amulets, Bavetta shows her penchant ...

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    Ruth Bavetta s training as an artist serves her well in her poetry She pays attention to detail, and her poems simmer with layer and texture Bavetta uses words to paint meals the many references to food prep, cooking, and specific dishes serve as a broad metaphor for life Food is love, food is nurture, food is foreplay These poems are fluid, languid, full of sensuality, with past memories and hints of the future mixed in Mortality is a large brushstroke in this collection, which is divided into three sections, titled Flour, Water, and Salt I watch you slip on the moss of memory You thumb through a menu of words you know but can t find In Sickness And In Health Bread turning to lumber on the cutting board Evidence and images of spoiled fruit in This Is All I Have To Say, grapes overripe the oranges hopelessly sour give us a glimpse of impending loss.Bavetta also has a wicked sense of humor, which comes through in subtle, effective turns In Self Service, the speaker is going through a buffet line, wondering if she can change my mind, exchange the meatloaf for roast beef In the midst of this wonderf...

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    Ruth Bavetta is a visual artist who also paints with words In this collection, we see that she cooks with words as well She savors the colors and shapes as much as the aroma and taste of each dish Then she calls us to the table Of course, she knows that food is life, brings people together, bears witness to joyful first dates and glum last anniversaries These are not cookbook poems, but a diary of what makes us human.Some poems are simple portraits of food, still richly filling in their perfection, as when she describes sardines Moonlight, reassembled as layers of watered silk, head to tail, in a bright tin coffin Bavetta balances these delightful, visual bites with poems that are tenderly bittersweet as she cares for her husband and reminisces about their happier days Her poems never gets sappy, though She lays out each scene, editing details, as artists do, for greater effect She expects us to read between the the lines We reflect on our own life storie...

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    We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts HONEYMOONA rare steak in a Chinese restaurantin Mexico City Whatgot into me The tamales,the Camarones a la Veracruzana,the chilaquiles with sour cream,the enchiladas verdesmarking the hours of our tripwere not enough Sick all night,I lay in bed on the fifth floorof the Gran Hotel From the Zocolo,only the random honk or swish of tires.Finally he stirred and woke,whispered to me of love, of his Norway,of snow under the streetlights, of fiskesuppe,of lamb and cabbage stew keeping comfortin place on cold winter nights,of the simmer of the two of usstarting our lives over,dredged in the flour of expectation,marinated in hope.I AM AN APPLE ON THE WINDOWSILLI am orange blossoms in an August night,printer s ink under the fingernails,Cadmium Red and Co...

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    Evocative and down to earth and lovely as always is the case with Ruth Bavetta poetry.

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    Ruth is one of my favorite poets Here are my three favorites from this collection.EvidenceKnife covered in peanut butterleft lying on the counter Cheesegrowing translucent in its package.Whole wheat bread naked,already turning to lumberon the cutting board.He s in his favorite chairby the window, crumbson the floor, empty plateand glass on the low bookcase.When I come in, he turnsand says, I love you Last AnniversaryGlasses of ice water sweatbetween us as we face each otheracross the slick surfaceof the table by the window.Restaurant air conditioningabove our heads thruststhe Arctic down our necks.Across town, our garden,planted sixteen years before on rockyalluvial soil, is set afireby the setting sun, embershot as biscuits burnt.Oh, my once dearest,we were so young, the futureso distant Recklesslywe married, lay together in the heatof valley afternoons.Even then, in sleep you wrappedyour arms around yourselfas if you sensed impending ice.Through the glass,the setting sun paints us goldand the words we cannot speakfracture against the cold.Cold Pressed Extra VirginMy mother says I m lucky.When she was sixtyher crow s feet had spreaduntil it looked like crowshad walked all over her face.Your skin comes from your father s side,she says, the Italian side.They don t get wrinkles.It s all that olive oil.Look at your Aunt Rosa.Her skin was so smooththe mortician didn ...

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    This is a very special poetry book, and I m so glad I discovered poet, Ruth Bavetta I have read her work in Rattle, Spillway, and other journals, but this book is unique in that it focuses on three ingredients and their roles in various times of the poet s life In The Staff of Life, for example, Bavetta describes how her father made bread after his retirement from teaching and how it was thick and rough and toasted In Credo she describes how she believes in the grace of dinner beautifully prepared The reader gets the feeling that the poet has lived a rich, beautiful life, not devoid of sorrow, but still wonderful as seen through these ingredients and their place in her life The details are sensual, as In Praise of Cinnamon Bread, sprinkled with raisins like a church of stars Endings are startling, and this reader wants to say, yes, beautiful, after reading each one Think of sardines in a bright tin coffin, and bitter beer Poems reference growing...

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    I got this book as a free gift and love the poems in it A majority of the poems are associated with food and are vividly described It is like poetry of homecoming coming home to food, that is Bavetta has craftily intertwined the idea of food with that of memorable events and everyday rituals we...

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    Ruth Bavetta writes these contemplative poems about some of the basic elements in a life, as the title announces Flour, Water, Salt Her poetry is smooth and soothing, evoking a full range of emotions We are grounded through her work to feel deeply the cyles of life, the beauty, and the gustatory pleasures Her background as an artist means she views the world through many senses Here is one of her poems to enjoy, Dinner Is Served Most women who go mad, go mad in kitchens Judith NewtonI am building evidencein the absence of a recipe.Pages are missing.The knife is dull as celery.The refrigerator holds only curdledmilk, wilted lettuce,and three old eggs And radishes.I could make you a necklaceof overage radishes, dark and peppery.I think of hotcakes on a bed of onions.What I find is a bottle opener wedto a cheese grater gone rusty.I would place dinner on the emptytable caviar with custard,fish swimming in m...

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