Detective Comics #934

PDF Epub Detective Comics 934 Author James Tynion IV RISE OF THE BATMEN Chapter OneAn Unknown Predator Begins Outdoing Batman, Taking Down Dangerous Threats With Military Precision It S Up To The Dark Knight And Series Costar Batwoman To Rally And Train The Young Heroes Of Gotham City To End This Mysterious Threat WHAT NOW Batman And Batwoman Begin Training Spoiler, Red Robin And Cassandra Cain, But Is The Villainous Clayface Ready For RedemptionDetective Comics #934

Prior to his first professional work, Tynion was a student of Scott Snyder s at Sarah Lawrence College A few years later, he worked as for Vertigo as Fables editor Shelly Bond s intern In late 2011, with DC deciding to give Batman written by Snyder a back up feature, Tynion was brought in by request of Snyder to script the back ups he had plotted Tynion would later do the same with the Batman

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  • Detective Comics #934
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  • 24 August 2017

10 thoughts on “Detective Comics #934

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    DC Rebirth is here, so many things have changed for the better Detective Comics is now back to its original numbering See, you really do not need some renumbering of titles or a clean slate, all you need is a good start Although I can also argue that the New52, for all the bad things that it gave to fans and readers alike, acted as a necessary ordeal I mean, you won t have Rebirth without it, right.So there is a new, advanced enemy and our Caped Crusader cannot do it alone So he asked helped from Batwoman who by the way had an awesome J.H Williams run to form a team tasked to surmount this inevitable conflict.I liked how Tynion made use of the DC characters in the Batman mythos who have been either scarce or totally absent during the New52 era The author did not make me feel that the two Bats are recruiting them just for screen time They felt as a start of something great, a team and a really good one So DetCom 934 is a recruitment issue And we have seen this so many times in movies and comics The fun here is the variety of personalities during the recruitment and Tynion nails it Despite each team members action scenes lasting for only a few panels, they are effective and entertaining to see But who I think stole the show are the villains Azrael and Clayface.Jean Paul Valley was a famous Batman charact...

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    3.5 5 starsSo glad this delivered Loved everything except the artwork, but it was a pretty cool story and I m curious as to where this is heading.

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    I read this as a physical single issue, but I m not able to find that edition on GR, so I m just going to use this one This was a lot better than the one shot It s interesting that Batman woman would choose Clayface, so hopefully that will be explained later on I m guessing he was a target for one of those drones, but why...

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    Good start to a new story arc This is the first time I ve picked up Detective Comics and this run is basically Gotham City s group of super heroes There is Batman, Batwoman, Spoiler, Red Robin, Orphan, and Clayfa...

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    This had direction and purpose, it even introduced the notion that a villain of the Batman universe could be reformed I enjoyed the idea and where it could be going, out of all the rebirth so far this has worked the best I did like the idea that somethi...

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    Great intro to the team and the dynamic between Batman and Batwoman Wish all of these Rebirth books didn t have the exact same villain structure, but what can you do

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    Good little setup of batman getting a crew together Thought it was good, I do want to see of duke though

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    YES So much yes Who would have thought another reboot of DC s universe would turn the tables for the better After the disaster that the Batwoman series ended in a hard fall from such a spectacular beginning , I was worried Kate Kane would be overlooked in DC s Rebirth When I found out she d be featured in Detective Comics as a major player, I didn t get my hopes up Odds were the writer they ended up choosing wouldn t be able to handle her well.I should ve paid attention I had no idea James Tynion IV would be writing this run I m very intentional about which comics I read Usually, they feature a female protagonist and or one or queer characters Tynion s work has impressed me than once, with series like Constantine The Hellblazer and Cognetic, with leads who are openly rainbowtastic but not solely defined by their sexual or gender identity A quick scroll through his Wikipedia page says he s openly bisexual isn t it glorious , which is great to see queer creators making queer comics because double levels of inclusion But enjoying a writer s previous work doesn t guarantee you ll enjoy their work in a different context.So I flipped o...

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    With a growing storm that aims to take Gotham over, its going to take than just Batman to train the next generation of heroes With help from Batwoman, they shall be trained and ready in anticipation as the unknown foe that lurks in the shadows o...

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    The Bat family is front and center in this book, and it looks like that s what the focus will be on Imagine Justice League, but no super humans Given the number of characters brought back into a top title by t...

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