Go to Sleep Mom!

Reading Go To Sleep Mom Author Mary Eakin Jwdfitness.co.uk This Is The Story Of A Young Boy Just Trying To Put His Tired Mom To Sleep It Begins With Him Being Woken By A Strange Sound While Sneaking Out Of His Room To Investigate, He Discovers Something Terrible, A List Of All The Chores His Mom Needs To Do In Order To Sleep Not Only That But, He Surmises If This Is Not Complete, She May Just Turn Into A Zombie In Order To Save His Mother From An Awful Fate, The Boy Embarks On A Plan To Rid His Mom Of The Terrible To Dos And Get Her To Sleep.Go to Sleep Mom!


[BOOKS] ✪ Go to Sleep Mom! Author Mary Eakin – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 32 pages
  • Go to Sleep Mom!
  • Mary Eakin
  • English
  • 14 May 2019

10 thoughts on “Go to Sleep Mom!

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    Cute book for kidsKid hears mom still up after he goes to bed and sees she has a list of chores He decides to help set she can go to bed Cute story with adorable pictures In the back is another book and it is just as cute.

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    I laughed so hard when my son and i read this I can so relate tot he tired mom and the little boy who wants to help My son tries to help me all the time and even though most times its of a mess for me to clean, it is still the sweetest thing.

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    Such a sweet storyI am so excited about this book, especially illustrations It is adorable And a bonus story, in the end, is also charming.

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    Very cute storyI read this to my almost 3 year old and we both enjoyed it very much The solutions the little bit comes up with are quite imaginative We also really liked the add on of Pluie, which is a sweet little story about a puppy.

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    Charming encouragement for childrenMoms work hard and often can use help These children are clever and helpful without being too schmaltzy Wonderful read for both adults and children.

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    Have you ever longed for help with the long list of chores you plan to tackle after the children are in bed Then this is for you The young boy in this story realises with horror everything his mom has to do before she can go to bed He worries she will turn into a zombie there is only a funny non scary picture of thi...

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    A novel way on how to show children how much mum s do in a day A delightful read, informative and lovely images I imagine it will hold children spellbound from beginning to end.I would have to say though I found the typ...

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    A boy is alarmed by his mother s to do list She may never go to sleep He steps in to help her finish her housework in the funniest manner This is a super adorable picture book.

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    A nameless little boy goes to bed, but can t sleep because his mom is busy doing housework He worries about his mom having to do everything by herself, and knows she ll be tired the next day He finds her chore list and sets about doing all the work himself.I found this an odd little book that begins somewhat abruptly Page One is a lone illustration of the nameless boy and the words It s late written on his head The text font is tiny and difficult to read throughout the book and that was the first issue for me.The illustrations are cute, but the story was lacking in my opinion I had trouble with the main concept of a small child being so concerned about his mother s chore list at bedtime t...

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    Synopsis This is the story of a young boy just trying to put his tired mom to sleep It begins with him being woken by a strange sound While sneaking out of his room to investigate, he discovers something terrible, a list of all the chores his mom needs to do in order to sleep Not only that but, he surmises if this is not complete, she may just turn into a zombie In order to save his mother from an awful fate, the boy embarks on a plan to rid his mom of the terrible to dos and get her to sleep My Review I found this book at just the right time, it really hit both me a...

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