The Abyss

Read The Abyss Lara Blunte This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B01EPA28DW.A REGENCY ROMANCE WITH A DIFFERENCE It Is 1803, The Regency Of Prince John Of Portugal, A Man Who Never Wanted To Reign Clara Moreira Tavares Must Marry Well Her Mother Tells Her That Is Why She Was Born Beautiful But Clara Knows Who Her Husband Must Be Gabriel Almada De Castro, The Second Son Of The Marquis De Vargas When The Marquis Disinherits Proud Gabriel For Loving Clara, She Must Refuse His Proposal, Convinced That They Will Not Be Able To Make Their Way In The World Gabriel Disappears Without A Word Four Years Later Napoleon Is About To Invade Portugal, And The Regent Decides To Flee With His Court To The Biggest Of His Colonies, Brazil Clara And Her Family Go With Him, To An Entirely New Life In A Wild, Untamed Country In Rio De Janeiro She Meets Gabriel Again, To Find That She Still Loves Him This Time She Accepts His Proposal He Has Managed To Amass A Fortune In A Very Short Time Gabriel And Clara Embark Toward His Vast Land In The Interior, But A Letter Sent From Lisbon Will Shatter Their Happiness, And An Abyss Will Open Between Husband And Wife A Regency Romance In Which Passion Matters A Lot Than Manners.The Abyss

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[PDF] ✓ The Abyss  ✫ Lara Blunte –
  • 255 pages
  • The Abyss
  • Lara Blunte
  • English
  • 22 August 2018

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    43 reviews with 93% being 5 stars on is what convinced me to purchase this book when it was on sale for.99 I rarely read outside of JAFF but this was one of those occasions The book does need editing The story reminded me of a parable reading about lessons of trust, loyalty, forgiveness, enduring love and honor were themes throughout told over a number of years during which love was recognized, lovers separated and then found but with many ideas and misconceptions about the mature character of each other and even the knowledge or lack of such about what the other had experienced Both made judgments and decisions which were not always understood and which had reactions or consequences of the severest nature.This author chose to throw in a vast amount of history much about a period in Portugal s history, Brazil s settlement, the slave trade and the intermingling of classes with natives and various European cultures mixing We read about the native fruits, plants and animals and their use and about mineral resources and their mining At times the story seemed to drag as...

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    4 and Stars Love Danger in 19th Century BrazilSet in the early 19th century, beginning in 1803 in the regency of Prince John of Portugal, this is the story of Clara Moreira Tavares whose domineering mother tells her she must marry title and money But Clara wants only Gabriel Almada de Castro, the younger son of the Marquis de Vargas When the marquis disinherits Gabriel for his choice of Clara, at the urging of her parents, she refuses his proposal and he disappears.Four years later Napoleon is about to invade Portugal and the regent decides to flee with his court to Brazil Clara and her family go with him, to find a new life Meanwhile, Gabriel has been busy amassing wealth in that same country and, betrayed by his partners, is suspicious of everyone.In Rio, Clara again meets Gabriel and, this time when he proposes, she accepts Married, they move to the interior where he has vast lands When a letter arrives describing Clara as having been the lover of a former suitor, Gabriel believes the lie even when the evidence suggests otherwise among other things, she was a virgin on their wedding night.Notwithstanding his past, Gabriel s behavior seemed a bit inconsistent with his deep love for Clara She acts the saint and continues to be the perfect lady, reigning over Gabriel s estate and winning his people s affection, in one case, too m...

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    Just came out and I was waiting What an amazing ride this book is From Lisbon to Brazil, with Napoleon invading Portugal and the prince escaping Amazing characters once , and strong, strong emotions.A woman who is full of spirit, and a man who is proud and has a lot of attitude wow, what a match for each other And the author really knows how to make us and them wait for just the right moment, you will see what I mean ...

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    I finished reading The Abyss by Lara Blunte this weekend and let me tell you it is a heart wrenching romance and epic adventure rolled into one The story takes place from Lisbon to Rio during a time when who you married was all a woman was supposed to focus on, but between the daring suitor who defies his family and the upheaval of the world she knows, Clara s life is much about essence than etiquette.The Abyss is a dazzling page turner in Lara Blunte s classic style that is smooth as silk Spinning a web of lies, deception and just out of reach romance, Blunte satisfies the reader with sexy details that bring the romance to fruition The lush historical setting of colonial Rio is painstakingly researched and painted with such vivid imagery, and the characters, Clara and Gabriel, bring out the best and absolute worst in each other, even at the brin...

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    A Regency Romance in which passion matters a lot than manners The Abyss is a different regency romance for sure Lara is an absolutely brilliant story teller, with a superb narrative craft I ve read all her works and, again, with The Abyss she does not disappoint On the contrary She does not only present you with a rich and historically authentic setting, but she also weaves it masterfully with an engaging love story that starts in Portugal, under the regency of Prince John in the context of the Napoleonic attempts to occupy the country, and crosses the Atlantic to discover a new and untamed land in the interior of Brazil I have known this author to have light and even funny moments, but through her novels you will always ...

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    Fantastic Read This book I can t even put it into words I bought it on sale, and put off reading it for a while, but it turns out that was a terrible mistake The writing style is unique and beautiful, and the plot line is perfect It made me laugh, smile, and even cry at the end like, a lot Think gia...

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    The Abyss, by Lara Blunte, held my attention from beginning to end I couldn t put it down This book is filled with romance and exceptionally well researched historical facts about the time period Her main, and other supporting characters had me really caught up in their story She literally captures Clar...

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    No typical romanceI love that in this story, there were actual hard struggles, you can feel the heartache, frustration, and conflict Was not your cliche love stories with a simple misunderstood problem, it was complicated messiness that the author pieced back together perfectly Very good story.

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    Mightily satisfyingRomance, action, and lessons on living well This book was hard to put down A classic tale, well executed and left me smiling.

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    I really liked another of Bluntes books but didn t like this one very much Just too much Drama and one bad thing after another got old Good heavens the Drama I gave this 2 stars maybe 3 because I did finish it but what a mess I had to see if these two could actually make it, I was almost routing for them not too Give each other a rest already and just go find someone else to love good heavens This had a great plot and scenery and some side characters that could have been developed This book just drove me a little crazy for many reasons The writing style was different and I liked it at first but the longer this drug on the less I liked it I liked her other book To Be King a lot This had some sex scenes in it that were not too detailed and short It had crude sexual humor in one part There was talk of God and being religious, but I would not call this a Christian book There was a lot of violence, killing and slavery and revenge and people sh...

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