Red Dragons Mate

Red Dragons Mate PDF Epub Author Rachel Kane Kit Just Got Busted His Family Found The Dragon Shifter Dating App On His Phone, And Now They Re Insisting That He Get Counseling, Saying His Attraction Is Unnatural But When A Dragon Saves Him From A Near Fatal Accident, And He Finds Himself Wrapped In The Shifter S Arms, He Realizes There Is No Other Place He Would Rather Be Red Henry Is The Life Of The Party In The Local Dragon Community, With A Long String Of Omegas Vying For His Attention But Something S Wrong His Endless Nights Of Partying, And Squandering His Hoard On Material Possessions, Is Covering Up A Deeper Needa Need He Can T Admit To Himself Until The Day He Saves Kit It Should Have Been Perfect But When Kit Discovers He Is Carrying Red Henry S Child, His Entire World Is Turned Upside Down Bewildered And Confused, He Obeys His Family S Insistence To Attend A Shifter Addiction Support Group But When He Discovers The Group Has A Darker, Covert Agenda Sparking A War Between Humans And Dragons Can He Protect Himself And His Unborn Dragon Baby From Their Vile Plotting, Or Will He Need The Help Of Red Henry, The One Dragon He Never Thought He Could Face Again This 30,000 Word Shifter Romance Contains Explicit Scenes Of Male Male Love It Is A Standalone Tale With No Cliffhanger, With An HEA Ending Featuring Sweet Dragon BabiesRed Dragons Mate

I like writing about boys with TERRIBLE PROBLEMS who nonetheless manage to find love But seriously, terrible problems Like, dude, get some therapy before you go on this date.

[Ebook] ↠ Red Dragons Mate  Author Rachel Kane –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 106 pages
  • Red Dragons Mate
  • Rachel Kane
  • English
  • 09 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Red Dragons Mate

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    Could have done without the mom s influenced to go to the support group all in all a sweet read

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    I would have given this four stars had the ending not felt so rushed and the world building could have been a little I really did like this book and I would love to read another set in this world I liked the idea of the different types of dragons I also really liked the set up of the book I just wish it was a little longer so that we...

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    That is a story plot which could be something good if Author Rachel Kane actually took a little of time and done out of it Now, we have a book in which all good ideas are thrown into one garbage bag ups shorty.

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    Wow, this was much better written and engaging than I expected I had imagined a flimsy light read since it was only 100ish pages, and the blurb, though interesting, sounded like a typical mpreg gay shifter plot that I ve read many times before.First of all, the storytelling style was emotionally compelling I wanted to keep reading and reading It may have something to do with the narrator s voice, or the pacing, or the way that the plot events were arranged It was an enjoyable and gripping read despite how short it was In fact, I feel like the blurb doesn t do the book any justice I liked that we got some background on the dragons, basilisks, their culture, history, how they fit in with human society, etc I m one of those fantasy fans who especially love world building, so I was happy to see this.It was also interesting to hear about different dragon colors and their personality stereotypes, e.g red dragons are gregarious and playful, gold dragons are noble and condescending, black dragons are mysterious and suspicious In fact, I like it when fantasy books talk about racism without using human races Speciesism was a theme here too, such as humans discriminating against dragons, and vice versa Additionally, I loved how we got contrasting perspectives on some things, e.g whether you side with the human omegas, or with the dragon shifters who broke up with them It does seem to be a human tendency even a dragon tendency to ...

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    I thought the book was well written Different in a good way Loved the characters Had light steamy spots Kits mom pushing him to groups and church, because she thinks him liking dragons is a sin Which the group he gets into, the leader Jackie is evil, wanting to turn all against dragons You wonder why the hatred and all becomes...

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    Kind of cute, but really fast Im not sure if there is a first part or so A lot of thinks stayed open at the end.Still a nice read.

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    I thought this was a pretty good start to a new world.When it all boils down, this was a hot fling causes accidental pregnancy story But the pregnancy was unexpected because it wasn t supposed to be able to happen And the couple is gay And inter species And a cult wants to kill this other species and any of their babies So, a little complicated, but starting from that basic idea.I enjoyed both of the characters but could have used just a little time getting to know each of them I mean, even just little things that pop up why was Red Henry called that Yes, we know he is a red dragon, but other shifters aren t called by their colour, so where does it come from And what do the different colours of dragons actually mean, if anything How long is a shifter pregnancy Why are humans the only ones that carry the babies Really the niggly details that if fully formed would create such an interesting world, and I wish that time had been devogted to exploring that.Outside of that, I could understand and enjoy the characters, and I quite liked how the story went The reactions of Kit with how to deal with his bigoted mother were unde...

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    2.5This was an ok read because if nothing else it was written wellthe plot on the other hand was non existentit was so weak and for me some of the decision making was stupidthe characters were not developed enoughnot good at all

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    This was a quick, interesting story with a great villain and a few nice twists I liked the way Kit found himself influenced by the support group and unclear on his path forward that felt very real I wish we had seen of Red Henry s friendly, gregarious side often commented on by others , he s just kind of a burned out, drunken partyer when we first see him I would perhaps have r...

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    Nice readIt was a nice short read, but the book does need an editor It did flow pretty well for the most part It seems like the book sets you up for a sequel at the end I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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