❴Reading❵ ➿ Space Author Penny Reid – From the New York Times Bestselling Author Penny ReidOne week.Private cabin.Famous physicist.Still an unrepentant slacker.What s the worst that could happen Mona s meticulously planned allotment of re From the New York Times Bestselling Author Penny ReidOne weekPrivate cabinFamous physicistStill an unrepentant slackerWhat s the worst that could happen Mona s meticulously planned allotment of relaxation is thrown into chaos by the unscheduled appearance of her older brother s band of friends, including the one person she d hoped to never face again Abram still makes her feel entirely too much, which is one of the reasons she disappeared after their one week together But now, trapped on a mountain of snow and things unspoken, Mona will have to find a way to coexist with Abram, chaos and all Laws of Physics parts MOTION Space end with a cliffhanger.Space

pennyreidnja newsletter Penny Reid is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers, Knitting in the City, Rugby, and Hypothesis series She used to spend her days writing federal grant proposals as a biomedical researcher, but now she just writes books She s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninjaLLOW PENNY Facebook.

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  • 07 June 2019
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    READ THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES FREE He is everything she doesn t want, so why does she want him so badly Grab the first book in the Hypothesis series ATTRACTION for FREE on all retailers ALL ATTRACTION EBOOK LINKS SPACE is LIVE and available all across the internets Download SPACE now Read half of the prologue from SPACE

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    This book Penny Reid legit destroyed me with this installment of her Laws of Physics series I finished a couple of hours ago and I m still reeling from the emotional impact.The prologue of SPACE connects directly to the end of MOTION but then jumps forward two and a half years Since leaving Abram Mona has been going through the motions of living her life, still missing Abram and wondering what could have been She only finds true peace in the quiet of the mountains in Aspen where her parents own a cabin that is of a mansion She makes the trip as often as she can but this time upon arrival she comes face to face with the man who has been occupying her every thought ever since she met him And now she s snowed in with a hostile Abram and a horde of her brother s friends Good times.Abram is pure fury when he looks into the eyes of the girl he fell in love with in only six days, who deceived him and made a fool out of him than two years ago He lets her feel every bit of his rage His intensity has quadrupled and some of the things he says and does are hateful and hurtful and I wanted to punch his face I was so angry at him how he cut Mona The thing is, you know and understand why he lashes out Mona s betrayal hurt Abram deeply, so much so that in the aftermath he was on a steep spiral down and now he doesn t know how to forgive her I stared at her I stared at her, and stared at her, and stared at her I stared at her and I worked to keep my balance, because the floor and the earth moved beneath my feet The cavern opened and stretched in front of me I stared at her and I was afraid, because I knew My whole life, from this point forward, I would be a fool for Mona DaVinci And despite it all he s enormously conflicted because at the same time he craves her, yearns for her, needs her He wants her honesty and truth but doesn t know if he can trust her because WHO IS MONA, really Mona, I don t know you, not really You keep everyone at an arm s length But you ve given me glimpses, scraps, and they ve only made me ravenous My heart broke for Mona She is fundamentally lonely She detaches herself in order to not feel the cutting pain when it s about to strike Everyone who is supposed to love her always put themselves first, and I was especially ragey about her brother s selfishness She s always had to earn everything in her life and isn t that sad I wanted to wrap her up in a hug The only reference for relationships are her parents and their lifestyle and they aren t a stellar example they put the idea in her head that musicians can t be faithful So can she trust Abram when he says he wants to make it work with her I didn t want one of her moments, I wanted all of them I wanted an invasion, not a visit SPACE had my emotions in a jumble It made my heart hurt, my blood boil at one time and smile or laugh hard at others In the end we are left with a mild cliffhanger and craving for of Mona and Abram This is an unforgettable story of an epic love that goes straight to my favorites shelf. I need to see them getting to a good place, a place where love between them is a fact and trust comes easily Good thing that TIME, the last in this series, isn t too far away The only species that does reproductive systems visually right are angiosperms flowering plants When you re smelling a flower, you re basically smelling a dick Let that sink in.

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I d spent two years doubting my sanity Instead, I should have been doubting the fundamental goodness of people, my willingness to trust, and my intelligence And Then The Wolves Came.Abram and Mona are back, and I have to say that I loved them so much in this book than the previous one I could feel the yearning and chemistry between them The angst was incredibly high because they were letting the hurt and old insecurities blind them to the truth I just couldn t get enough of this book and am super anxious to learn how it all plays out for Abram and Mona.As soon as the story starts, we learn that two years have gone by since Mona and Abram last saw each other I seriously screamed I hate it when couples who belong together are torn apart for years Anyhow, they ve gone on with their lives but honestly never really moved past from one another Mona has become successful in her career and after spiraling out of control for a little while, Abram got his life back on track and is the lead singer of a very popular rock band He s written many chart topping hits and unbeknownst to Mona, she has been the muse of all of those songs They haven t had any contact with each other but that all changes when they both end up at Mona s family s vacation lodge in Aspen at the same time.Mona has been agonizing over the guilt she feels for misleading Abram and she s still very much in love with him Her plan was to come clean with Abram, but she soon finds out that he knows her secret Abram had figured it out for quite some time and he s been battling with feelings of betrayal, anger, and longing Seeing Mona again brings him joy but he s also so overcome with resentment towards her He thinks it was all a game to her and that she never cared for him Mona struggles with insecurity and lack of self worth and truly believes there is no hope for a happily ever after with Abram.These two have just a week together to get their feelings sorted out Will they have faith enough in each other to make things work Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 4.5Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5SPACE releases on March 11th This is a one click MUST Worldwide

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    5 Stars ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR Mona DaVinci is a brilliant, genius physicist known as one of the greatest minds of her generation She lives in Southern California where she spends most of her time working and doing research In need of some rest and relaxation she heads to her families cabin in Aspen It s her favorite spot to unwind when she could use a break from her hectic life All her perfect plans are ruined when she arrives in Aspen to find the solace she was looking forward to isn t going to happen Her older brother Leo is there, and has brought some friends This includes the one guy she hasn t been able to quit thinking about in over two years She was constantly assaulted by memories of Abram, and the ache in her chest intensified every time she thought of the week they d spent together.Abram is snowed in on a mountain with the woman he s tried to forget about He spent six days with her, and then she disappeared He wonders if the woman he fell for even exists He can t think straight when she s near, and he hates she still has this power over him Her deception and lies made him feel foolish and want revenge He shouldn t want her any, and is confused by his feelings He just has to find a way to co exist with her until he leaves Mona initially plans to avoid Abram, but then decides to woman up, and face him She couldn t believe how strongly she still felt for him after all this time Even though she secretly longed for him, a future for them was impossible Their timing was never right, and he lived in a world removed from hers He now had everything he d ever wanted He was a successful musician about to go on tour with his band This week would come to an end, and they would go their separate ways At least she could give him some overdue honesty, and maybe hope for some forgiveness in return Things between them turn complicated and heated, and soon they both find themselves wanting of the one thing they don t havetime So beautiful She really was She was stunning I hated that she was still so beautiful to me I crave you I d wanted this for so long, it seemed there d never been a time I hadn t thought about it, fantasied about this moment with her It was his heart I longed for Space is book two in the Laws of Physics series, and Laws of Physics is the second trilogy in the Hypothesis series I am completely OBSESSED with Abram and this series I finish each book and am dying for the next one I love Penny s writing, and this series is by far one of my favorites I really adore both of these characters Abram is sexy, but has so much substance He is just as beautiful inside as he is on the outside Mona is just freaking hilarious, but I also like she s her own person, and doesn t conform for others She s pretty awesome This series is extremely entertaining and addictive I can t wait for the next book NOW AVAILABLE

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    Come on, it s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you It s been two years since the end of the last book Two years since Mona and her twin sister played their little switcheroo And it s been two years worth of unresolved feelings Mona is still very much in love with Abram, while Abram is filled with resentment and anger over the game that was played on him When these two are snowed in at an isolated cabin, will they clear the air Will their feelings come to the fore And will they finally just admit how much they truly love one another He wore a small smile on his lips and in his eyes, and I snapped my mouth shut, swallowing the thirst But there was so much thirst So much So Much I was in very real danger of choking on my thirst. MonaGirl, I feel you Abram thank you, thank you, thank you, Penny Reid, for giving him a voice in this book I was so happy to get his take on things I wanted to learn about his heart because I was already in love with it and, like Mona, I was wondering how that could happen in just a week worth of knowing him This man is so sweet So so so so sweet I loved how he really saw Mona and how he knew how to interact with her Yes, she s a genius Yes, than likely, she s the smartest person in the room But he never let that distract him She was a person and really, she was his person, and he wasn t going to let the inequality of their intellect stop him Beautiful man and you WILL fall in love with him too His gorgeousness felt like an attack I felt personally attacked He wasn t Hallmark handsome, he was Turkish TV show handsome. MonaWhat can I say about Mona She s absolutely stunning, inside and out She knows her strengths and builds on them, but she also admits her weaknesses and tries to do better She learns from her mistakes She is a people pleaser and for once I d like to see her please herself If there s a heroine out there that deserves happiness and love and everything great that comes with it, it would be the lovely Mona I loved her internal thoughts and her logic I want Mona to be my friend.Just read the book This series is definite must read material But then again, anything Mz Reid writes is.Blog FB Twitter IG Tumblr Pinterest BookBub

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    Could Mona and Abram be any addictive Penny balances humor, angst and sexual chemistry perfectly in the second book in the Laws of Physics trilogy My chest actually ached with the angst I love that books that do that to me always make it into my top reads as deceptions and truths from book one unravelled These two are such incredibly loveable characters and I cannot wait for the conclusion to their story All the stars

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    Favorite Quotes Sometimes reality feels like a dream Something happens, and it makes you question everything you know to be true, everything you take for granted about the world, about yourself When that happens, your surroundings and interactions become likewise warped, like you re watching those around you through a magnifying glass, or in high saturation color, and you can t stop You can t make the world normal again, you know too much.I m not used to pensive Abram I m used to salty, sarcastic Abram What s going on Is your manbun too tight Fine Now you know the truth Leo is a cutie pie and I just want to wrap him up in rice paper and eat him up like an egg roll.Don t you roll your eyes at me You write poetry for barnacle s sake You can t tell me you re not tender You re like veal, or foie gras, but without the sketchy ethics issues.Mean smiles, no jokes, broody eyebrows You re like an arthouse movie but without the nudity.My Review I inhaled this book and didn t fully exhale until reaching the last cleverly written word I didn t plan to greedily read all the highly coveted words in one sitting, but had no choice really, as after I started I was sucked into an oddly intense yet extremely pleasant vortex and was compelled to keep going well past my bedtime It was a bit of a frenzy but I moved through each and every scene while beside either Mona or Abram the entire time fully engaged from start to finish I actively sighed, smirked, snorted, cringed, held my breath, and swore aloud while they dithered and debated Be warned you will experience all the feels in this deviously paced and ingeniously plotted tale I was mesmerized, bewitched, besotted, and transfixed While I had eventually grown to love Martin while reading the Hypothesis series, I felt like throat punching him during his brief drop in visit near the end of this installment The extraordinarily crafty and deft wordsmith known as Penny Reid obviously possesses a magical sparkle filled pen that has been blessed by the fairies.

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    3.5 Definitely better than first.

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    5 Million of Infinite dimensional Stars More than a million feelings going through my body, mind, and soul while reading this book Comforting and warming like a hot cup of tea, but also fun and exciting as if you added a tinge of good whiskey to said cup of tea This series is absolutely brilliant And to make it even better my Favorite, MARTIN SANDEKE, from Penny s Elements Of Chemistry series makes an appearance YAY It s been two years since Mona and Abram spent a week together After that whole beautiful disaster, they both went on with their lives Success in their careers and notoriety has followed them everywhere, but they never saw each other again That s until they both get stuck in a snow storm in beautiful Colorado And lucky for us, their encounters on top of the mountain are hot enough to melt even the snow This story is like those Pringles Chips, you know Once you pop you can t stop you follow Yes, I want to devour this story, I want to read it one hundred thousand times, I want to memorize it, and perhaps even move in with it that s how obsessed I am with Mona, Abram, and the whole super fun and romantic Physics plot So do yourself a big favor and start reading these books right now You will regret it if you don t.

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    If space is the final frontier then books are the bestest, especially delightful, endearing, slow burn page turners for smarties Penny Reid continues her irresistible Laws of Physics trilogy with Space Two and a half years after identical twins Mona and Lisa exchanged places and continued with their rightful lives, Mona hasn t been able to get over her strong feelings towards bad boy musician Abram Harris Just when she s decided it s probably time to move on, she finds herself trapped at her parent s cabin in Aspen along with her brother and a whole lot of his friends, including the one man who makes her feel way too much.When Abram lost Lisa, he didn t just loose his muse, he lost his way for a while until he got his act together, changed his last name, and produced a number one song along with a couple of others that climbing the charts Even though he hasn t been able to write for the past two and a half years, he s ready to start a world tour with his band But before he goes, he d like some answers Penny Reid writes with effortless appeal a sweet, angsty and swoony story that is so hooking that the bookish joke about reading just one chapter wasn t even considered I buckled down and prepared myself to be swept away from start to finish And swept away I was Though the end of this book is a cliffhanger, it felt like a natural place for a break Things were left somewhat resolved, but it still left me wanting so much With its perfect blend of angst, longing, geeky humor and earnest emotion, Space is a wonderful read.Space is book 2 of the Laws of Physics trilogy by Penny Reid It is told from the heroine s point of view, and ends with a cliffhanger I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author The excerpts are from that copy I am voluntarily reviewing this title me on FaceBook Instagram More reviews

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