Shadow of Deceit (The Shadow Series, #2)

BOOKS Shadow Of Deceit The Shadow Series, 2 By Barbara Goss Love Julia Croft Never Thought She Would Actually Fall In Love With The Man She Set Out To Mislead Surely He Would Forgive Her If He Knew The Truth Could He Be So Cold Hearted As To Not See What Her Brother Meant To Her Would He See That It Was A Matter Of Life And Death That Brought Her To This Deceitfulness Deceived How Could Caleb Armstrong, Have Allowed Himself To Be Drawn Into Being Enticed By A Woman Who Merely Used Him Now That He Knew Her Ruse, He Could Easily Rid Himself Of Julia Croft And Her Brother Miles Surely There Was A Woman Somewhere Who Could Overlook His Gimp Leg The Most Plaguing Problem Would Be Could His Heart Ever Forget Her Content Clean With Mild Sexual Innuendos.Shadow of Deceit (The Shadow Series, #2)

Barbara A Masci

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  • Shadow of Deceit (The Shadow Series, #2)
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  • 07 December 2018

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    I really loved the plot and the story it really pulls you in to the mystery of Julia who she really is, why does she needs a rich man and who is Billy She went from almost predator preying on a rich man to this really sweet shy unsure woman I really wanted to say would the real Julia stand up That really throw me I was expecting her to come back as this really sassy lady who took control when she same back as the shy sweet little thing I am not saying this is bad it just throw me and maybe me wonder if when she hit her head it may have changed her personality Mr Jordan with his very talented voice blow me out of the ballpark from his tones to his deep sexy male voice and his sweet females that are sassy, sweet and just darling His performance is outstanding as he pulls deep inside to bring out the emotion each character is feeling bring to life a very emotional story of deceit, family love and play games with people s emotions to save the one thing that is important to one family If any breaks where taken I could not tell, there are no background noises, no volume change nor any repeating of words It is a very clean and clear audio that the narrator brings to life pulling on your heartstrings You have no trouble knowing who is talking and just what they are feeling You can hear the anger, exciteme...

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    Caleb Armstrong was injured in a farm accident and now walks with a limp Despite his handsome face, he s convinced that no woman would want to marry a crippled man He was left an inheritance by an aunt, but hides his wealth to avoid attracting women who would only marry him for his money Desperately lonely, he considers sending away for a mail order bride.Julia Croft arrives in town, and to Caleb s surprise she actually flirts with him She wants to spend time with him, and Caleb finally dares to hope that he s found a woman to love him despite his limp But Julia has an ulterior motive that may damage any chance at a relationship between them.This is the second book in the Shadow series, but can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhanger Caleb was one of my favorite characters in Shadow of Shame and it was great to see him get his happy ending There were several possible love...

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    With Barbara Goss stories I always take a moment to reflect at the end and see what lesson she was writing about.In this book I think it is that the truth will out and when it does, it may hurt some people but it will probably do good than not and also that it is preferable not to be conniving nor to lie If you need help, then ask for it.But these are my own thoughts and opinions on this story and yours may differ.As usual Barbara has written a lovely story about two different, yet connected pairs of people who meet and fall in love Their lives are interwoven and shadowed by the lies and deceit of a brother and sister Only when these lies are brought to light...

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    I quite enjoyed the intricacies of the various couplings being attempted among the characters This is the second of this series set in Abilene but links to Hayes and Victoria in other series Although the first book gives the background of some of the characters and this tale picks up where the last left off, it is, nonetheless, completely standalone I always like to know that as, if NOT forewarned, I am unhappy about cliffhangers If, on t...

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    Shadow of Deceit by Barbara Goss was a great read Who would think that love could come from a terrible deceit Julia Croft has good intentions but doesn t realize the hurt she will cause Caleb feels like no woman will ever love him since he has a limp when he walks I loved reading this book...

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    Audiobook ReviewEnjoyable sweet clean love story, good narrative by Tom Jordan.

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    Shadow of DeceitThis book is awesome I loved how Caleb and Julie worked their problems out and realized that they loved each other

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    Another book written by Barbara Goss that I could not put down I read it in a single evening with bloodshot eyes, and it was totally worth it I don t know how she is able to top her latest book every single time I thought she was going to have a hard time topping Shadow of Shame, but she didn t I love that her books are G rated as many of her readers state I am not into explicit love stories at all.It was miraculous how I found Barbara because it was only through another writer TK Chapin that I found her in the first place She is one of the few authors that has a message that we can all relate to even if you are not a Christian I see many aspects of the Bible in a new and different light in every single book I read of hers I am one of the people, who has a hard time interpreting the Bible, so every time Barbara Goss has a book come out, I want it because in a round about way she goes into depth about a concept that you may not have thought about before In this book it is about, redemption, trust, forgiveness, and loving someone on the inside and out for all their imperfections No one is perfect, and this book puts an emphasis on that However, if I had to chose one main concept throughout this book it would be that we have to forgive because God forgives ...

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    Goss never disappoints Yet another wonderful read I think it s safe to say that The Shadow series is going to be one of those series that gets even better with each book, though I didn t think that was possible after reading the phenomenal first book, Shadow of Shame.In Shadow of Deceit, we follow Jonas main male character in Shame brother Caleb through some pretty difficult times Caleb was dealt a bad hand in life after being gored by a bull and left to limp on a bad leg for the rest of his life Understandably, he s very self conscious about the limp, so when a beautiful woman walks into his life, shows a romantic interest in him, and most importantly, pays no attention to his limp, Caleb finds himself contemplating giving love a chance But will he be able to forgive a deceitful woman Will he be able to get past his insecurity Or will he turn to another beautiful young woman Julia is a beautiful but desperate young woman, when she finds out that Caleb Armstrong is rich, she sees an opportunity that she can t pass up What she didn t see coming was her feelings for Caleb Will her deceit end up ruining the best thing she s ever had This is a wonderful story, focusing on the power of forgiveness I love th...

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    I could not put this book down

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